How to check for bed bugs?

How to check for bed bugs? Bed bugs in magnifying glass.

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Bed bugs have a size that is as small as a seed or even smaller than that too! Thus, it is quite easier for them to hide even in the thinnest cracks and tiniest holes. Due to this, people find it much difficult to search for the bed bugs in their home, workplace or any other area. This is surely going to convert a hassle-free bed bug control function into a difficult task. Just in case these insects are highly infesting your place, you need to learn the art of how to find bed bugs. You may like to read Apps that loan you money before payday

If you are not able to find these insects, you should start searching for them in the lesser common hiding areas. There exist a good number of methods about how to check for bed bugs and you must definitely follow these. Have a look at them below:

Method 1: Identifying the signs left by bed bugs

In this method, you are going to have a look at the varied indications left by the bed bugs. But before commencing the method, ensure that you wear gloves so that you don’t attain any skin rashes. This is going to inform you about how to find out if you have bed bugs and the signs would help you in reaching them. These are insects with red or brown colour and so, you can try to recognize them with the colour. Read also How do you get bed bugs? 

There might be some cases when the bed bugs were crushed at any place, you would spot the red stains. If the bug is recently crashed, the stains would be bright red and if its been some time, then the stain would be darker.

Also, you can see if there are any excrements by the bed bugs. These resemble the small black spots. Also, there might be bed bug’s eggs at some place too. They are light cream in colour and very small in size (1 mm).

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Method 2: Search in the lesser known areas 

This method includes the activity of searching for the bed bugs in the lesser common spaces. You can check out these messy species underneath tables and beside the desks. Remove the drawers, empty them and clean them too if they look dirty. Turn them up side down so that the bed bugs fall off if there are any.

Secondly, you can remove the electrical outlet and look out for bed bugs inside that. These hidden places can also act as a habitat for the bed bugs since they would feel safe there. Also, they might also use the electrical outlets with an intention of reaching other rooms of your house.

You must never forget to search for them under clocks, toys and lamps. These are the places where people don’t clean regularly. Thus, these are going to prove as a great hiding place for the bed bugs.
There are innumerable tactics that a person can follow in order to solve the query about how to search for bed bugs. However, the methods mentioned above are the best and you must surely follow them no matter what! These are definitely going to prove quite effective for you and satisfactory too.

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