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Cricket in the house

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Crickets are as creepy and annoying as they appear! These irritating creatures are definitely going to prove as a disturbing element for everyone. The continual chirping that they make while staying in the unidentified areas at night, is annoying. Due to their continual chirping sounds, we may also consider them as the singing pests. This chirping majorly starts when the human beings are sleeping marking their presence near you i.e. in your house. You might be thinking that do crickets bite? Crickets have an ability of biting but, generally they don’t bite people.

Just in case, you have spotted some crickets in your house, there is a need to get rid of them as soon as possible. There exist a good number of ways that you can follow for throwing these out of your house. Not only this, you must also know about how to get rid of crickets outside. These will undoubtedly answer your interrogation about how to get rid of crickets in house. But before that, you’ll have to know more about these creatures. Read also How to treat bed bug bites & what do bed bug bites look like

What are crickets? 

A cricket insect has always proved to be a really big problem for people. They have an ability of easily entering your house’s premises but are difficult to get rid of. Crickets belong to the family Gryllindae and they are found in gardens, houses and other places.

As entailed, crickets have been playing an indispensable role in the varied superstitions and myths. It is said that their presence is a sign of good luck. Also, they notify good fortune and intelligence and harming them would cause a misfortune for you. Cricket fighting is a very important activity in China and also, in the East Asian countries they are locked in cages for their songs. You may like to read Bed bug blood stains on mattress, cover, carpet, clothes etc

There are four different types of crickets present and they are as follows:

Mole crickets
House crickets
Field crickets
Camel crickets

Each of these crickets are accompanied with a different shape and size. Apart from that, the above-mentioned crickets have different treatments depending upon which one you are dealing with. You may like to read How to get rid of fleas on dogs home remedy

Physical features of crickets:

Different species of crickets have unique characteristics and they differ in shape, size, and habitat too. However, there still exist many features which look quite similar in them. They punch on plants and no other critters. These creatures vary in size, habitat as well as colours along with few other characteristics. It is said that crickets are closely related to the species of grasshoppers.
Majority of the crickets found in the United States are spotted in yellow, red, black and brown colour. Others might witness these species in the mixture of these three colours making it a similar shade. Generally, they are accompanied with long as well as powerful hind legs. These act as a fruitful assistance for them to jump forward. The hind legs are thicker as well as larger than those in the front. Apart from that, they carry a couple of pairs of wings and antennae much longer than their body. Read also Bed Bug Traps - Best homemade way to get rid of bed bugs and strongest way to prevent them

How long do crickets live? 

It has been notified that crickets live for a period of approximately 90 days. They reproduce and hatch the eggs during late spring. These creatures transform into an adult during the time of late summers. You may like to read HOW TO GET RID OF DRAIN FLIES? How to kill drain flies?

Varied cricket insects facts: 

No matter how much annoying they are being at your home, these are still beloved all across the world. There exist innumerable facts about crickets which will leave you awestruck in no time. Want to know more? Read on to know:

  • The word ‘cricket’ has been derived from the French word ‘criquet’. It was thought that the repeated cricket insect sound resembles to ‘criquet’. 
  • According to a myth, it is said that the rubbing of cricket’s legs with each other causes the chirping sound. While others say that they also sing with their wings. You can try this out on your own! Just run your fingers on a comb’s teeth. The sound produced is similar to those produced by the crickets. 
  • Different crickets have different body structures to make the chirping sounds. 
  • Majority of the female cricketers do not sing. Thus, if you have spotted any chirping cricket, you can identify it as a male cricket. It is because the female crickets majorly don’t have the singing structures in their body. 
  • Insects have been facilitated with ears in very weird areas. It is said that crickets listen with the help of their legs. 
  • If your house has some crickets within the vicinity, you might spot them in black or brownish colour. However, you must also know that there is an existence of some other colourful crickets along with them. 
  • Crickets are accompanied with a characteristic of having acute hearing. They have an ability of hearing the humans coming their way. You would also have noticed the same. The moment you start following the direction of cricket’s chirping, it will stop singing. This is because, their organs are sensitive to vibrations. 
  • As notified by many researchers, counting the chirps enables you calculate the temperature of air. Count the number of chirps per minute and get to know about the air temperature. 
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How do crickets enter your house?

Out of the four types of crickets and their species available all across the globe. However, the most talked about are the house crickets. It is because they are way too common and majority of the people are annoyed with these creatures. They can’t be even ignored since their songs could be heard way too easily. Do you know what attracts crickets in the house? It is the cosy and warm temperature inside as compared to the outer areas. Have a look at WHAT DO GROUNDHOGS EAT - PET GROUNDHOG

It is quite common that they enter your house and start residing there. This is majorly because of the temperature as well as weather conditions. At the time of warm weather months, the house crickets prefer to stay outdoors and reside in the varied garbage dumps. This is as gross as it sounds. Just in case, these have again entered your home, they are going to hide in the dark and warm places at the daytime. It is notified that crickets love to chew different fabrics such as woollen, silk, cotton and other relatable synthetic items. They find this stuff much attractive.

At the time of temperature change and when they fall short of water and food, crickets start coming indoors. A cricket can live approximately for 90 days. You can find them in the warm places such as basements, kitchens, in cracks and fireplaces too. Crickets are known to be a dire lover of fruits, vegetables and other varied types of food. Due to the crickets belonging to the nocturnal family, you will preferably not witness them during the daytime. The chirping sound is produced by these species when they rub their wings together. These are the male crickets and the songs attract female crickets. You may like to read How to get rid of fleas in house naturally

Ways to get rid of crickets in your house:

No matter what all precautions you are trying to take, crickets anyhow manage to enter the premises of your house. They find their residence in the hidden and warm places such as small cracks, kitchens, washrooms, behind power sockets and other related areas. They love cozy and warm areas, so try finding them out in such places. If you find a cricket in your house, you need to act efficiently and think about the best ways to do that.

There exist both natural as well as chemical remedies to let these crickets stay out of your home and not disturb you. Each one of them is considered as a satisfaction by a good number of users nowadays. You can make use of many tools for swiping them away from you and majority of these are efficient in getting you the results too. These include natural pest management products, cricket repellent, bug sprays, window screens, garbage bags, trash cans, insecticides, lawn insects and pest control, sprayers, cleaning pails etc. Such products help in the maintaining the safety of your home from the crickets in one way of the other. You may like to read HOW TO GET RID OF LICE AND NITS IN HAIR

Apart from that, some other effective treatments telling how to keep crickets away that you can try out to get rid of crickets. Follow them and see the difference. These are listed below.
Have a look:

  • The first and the very easy way for treating the crickets and paving them a way out of your house is using the cricket baits. You can catch them via these and that too without any kind of hassle. It is considered as the most immediately effective solution. There is no harm in trying it out! 

For this you need to take a few spoons full of molasses and place them in a shallow bowl. Mix it up with water. Then, place that bowl where the crickets are residing. Crickets are fond of molasses and so, they will get attracted towards its smell. The moment they will reach there, they are going to hop into it. Later, you can empty the bowl and throw these crickets away.

  • Make use of the varied sticky glue traps to catch crickets. These are referred as a great non-toxic treatment to get rid of the messy cricket bug. Place these sticky traps in the areas where the crickets are available such as walls, windows or even the doorways. 
  • The most common way of getting rid of crickets can also be the usage of bug sprays. Spray in the corners and hidden places which have a greater chance of cricket’s arrival and presence. Also, it is highly recommended for you to stay cautious while using since they have toxic chemicals. 
  • To protect your home for the further arrival and entry of crickets, you can think of sealing your doors and windows. Crickets have an ability of coming through even the smallest cracks, so make sure you eliminate them by caulking the windows and cracks. Also, just see to it that your vents have screens. 
  •  Crickets always love to stay in tall grasses and thus, you must ensure that the grass in your garden are not growing. Just in case, your grass-like plants are experiencing an elevation in their height, cut them back. Different wood piles, compost piles as well as mulch piles should be kept at a great distance from your residence. 
  • Crickets get attracted towards lights way too easily. Thus, you must use lower-light or amber LED lights so that they don’t attract these species. It would be great to use the shades so that the bright light doesn’t come in the vision of crickets. 
  • There are many animals that act as the natural predators to catch crickets. Varied lizards as well as spiders would naturally control them as they would eat them way too quickly. Allow this cricket killer in your house and you will see the difference. 
  • Use Diatomaceous that is a non-toxic powder made out of silicon-enriched microscopic algae. It is extensively used in the food as well as skincare industry but apart from that, you can also use it for getting rid of crickets. Sprinkle in in the areas where there is a presence of crickets and its dehydrating effect would make them dead. 
  • Ensure that you have removed the clutter placed inside or outside your home. Such clutters have always been able to attract these messy species. Crickets shall take them as a place to hide and reside there way too comfortably. 
  • Wherever you see a cricket, spray a mixed solution of liquid soap and water directly on the bodies of these insects. This is going to kill them effectively. 
These cricket killer techniques will surely help in getting rid of crickets in your house naturally without using any cricket repellents. These same techniques can be used to get rid of crickets outside the house as well. You may like to read Bed bug blood stains on mattress, cover, carpet, clothes etc

Crickets have always been able to create a mess in the places wherever they are present. If they are resided in your home or even outside that nearer to you, there is a need for you to get rid of them. Use the above listed methods and as entailed by many users, you would also be able to see the difference and a cricket-free house.

There are plenty of natural remedies to get rid of cricket and prevent them from coming back. I hope you have found adequate answers to your questions and by now you must have learned How to get rid of Crickets fast and crickets Insect facts. 

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