How long can bed bugs live without feeding blood?

Bed Bug Life Span

Bed bugs are hard to find if they are present in your home. This is because they can hide even in the smallest of the places where you can’t reach. These hide there and just come up towards you when you are sleeping. If you are not able to spot bed bug at your residence, you would definitely won’t be able to declare your victory over them. You may like to read Apps that loan you money before payday

Have you tried out every spray or steam to find them even from the hidden places? Do you think you are done? Definitely not. These creatures stay in those areas where you can’t even imagine their existence. Bed bugs have always been successful in creating the frustrating problems for the houseowners. There are many people who think that if the bed bugs leave the house, they are going to starve out of hunger! But, is that really the case? We will try to sort out your confusions here.

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How long do bed bugs live? 

It is entailed that an adult bed bug has an ability of living up to 6-10 months. However, some of them might even exist for a whole year. The life cycle of a bed bug consists of six stages commencing right from the egg-hood and concluding at the adult-hood. The nymphs have a dire need of feeding more often than the adult bed bugs. Read also How do you get bed bugs? 

How long can bed bugs live without blood? 

The answer to this question lies in the bed bug’s age. Apart from that, it has to be checked if that bug is resistant to any pesticides. According to some researches, it is confirmed that bed bugs are accompanied with an ability of living without blood for a period of two to three months. A nymph is engaged in feeding one time each week. The same process has to be repeated for six times, so that it becomes mature. As compared to the adults, nymphs starve to death faster. This might have now solved your query about how long can bed bugs live without a host. Have a look at What do bed bugs look like

How long can bed bugs live in an empty house? 

The tenure for which the bed bugs can stay in an empty house wholly depends upon the prevalent temperature there. Just in case there is a cold environment, these bed bugs would have an ability of living up to 400 days. However, if there is prevalence of extreme cold in the empty house, they won’t be able to live for more than 20 days. There are many ways entailed for you to solve your query of how to check for bedbugs in an empty house. You must ensure that you are following each one of them.

What do bed bugs eat other than blood? 

Majority of the studies have confirmed that bed bugs are born with an ability of eating blood and nothing else. This blood is usually of the humans, however there might be a case when they are going to consumer the mammal’s blood. They have a mouth resembling a straw and so, these species can’t eat other food. The sole thing that can do is sucking the blood. You may like to read How to get rid of carpenter ants naturally easy way to treat them

In this article hope you got all the query of yours like how do you get bed bugs in the first place, How long can bed bugs live without feeding blood? Do they live in an empty house or without air and what they eat other than blood etc

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