Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally and Permanently

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally?

  • Sprinkle some diatomaceous earth powder on your bed to keep them away.
  • Spray Vanilla mixed with dish soap on gnat infected areas, as it is known to be a strong repellent for gnats and fruit flies.
  • Use steam to get rid of bed bugs as the heat will help kill the bed bug eggs.
  • Spray Tea tree oil in corners where bed bugs can hide and repeat the process every few days.
  • Wash all clothing and bed furnishings to kill the bugs
  • Use a solution of cayenne pepper and ginger along with water to make a natural bug repellent.
  • Use of rubbing alcohol is known to prevent further invasion of bed bugs and hatching of their eggs.
  • Lavender oil is known to be poisonous for bed bugs and insects.
  • Sticking double-sided tapes on the infested furniture.
  • A solution of Oregano oil, Ginger and Cayenne Pepper can be used to get rid of bed bugs.
  • Top 10 Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Immediately

    A bed bug invasion can deprive you of a good night's sleep. A highly believed myth is that bed bugs live in filth, which is not true. Bed bugs can hide almost anywhere, the more clustered a place the more places for them to hide. The bed being at the top of the list, bed bugs are great hitchhikers and hop into your luggage while traveling, they are also easily found cracks, crevices, bed findings, tiles, switchboards anything keeps them close to human contact. Bed bugs need about 5-10 minutes to gorge the blood before they hide back into whatever they came out from. They need nearly 5-10 days to digest their food, mate and lay eggs before they feast on another human again.

    As disgusting as bed bugs are, fortunately, their bites don't cause any disease or human illness. The bites present with red rashes and slight itching, which can be treated with a mild antiseptic cream. Bed bugs are known to survive in extreme conditions, and blood is the main source of their food. Bed bugs will always be found around the human habitat, as they enjoy to feast on their sweet blood.

    There are plenty of natural remedies to get rid of bed bugs and prevent them from coming back. Fumigation is an option you can fall back on,  but the harmful side effects are long-lasting for you and your family. Try to keep a clean and clutter-free environment, conduct regular inspections and use environmentally friendly products. It may not be possible to change your bedsheets every day, but try your to change them every alternate day to avoid a bug infestation. Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures, so make sure to vacuum your luggage after returning from a trip.

    Below are mentioned some effective home remedies to get rid of bed bugs naturally: 

    1. DE

    One of the most effective chemical-free treatment to kill and prevent bugs. Diatomaceous earth feels like powder to humans, but when placed under a microscope you can see tiny shards that feel like glass to the tiny bugs. Since it is completely pesticide-free, you can freely spread the DE powder all over the big infested areas. You can also sprinkle the powder on your shoes, clothes, and luggage before leaving for a trip to avoid tiny hitchhikers. Bed bugs wait all day to move out at night and suck on human blood.

    To enjoy a good night's rest, you can sprinkle the DE powder on your bed to get rid of bed bugs naturally. DE takes about 7- 17days to work and is not long-lasting, so may want to replace the powder regularly. Though DE is pesticide-free, it can be harmful to the lungs if inhaled, make sure to wear a protective mask that covers your nose and mouth when sprinkling the powder.

    2. Steam

    Another is another chemical-free way to kill bed bugs. It is important you don't you just any ordinary steam, you will need to rent a high-power steamer that is used for residential or industrial purposes. Set your dryer on the highest heat setting and put your pillowcases in them, the heat will help kill the bed bug eggs hidden in the pillowcases. High power steamers produce lethal temperatures of heat into beds, cracks, crevices and any surface they may be crawling upon.

    To kill the bed bugs and their eggs completely, they need to be exposed to 118°F for 90 minutes. It is best if you let a professional handle the steaming process, as the high temperature of the steam can cause severe burns. The steam can penetrate up to 3/4″ of the fabric and 2-⅜″ into cracks and crevices.

    Once you have steamed all infected areas, make sure to open all windows and doors and switch on the fans. If you have table fans, point them towards the objects that have been steamed, this prevents any mold or mildew formation that may be caused due to the steam.

    3. Tea Tree Oil

    An effective treatment for those who prefer a no-chemical approach. Tea tree oil is known for its powerful antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties, used mainly for skin treatments. Tea tree oil can be toxic on consumption but is a natural remedy for insect bites - fleas and mosquito's and eczema.

    Some of you may have sensitive skin and are likely to be allergic to this oil, make sure to test yourself before using it. The bed bugs are killed when the exoskeleton drinks up the tea tree oil, which makes them dehydrate to death. Mix 30 drops of tea tree oil with 30 ounces of water and store it in a spray bottle, as an effective method to repel bed bugs.

    Spray in corners where bed bugs can hide and repeat the process every few days, depending on how serious the infestation is. Keep the solution away from children, as the oil contains high power antifungal and antiviral properties. The oil on consumption can be hazardous to health, therefore, take proper precautions before using tea tree oil.

    4. Wash all clothing

    Many of us are overly attached to our clothes, that we carry with us for years. Piling up one cloth after the other only makes for a hideout and breeding ground for bed bugs. Once in your closet, before you realize it the bed bugs will have made their way through your life.

    Bed bugs travel through all your clothing and anything close to human contact to feast on your blood. Use dryer sheets and regularly wash all your items made of cloth. Put out your mattresses and clothing out in the sun, for heat to penetrate enough through the material.

    The heat from the sun will help you get rid of the bed bugs, but they leave their eggs behind. And if you haven't gotten rid of the eggs, bed bugs will find their way all over again. Freezing your items that cannot be washed or exposed to heat is also a good idea to get rid of bed bugs, provided you have a big enough freezer.  Its one of the best home remedies to get rid of Bed Bugs.

    5. Peppermint Oil

    Peppermint oil helps in reaching cracks and crevices, where bed bugs hide. Dip a cotton ball in the oil and rub it all over hard surfaces in your home. The smell of peppermint oil is irritating to bed bugs and they do not come near the fragrance. Mix a few drops of sweet almond oil in the peppermint oil and apply it on your skin before sleeping, so the bed bugs get repelled by the fragrance.

    You can make a solution of peppermint oil mixed with water and carry it in a spray bottle with you while traveling. Spray the solution over your luggage, in the hotel room amenities or in the mode of transportation.

    The pungent smell of the oil is harsh on other insects and roaches and helps in repelling them too. Be sure to test the oil for allergies, as it is a powerful natural remedy. Keep away from children at all times, as consumption can cause serious health damage.

    6. Cayenne Pepper

    Use cayenne pepper as a natural remedy to get rid of bed bugs. The solution is easy to make and use, but be sure to keep it away from children and pets. Boil 1 TB of grated ginger mix with 1 TB OF cayenne pepper, let the solution cool down before you strain it and store it in a spray bottle. The spicy smell of the ingredients work as a strong repellent against bed bugs.

    Spray the solution in any infested area of your house especially under your bed, cracks, and crevices. Wear necessary protection to avoid spices in your eyes, nose, mouth or ear. If the infestation is serious, use bleach as an urgent treatment against bed bugs.

    Bleach kills bed bugs almost instantly upon contact, do not spray bleach on your mattress as it can cause serious respiratory problems and skin irritation.

    7. Rubbing Alcohol

    An effective method to kill bed bugs is using rubbing alcohol. You will need a 91% solution and spray the treatment every day for three weeks. Rubbing alcohol may leave stains on your mattresses, use the solution on hard surfaces as frequently as possible to effectively kill bed bugs.

    Constant use of rubbing alcohol prevents further invasion of bed bugs and hatching of their eggs. The spray may not be able to penetrate deep into cracks and crevices, so be sure to use the solution regularly. It works by dissolving the bug’s cells and the solvent is a drying agent, which kills bed bugs through dehydration as the exoskeleton is dried out.

    Rubbing alcohol may fade the color of your furniture after contents use, to avoid any mishaps, spray the solution on the corner of any furniture, wait for 24 hours to notice any discoloration, if so, this may not be the solution for you.

    8. Lavender

    Sweet for humans, poison for bed bugs or other insects and roaches. The smell of lavender makes bed bugs nauseous and could also lead to their death. You can make a solution of lavender oil and water and spray it all over the infected areas. Plant lavender in your home or garden, which prevent and stop the bed bugs at the entrance itself. Spread lavender leaves all over your house, on windows, the threshold, and any other infected areas.

    Lavender is known to induce sleep, and bed bugs can cause enough stress and bites to keep you awake. The fragrance is universally accepted and lavender oil is used in aromatherapy. On the contrary, it turns out to be poisonous for bed bugs and insects, killing them and helping you get rid of them instantly and permanently. Lavender is stronger than tea tree oil and you must always, always use it in diluted form.

    9. Double-sided Tape

    Stick double-sided tapes on your bed legs following to the floor. Stick it on all entrances possible and wherever you think they could possibly hide. Be sure to change the tape every few days, and not keep any cloth items near the tape. The bed bugs and other insects will soon start sticking to the tape and you can simply rip the tape out and throw it away.

    A non-chemical solution to bed bug infestation. Bed bugs cannot succumb to high temperatures of heat, try leading the double-sided tape to heated areas of the house and trap them. You also sprinkle baking soda around the tape or other seriously infected areas of the house to kill the bed bugs. Baking soda acts as a drying agent and causes the death of the bed bugs through dehydration.

    10. Oregano oil, Ginger and Cayenne Pepper

    When the three are mixed together they make for a strong homemade bug repellent. Mix the three ingredients, 1 TB each along with water and strain the mixture into a spray bottle. If you can spot the entrance of the bed bugs, you can easily spray the solution all over them. Make a regular habit of spraying natural essential oils around the house to keep the bed bugs at bay.

    The smell of the mixture will drive the bed bugs away and prevent them from coming back. The spray can be used all over the infected area, for better results make a fresh batch of solution every alternate day to keep its potency. You can even sprinkle the mix without water on thresholds to avoid a massive invasion of bed bugs. The ingredients are easily available in any household, nearby store or online.

    Bed bugs can travel anywhere and reside in any dark corner as long as it is near a human. Make sure to use these natural Home remedies especially in storerooms and attics where there is not much movement and bed bugs can breed there in peace.

    Wash your bedding and other cloth items regularly, avoid accumulation of dampness and conduct regular inspection to avoid an infestation. Using these natural Home remedies regularly can give you freedom from bed bugs instantly and permanently. All the ingredients are natural and chemical-free and easily available at your home.

    I hope you have found adequate answers to your questions and by now you must have learned How to get rid of bed bugs fast and for good and the natural home remedies of getting rid of Bed Bugs.

    Author: Johannah Singh
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