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Chipmunks are really cute, but these beautiful creatures are a danger if they enter your house. They are more than enough to create damage to the varied elements in your residence. Thus, you need to see to it that these species are not hopping off from one place to another and creating a mess! These tiny and striped animals eat small things but they can bite off everything that is present in your home’s vicinity. Are you just confused about how to keep chipmunks away from your house if they are present there? You can try out many treatments, whether chemical or natural to get rid of them. Natural way to get rid of Chipmunks you can use the chipmunk trap that will help you make your home chipmunk free. But before that you must definitely know some important things about the chipmunks. Read on and you will gain much knowledge about them. You may like to read Bed bug blood stains on mattress, cover, carpet, clothes etc

How to kill chipmunks?

Chipmunks are a real problem when they enter any of the urban areas. The most common issues start when these tiny creatures commence finding their way into the attic or you can say the root cavity. Here, the need for killing them arises.

In order to kill the chipmunks, you can make try out the following methods:

  • Using the lethal traps: 
It is considered amongst the most common ways to kill the chipmunks. Here what you can do is, fill up a barrel fully with water. Later on, cover the surface with the help of tiny seeds. The seeds are going to attract the chipmunks and the moment they come here, they will drown in water. Read also How to treat bed bug bites & what do bed bug bites look like

  • Shoot the chipmunks: 
Shooting a chipmunk can be a very complex thing to do and this is because, chipmunks are very small and don’t even stay at a single place. This might require a talented shooter to indulge in the activity of shooting the chipmunks.

  • Use poison: 
This heavy-handed solution is able to solve every kind of pest problem. During the event when the chipmunks ingest poison, there would be no chances of their survival.

  • Other alternatives: 
Apart from the above listed ways of killing the chipmunks, you can use other kinds of alternatives too. These might include seeking the assistance from a wildlife removal expert.

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How to deter chipmunks? 

As you see the chipmunks hopping from one place to another around you, they might look adorable. But the moment they start damaging your things, you would start considering them as the messiest creatures alive.

Here are some of the ways to deter the prevalent chipmunks:
  • You must eliminate the food sources from your backyards, gardens and other areas. The lesser food they will see, the lesser would be the chances of their being present in that area. This might not stop them to come here, but would obviously discourage them to come up. 
  • Chipmunks hate the smell coming out of garlic as well as hot peppers. These can thus act as a repellent to stay away from these species. You can grow come garlic in your garden. But, if you don’t own a garden, you can crush garlic and mix it with hot water along with peppers. Add one spoon of oil to it and let it cool down. Keep this solution near the areas of infestation. 
  • You can also place some mothballs around the yard and other areas where the presence of chipmunks is doubted on. It is highly recommended for you to keep them away from kids and your pets. Consuming them is fatal and may lead to death. 
  • Traps are considered as the most useful ways of deterring the chipmunks from the premises near you. These are easily removable and you can do it on your own. The repellents ensure that the chipmunks are not coming up again and again. 
  • Just in case you want to protect your gardens and yards from the entry of chipmunks, you can use the nets and barriers to act as a barrier for that. It would be preferable for you to get an electrical fencing done around your backyard so that these animals don’t enter. 
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What do chipmunks eat or what should i feed Chipmunks?

The chipmunk diet is not just limited to a single food. Instead, they have a variety of things which look much capable of being eaten by them. These species don’t look out for any specific stuff, instead they can eat anything. The things that they find edible start from the nuts to the sweet berries and even the electronics and wood.

The incisors in their mouth i.e. the four teeth in the front help them in eating whatever they wish to. However, on precisely telling about the most common things that the chipmunks eat include nuts, seeds, sticks, logs, dried fruits as well as acorns. These hard objects are quite beneficial for the chipmunks since they act as a source of nutrition and also assist them in relieve the pain associated with the growing incisors. Apart from that, it is also said that they can eat the non-food items too. Such items include wooden lawn items, wooden beams, wooden baseboards and wires of cars too!  Thus, here you might have got a great idea on what to feed chipmunks if you love their presence around you.

Where do chipmunks live?

Chipmunks can live anywhere and this is because, these tiny animals can easily fit in even the smallest of the holes. It totally depends upon the species of chipmunks about where they need to stay in that particular area. Chipmunk habitat can range from a very tiny hole to the gigantic tunnels! The choice is totally theirs.

Some chipmunks are known to be the one extensively digging out the burrows and live in that. Apart from that, they can also reside in varied big as well as small long-length tunnels. Other places of serving as their residence might include the nests, logs as well as bushes. Also, these are spotted in the lush green environment, in between the vegetation in your backyard, other forests and gardens too. You may like to read How to get rid of fleas on dogs home remedy

Do chipmunks bite?

Yes, chipmunks do bite people and if it is not treated in a proper manner, the infections may spread extensively. Also, if they find that any person is intending to hurt them or is annoying them during their activities, they may bite him/here. These can lead to some damages in the tissues. It is said that these creatures bite people if they are trapped or feel like that. Such bites can cause itching, red streaks, swollen lymph and also severe pain.

Chipmunk facts:

Chipmunks are considered to be one of the cutest creatures every existing in the world. These ground squirrels have a good number of facts associated with them. Majority of such facts still stand unknown by many.

Here are some of the most interesting facts about chipmunks:

  • The average size of a chipmunk is approximately 1-6 inches and their tails can have a length of 3 inches. They weigh less than 1 lb. 
  • Chipmunks come out of their habitats only during the daytime. This is because during the night time, their eyes don’t have an ability of working to their utmost advantage. 
  • They are omnivorous. Thus, these creatures only consume grass, shoots, fruits, nuts, buds, seeds etc.
  •  The burrows created by the chipmunks can have a great depth. These can be even more than 3.5 metres with the entrances. 
  • The large cheek pouches of the chipmunks are made with an intention of transporting food to their storage. 
  • Their cheeks have an ability of being stretched to an extent that is three times larger than their heads. 
  • The hibernation period of chipmunks is considered to be the wintertime. They don’t indulge in the activity of sleeping throughout the season. 
  • At the time of a chipmunk’s birth, their size can be said as the one similar to that of a bumblebee. 
  • There are a good number of predators of chipmunks. These are weasels, snakes, foxes, coyotes, wolves, cats etc. 
  • Chipmunks are eco-friendly animals. This is because their activities of harvesting and hoarding the seeds serve as a quite important element in seeding establishment.

How to catch a chipmunk?

If you are looking forward to catch a chipmunk to get rid of it, or for a playful purpose, you should know about the ways to do it. Using the chipmunk trap demands the usage of some simple supplies as well as being patient too. Each of these traps would prove as the best homemade chipmunk trap you would have ever tried out! Read also Bed Bug Traps - Best homemade way to get rid of bed bugs and strongest way to prevent them

Some of the easiest as well as interesting ways to catch a chipmunk are as follows:
  • You can buy a small rodent trap either via online stores or the local hardware stores located near you! 
  • These are present in two types and they include the one with a single door and other one with two doors. The trap having two doors has higher chances of catching the chipmunks in a shorter period of time. 
  • The second strategy is the chipmunk bucket trap. Take a large plastic bucket to play the role of a ramp, wooden piece to act as a trigger and a bird seed as a chipmunk bait. Place it wherever you think there is a presence of a chipmunk. Preferably, you can set it near to the chipmunk’s hole. Place the notable trigger on your bucket with one end on it and other one hanging over the stick. That’s the best chipmunk trap ever attained! 
  • Thirdly, you can also perform the activity of ‘Door Trap’. In this, you need to choose the place for placing the bait. Place it underneath the trap and hang it from your trap’s top. It is one of the most effective techniques for catching the chipmunks as soon as possible.  You may like to read HOW TO GET RID OF DRAIN FLIES? How to kill drain flies?

How to get rid of chipmunks naturally? 

Lot of people have many query of how do you get rid of Chipmunks?  Today in this article you learn about how to get rid of Chipmunks by yourself:

For gaining an effective control on the devastating activities of chipmunks in or outside your house, you can formulate some integrated strategies. These controllable methods are going to act as a savior for you just in case you are intending to pave a way for them outside your residence. You can make use of chipmunk poison, chipmunk repellent as well as the chipmunk live trap. While using the varied chipmunk traps, you must ensure that your hands are covered with gloves so that it isn’t a victim of any chipmunk bite just in case it pops out.

Below mentioned are some of the most effective ways to stay away from the chipmunks and maintain a distance from them:
  • There is a need for you to clean up the messy areas in your home, yard and other nearby places. Such areas give them a space to start establishing their habitat in them. The berries, birdseed and nuts have to be cleaned up and also the rocks and woods should be removed in no time. Cleaning the messy areas can help in Chipmunks removal. This is one of the most effective and best ways to get rid of Chipmunks.
  •  The bird feeders must be placed at a long distance from your house. This is done so that the spilled birdseeds are not able to attract chipmunks. 
  • Look around and indulge in the activity of identifying the areas of damage in your house and outside. You can spot these areas by the signs that the chipmunks leave during their presence. There will be some sort of holes in your lawns or other foundations, burrows and also some messy woods too. 
  • You must also make use of the right control methods to successfully get rid of chipmunks and keeping a minimal damage by them. Such multiple methods are live chipmunk traps for removing the creatures present in your home manually. Apart from that, indulge in the usage of many chipmunk repellents to keep chipmunks away from home. Whatever kind of trap you make be sure the outside surface has a texture and the inside is slick, making it easy for the Chipmunks to get in yet preventing them from getting back out.
  • Another great option for chipmunks’ control includes the varied electronic repellents. They do not contain any kinds of chemicals, instead they use bursts of water to frighten them. These have an ability of protecting the mulch beds, vegetable gardens, garbage cans, koi ponds, lawns, entryways, plants, flowerbeds and many others from chipmunks. 
  • There are lots of scents that chipmunks cannot bear. There is an existence of many scents that repel chipmunks and according to many they are quite effective. Such scents are of the essential oils made out of clove, lemon, peppermint, cinnamon as well as eucalyptus oil. 
You must mix a cayenne pepper with water in your spray bottle and you must apply or spray where ever Chipmunks you see in your garden, house, yard etc

You must make use of essential oils like clove, lemon, peppermint, cinnamon or eucalyptus and you must spray so that you can get rid of chipmunks naturally like places like your yard, house, garden etc.

Plant Daffodils in garden - To protect your from the mischievous chipmunks , plant a few daffodil plants in your garden. Chipmunks hate Daffodils as they are known to be toxic to chipmunks. The scent that daffodils emits keeps the chipmunks away.

Adding daffodils to your garden is a natural way to repel chipmunks, and at the same time make your garden look beautiful. Read article on How To Get Rid of Wasps Naturally? 14 Home Remedies

Homemade Chipmunk Repellent Recipe

You can also create your own homemade chipmunk repellent using some non-toxic, natural ingredients. Chipmunks are known to hate strong smell, and this repellent does just that. It has a strong scent that the little critters hate.

Making Homemade Chipmunk Repellent Using Garlic and Peppers

Ingredients we will need for this Homemade Chipmunk Repellent are :


Hot Peppers

1 Cup Hot Water

1 Tablespoon Liquid Soap

1 Tablespoon Castor Oil

To create this homemade repellent for chipmunks , first puree the garlic and hot peppers together. Then mix the water and liquid soap separately, to make a soapy solution. Now add the garlic and pepper puree to the soapy solution until the water cools. Finally strain the mixture into a spray bottle and add in the castor oil. Have a look at WHAT DO GROUNDHOGS EAT - PET GROUNDHOG

To use the homemade repellent, shake the bottle well and Spray the repellent in areas where you wish to keep the chipmunks away from. 

  • The Mesh Fencing also stands out as one of the highly effective solutions to stay away from the chipmunks. This is not that much visually appealing but is accompanied with the right approach. Here, you need to make an ‘L’ shaped barrier. The powder used to build it would penetrate till 1 foot under the ground. Ensure that you are not mistaken to fence on a chipmunk while undertaking the activity of Mesh Fencing. 
  •  Predator Urine for chipmunks - One of the age old techniques used to keep any pesky animals at bay is to use the urine of natural predators, and it works wonders to keep chipmunks away. Using Fox or coyote urine is known to work best to get rid of chipmunks from your garden and homes. This Urine is known to be one of the best chipmunk repellents.
  • Let your Pet out - If you have a pet then, they would enjoy chase after and catching the chipmunks for fun. Letting your pet outside could be one of the easiest ways to get rid of chipmunks from your garden. Read article on Frog repellents - how to get rid of frogs

Chipmunks have always been a headache for anyone who has witnessed them in or around his house. These are never stopping anywhere, instead these teeny weenies are continually running from one place to another. For anyone who wants to stay away from these cute but naughty creatures can try out the above-mentioned tips to get rid of them. There exist many others too, however those mentioned above are the most efficient ones. Chipmunks can enter from any place and they can reside in even the smallest places if the temperature suits their body. They don’t have anything specific to eat, instead they are carried with an ability to even consume the non-food items.

There are many natural homemade methods that can help in preventing or killing Chipmunks. There are also various traps you can build for your home in order to prevent Chipmunks. You can start by keeping your house clean at all times. 

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