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Many of us love dogs, especially puppies and hence, they are one of the most popular pet that majority of us keep in our home and treat them as a family member. But when this sweet animal’s scratch and irritation goes in their body because of fleas, the dogs / puppies come under trouble which is beyond belief. Some of the best ways to get rid of fleas on dogs or puppies are discussed here. Have a look at How to get rid of crickets in house? Cricket insect facts

Flea is a type of nasty insect which feeds on the blood of our pets and it can also infect our house. This nasty insect can infect you and your pet, so if you and your dog/ puppy become the victim of these insects then you can face a huge problem such as you and your pet can end up with red bite marks, itching and scratch yourself raw. Moreover, if you are the owner of the dog then every time a question strikes in your mind whenever your dog scratch their body, "Is my dog suffering from fleas nasty insect"? Now let’s know how to kill fleas on dogs. Have a look at How Heavy should my Cat be? (Ideal Cat Weight).

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Some interesting facts about Fleas

Whenever we try to end up anything or don't want to become the victim of that then we must know every information so that it becomes easy for us to kill or end up those things. The same theory is applied here also, in case, if you want to remove fleas from dogs then you need to know each thing about this nasty insect called Fleas. Read also Bed Bug Traps - Best homemade way to get rid of bed bugs and strongest way to prevent them

Every insect has their different life cycle in case of fleas insect it has four stages of the life cycle which is a few weeks to a few months and it is depending upon the humid levels and the temperature.  The moment adult female lays her eggs, the very moment the life cycle of fleas starts. The main fact in case of these insects is that if the female fleas do not feed blood then she can’t reproduce. The egg of the Fleas is laid in the fur of your pet. When your pet moves around your house these eggs fall in your house. This is also one of the reasons for the cause of an infestation in your home.

If you feel that your pet is suffering from fleas nasty insect and you want to treat fleas on dogs / puppy without going to the chemical route, then don't worry you can also get rids of fleas on dogs via home remedies. Are your dogs infested with fleas?  In that case, you just need to moisten a few paper towels and have it stand on them. Then you need to rub your dogs with these papers and if you find that after rubbing your dog the paper color changes to red or brown, then yes your dog is under attack. Now you need to follow some suggestions to help the dog/ puppy get rid of fleas. You may like to read HOW TO GET RID OF DRAIN FLIES? How to kill drain flies?

How to get rids of fleas and tricks on dogs/ puppy Home remedy

There are several ways of how to get rid of fleas on dogs.

1:- Adding power to your dog’s shampoo-

 If you are the owner of a dog then you do shampoo on your dog. But if your dog is under the attack of fleas then it would be good enough if you use a strong shampoo so that your dog gets relief from the attack of fleas. In the market, you will find many different shampoos which are available and used when the dog is under the attack of fleas. If you can't trust them, then you can also make a strong shampoo for your dog. For that, you just need to have an ordinary dog shampoo and in that shampoo, you need to add two cups of water and a half cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice which will not only make your dog shampoo powerful but also hygienic for further use. Use this shampoo weekly to get rid of Fleas on a dog naturally. You may like to read How to get rid of chipmunks - Chipmunks facts and traps

2:- Rosemary- 

This is a woody, perennial herb with fragrant, evergreen which is used to kill fleas on dogs. You should use all herbs such as Rosemary, rue, fennel, wormwood, and peppermint and make them powder. After that, you can give this powder to all those places in the dog’s skin where Fleas attack. Within a few moments, that place will get relief from fleas insect and get rids of fleas on dogs or puppies. Have a look at WHAT DO GROUNDHOGS EAT - PET GROUNDHOG

3:- Herbal flea spray-

This is the one of most incredible natural tick or home remedy. It is also one of the great solutions to remove a flea from your dog's / Puppy skin. This herbal spray is made from non-toxic ingredients which are very easy to prepare. You just need to mix 2 liters of water, 500 ml of lemon juice, and 4 liters of vinegar and 250 ml of witch hazel into a large spray bottle. After washing your dog, you need to put this spray into the body of your dog.

4:- Vacuum- 

This is the home remedy to get rid of fleas in the house fast is using vacuum in house.
You must use a vacuum all over the house as your dog probably lies all over the house. And you must keep in your mind that you should empty the vacuum bag. This cleaning will make your house much cleaner and safer from Fleas attack. you may also like to read How to get rid of fleas on dogs home remedy.

Fleas like wetly and warm sections. In the event that you are not tenacious about cleaning and vacuuming, reconsider. Your pet circumvents the home throughout the day and most likely rests in each nook and corner of the house. So vacuum it occasionally and altogether so as to keep fleas from increasing and swarming your whole house and yard.

5:- A flea comb-

A flea comb the cheapest and easy way to control fleas attack or remove fleas from dogs fast. As we have mentioned earlier, that fleas has four stages of the life cycle. Now to kill the four-stages of fleas, you need to buy a good quality comb.  We will recommend you to buy a narrow tooth comb as this is the best one but make sure that while doing comb your pet doesn't get hurt and its fur isn’t knotted or tangled.

Once your pet gets the infection by the attacks of fleas insect and you are not able to handle it then you and your house will be in a miserable condition. So you must always try to stay ahead of a flea infestation, which is very much important for you and your pet also. You may like to read How to get rid of fleas in house naturally

6:- Use apple cider vinegar to repel fleas-

Include one teaspoon loaded with matured apple juice vinegar to a quarter liter of water and let your canine beverage this for the duration of the day. The apple juice vinegar keeps the skin/layer of the mutts marginally acidic which normally repulses insects and even ticks besides. While it is a smart thought to keep your pet's jacket marginally acidic, don't straightforwardly apply the ACV to the skin since it disturbs broken skin. Counsel your vet about the amount ACV your pet may securely ingest the dependent on its body weight.

7:-Wash bedding and use heat-

It is also a Natural tick. Wash all sheet material assigned for your pet. Fleas can't survive in a dryer. To kill fleas on garments and bedding, it's recommended to launder the items for ten minutes at 140°F, and then dry at the highest heat setting. You will be astonished how effectively you can dispose of the fleas, eggs and hatchlings when you wash with a solid cleanser. Drying is viable too with regards to slaughtering eggs, hatchlings and grown-up insects. On the off chance that the texture can be placed in a dryer, you should dry it in the electric dryer on greatest warmth for best outcomes. Read on How To Clean Cats Ears.

8:-Use boric acid powder-

Utilize boric acid powder (or Borax) to tidy territories that are not presented to daylight and regions where the dampness is higher than 50 percent to get rids of fleas on dogs. Ensure your dog doesn't lick off the boric corrosive powder as certain pooches don't endure it. Following two or three days, every one of the eggs will dry out and get killed. The hatchlings will likewise choke to death. Furthermore, you should simply do vacuum to away fleas and use the boric acid powder.

9:-Make a flea collar-

To get rid of fleas on dogs use two drops of lavender oil or tea tree oil in one teaspoon of water and apply the mixture all over your pooch's neckline or sprinkle the mixture on a handkerchief and tie it around neck of your dog. This will keep the fleas under control. Also read How to get rid of flea bites on humans? How do fleas look likeYou may like to read HOW TO GET RID OF LICE AND NITS IN HAIR

10:-Lemon spray-.

Lemon can be utilized from various perspectives around the house, yet besides being a decent method to treat wasp stings, it's additionally an incredible common home solution for fleas.

Method to use this natural solution for disposing of fleas comprises of making a citrus splash to use on tainted furnishings. To make this fleas splash, cut a lemon meagerly and add to a 16 ounce of water and bring to the bubble. Give the citrus arrangement a chance to sit medium-term and fill a shower bottle. The following day take the citrus mixture and splash it on the swarmed regions in your home – couches, pet sheet material, seats and so forth. Try not to splash, just hose. Using these natural Home remedies can give you freedom from Fleas and ticks instantly and permanently from your dogs and puppies.

11:-Diatomaceous earth-

One natural way to get rid of fleas on dogs or puppies is Diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth is the infinitesimal survives from fossilized green growth, diatoms. It's an exceptionally fine powder, which is non-lethal to people and is an incredible regular solution for disposing of fleas as it causes lack of hydration.

Utilizing diatomaceous earth to treat an insect issue comprises of sprinkling the powder over regions you think have high bug action, applying flimsy layers. Leave the diatomaceous earth to do its enchantment for 2 days at that point vacuum quickly, following the vital insect avoidance techniques a while later. You may like to read Bed bug blood stains on mattress, cover, carpet, clothes etc

Continue with alert! 

It is essential to take note of that if utilizing diatomaceous earth as a characteristic bug cure you should utilize the nourishment grade alternative. Despite the fact that it is non-poisonous, the nature of the powder can get muddled and aggravate your eyes and throat. When utilizing diatomaceous earth to treat your home it is exhorted that you wear a face cover.

12:-Flea repelling plants-

The last natural way for disposing of fleas is enrolling the assistance of explicit plants to help repulse these gnawing creepy crawlies. Certain plants contain explicit oils, mixes, and synthetic compounds which insects detest and will attempt to maintain a strategic distance from.

There is a scope of various plants that repulse bugs. Utilizing these plants around your home in window boxes and bloom beds is an incredible normal home solution to get rid of fleas in the house fast. Also read Cat Repellent - How to get rid of Stray Cats.

Plants that keep fleas away this is the natural trick:

Penny Royal

Most essential oils are productive and incredible regular methods for disposing of fleas, eggs and hatchlings, however abundance amounts could hurt your pooch and cause a great deal of issue. Counsel your vet for the correct amounts that will help keep bugs under control without hurting your pet. It generally relies upon the level of grouping of the oil being referred to and the invulnerability and safety of your dog.

How to treat fleas on puppies / dogs: Vacuuming your floors frequently, keeping your pets perfect and sound and intermittently preparing them are some simple estimates you should take. You could likewise utilize some common sweet-smelling items, for example, dried cedar chips and lemon skins to fend off bugs from your environment. There are plenty of natural home remedies to get rid of fleas on your dogs and puppy. This is the one most used way to get rid of fleas in the house fast. 

Where can the dog / Puppy get fleas?

It is a typical mistake to feel that a dog can get the flea invasion while running on the grass. Truth be told, this would cause a dog to get close to a couple of fleas. However, the most hazardous spots are storm cellars, passages, underground crosswalks, and waste canisters, since flea eggs are laid in moist and warm puts. Concerning stray creatures, they are actually secured with bugs from head to tail. Running close to storm cellars, going into the house, or going up the stairs, a pooch can get creepy crawlies which it will hence bring home. To get rid of fleas on dogs / Puppies, you should begin by purifying doorways, cellars, staircases, and waste chutes.

All the ingredients are natural and chemical-free which are easily available at your home.
I am sure by now you have learnt best and natural ways to get rid of fleas and ticks on your dogs and puppy fast. Also read Tick repellent - How to remove a tick from a dog from your yard or house. 

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