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Groundhogs are way too cute, but can you even imagine that these are highly disastrous too? These are considered as a way too common backyard pest in varied destinations and so, their presence is quite damaging. Are you stuck in a confusion about where do groundhogs live? The answer would be anywhere in a burrow. Such creatures are always attracted towards the things they love to eat.

Irrespective of the areas they are present in, if it has food they will move to that place. Thus, you cannot expect their presence in a single area instead they can be anywhere. Some of the most common areas of their residence are backyards, gardens, sheds etc. You might be thinking about how to get rid of groundhogs. In this writeup, you are going to have a deeper look into the varied ways of saying bye to groundhogs!


How to catch a groundhog?

Are you thinking about the best bait to trap a groundhog? Just in case, you are not at all intending to kill these cute creatures, you can just catch them and throw out of your area! A groundhog trap shall play an eminent role in catching these species and getting rid of them. Some people also call them as a groundhog bait and use them extensively as a treatment for throwing off these creatures. While making a selection for these tactics, one needs to ensure that the groundhog trap is positioned carefully. It can also be considered as very useful live trap groundhog.  Read also Mold Removal - How to get rid of Black Mold on wall, wood, shower, bathroom, carpet from your house

It is not a necessity that a groundhog bait is solely a machinery! It can also be some kind of food which they love or any other element whose smell would attract them. There are a good number of naturally grown vegetables/fruits which shall act as the best bait for groundhogs. They would be a good assistance for getting an answer about how to trap a groundhog. These are mentioned below:

  • Cantaloupe
  • Sweet corn
  • Fresh Sting Beans 
  • Strawberries
  • Peas
  • Lettuce
  • Peaches
  • Vanilla Extract 

Whether a groundhog is going to be caught or not doesn’t depend upon the type of bait you choose. But it wholly relies upon the position in which the bait is kept. Catching groundhogs is not an easy task, but trappers can enable you do that in an easier manner. This is truly a great as well as hassle free live trap groundhog. Have a look at How to get rid of dust mites do dust mites bite?

Another way of catching groundhogs other than the common baits is none other than the usage of a milk jug. This is an easier tactic and thus, you must definitely know how to catch a groundhog with a milk jug. You just need to fill up the milk jug with water. Later on, move towards the hole from where these groundhogs are emerging. Keep your jug upside down with an intention of covering the hole. The moment water goes into the hole and ground hog would try to come out. He will directly enter into the milk jug! Trap it and seal the jug with its cap! This tactic shall serve as the best trap for groundhog in no time.

How to get rid of groundhogs under shed? 

Any person who has noticed groundhogs nearby will undoubtedly get tensed. He might also get concerned that groundhogs would be digging in your sheds! These can provide damage anywhere and you must do something to get rid of them. If you are thinking about how to get rid of groundhogs under shed, here is a solution. Read on and you will get to know the varied tactics for the same.

You can use the different kinds of scaring techniques for paving a way for groundhogs out of your shed. This is done by continually making them aware about your presence near these creatures. If they are going to notice that you are walking around their burrows, they would prefer walking away and search for home somewhere else. Apart from that you can also disturb them continually by making loud noises. This is one of the finest ways resolving how to get rid of groundhogs under shed.

It is said that the groundhogs are very easily attracted towards the rural environments. This is because, they majorly prefer to feed outside their burrows. You can make your yard lesser attractive for these species. This can be done by removing the wooden piles, tall grasses and well as other elements which might encourage them to camouflage. Thus, if groundhogs are not able to witness a favourable place, they might won’t dig in there.

If you have already come across plenty of signs which prove the presence of groundhogs, aren’t you wondering ‘how to get rid of groundhogs under shed?’ You can also try out some tactics as exclusions for them. Build up a fence around the area where you have seen their infestation. This might discourage them for making a residence in and around your region.

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How to get rid of groundhogs in your yard? 

Groundhogs can stay at any place and the most common out of these is none other than a yard. If they are present in your yard, they will leave no stone unturned in mercilessly eating out your plants and wooden piles. Also, they’ll make hundreds of holes in your whole backyard for residing in. You should definitely get some treatments in order to solve the interrogation of how to get rid of groundhogs in your yard. This can be done in a good number of ways. Such tactics for getting rid of groundhogs are mentioned below:

The first step can be making vibrations in their home i.e. in the burrows. Groundhogs will never ever love vibrations and thus, doing the same would let them go away to another favourable place. Search for their burrows and place the varied vibration producing devices such as lawn windmills, vibrating sonic device and spinning pinwheels near them. This will act as a great disturbance for the groundhogs and a perfect solution about how to get rid of groundhogs in your yard. You may like to read How to get rid of maggots in your Trash Can, Garbage Can, Kitchen

You can pour some ammonia down your tunnel. The moment groundhogs would come across ammonia in their residence, they would preferably leave it. As majority of the users have entailed, they have seen no groundhogs after using this technique. It is highly recommended for you to search for the varied holes made by them since they don’t make one but several burrows.

Groundhogs do not like the smell produced by pepper as well as garlic. If you don’t want them to return, you can use the same. Crush some garlic and ginger and later on throw them to the burrows of these creatures. You can do this daily, if you want them to leave as soon as possible. Apart from that, you can also prepare a garlic and pepper spray on your fruits and vegetables. With the help of this, they won’t even touch a single thing that has a spray on that!

You can keep the predator of groundhogs in your house as pets. These can be a dog and a cat. Sprinkle the dog/cat urine or their fur in and around the garden where their infestation is spotted. Such a technique shall swipe them off from that area since they will go to some place that wouldn’t disturb their presence. Read also HOW TO GET RID OF HOUSE FLIES? - HOUSE FLY REPELLENT

Human hairs can also work as a great aid answering how to get rid of groundhogs. This is because, humans are a great threat to groundhogs. Hairs of humans will scare them away, just sprinkle them into their burrows as well as around them too.

Talcum Powder is also a great treatment for discouraging the groundhogs. Anything that is treated with talcum powder would not at all let groundhogs come towards them. They also won’t make any tunnels or burrows in your yard. You may like to read How to Get Rid of Moths in Your House? 7 Best Ways

Make use of groundhog repellent and this would discourage groundhogs from eating the things on which they are sprayed. Spray them regularly in your garden and see the results! These are easily available at many stores located nearby your residence. Get rid of these species in no time as you use such repellents.

Nothing’s best than using a box trap to catch the groundhogs. It is a humane way of getting rid of these messy animals.  While you are preparing a box trap, just ensure that your hands are covered with gloves. This is because if they smell your scent, they might try to attack you since they don’t like humans.

How to kill a groundhog? 

Despite of a groundhog being an important part of the American culture, if they are seen in any of the areas making holes, that’s the real issue. They can eat out the plants and wood in your yard and are undoubtedly a spoiler! If you are so badly irritated with their presence that you are intending to kill them directly, here are a few tips for you about how to kill a groundhog. 

A lethal trap is also considered to be a groundhog killer. There is a need for the user to position them in a perfect manner. They must be positioned in such a manner that should be at one or more exits of their burrows. You must install this trap outside a right tunnel and that will effectively work. Some have also considered it as a cruel way of killing them since with this the creatures won’t die soon.
Using a groundhog poison will prove as an active element to kill a groundhog.

The moment groundhogs consume poison, they get killed. A groundhog poison antifreeze would serve as an amazing way of killing them in no time. But while trying to attack a groundhog via groundhog poison you must ensure that they are consumed by other animals except the groundhogs. You can also use a homemade groundhog poison.  You may like to read How to Get Rid of Bats? 18 Best Bat Repellents

The people residing in rural areas would shoot a groundhog in order to kill it and get rid of the same. This tactic is solely meant for those people who are eminent in shooting and are accompanied with finest marksmanship. The moment they come out of the groundhog burrow, shoot them at first place.

Before killing a groundhog, you must have a glance at the local laws so that you get a fair idea about which animals are allowed to be killed and which aren’t. Apart from that, there exist some animals which are hailing with diseases and these might spread through their carcass. Irrespective of the way with which you killed them, whether it is by a groundhog poison or any other way, their carcass has to be cleaned. You may also like to read How to get rid of bug bites fast

How to keep groundhogs away naturally?

Have you ever thought about how to keep groundhogs away naturally? Yes, there might be a good number of chemicals and other groundhog repellents to maintain a never-ending distance from groundhogs, but nothing can beat the perfection of natural remedies. Natural treatments are what will keep groundhogs away. Here are some of the most interesting and easier ways to get rid of groundhogs naturally. Have a look:

You can take a garden hose and stick it into the entrance of a tunnel. Turn on the tap and as it starts getting flooded, groundhogs would try to escape the tunnel. Have a look at How to get rid of pigeons on roof, trees, balcony

Buy a cage that is quite big and has an ability to place this animal. Keep their favourite food inside it in order to attract these creatures.

An inflatable snake can be used as a scarecrow to scare off these species without any kind of issues. These annoying species are afraid of snakes and so they would not come up to that place ever again.
Lastly, you can prepare a natural groundhog repellent with the help of different elements that groundhogs don’t like. These include lavender, garlic, cayenne pepper etc. It acts as the efficient homemade groundhog trap. 

These animals are quite interesting since they are accompanied with a good number of groundhog facts. Such facts would help you know more about these creatures and let you see some of their unknown information too!

Facts -  The cute furry mammals called the groundhogs which resemble to squirrels are rodents called marmot.

The groundhogs are mostly found in areas near North America, northern Alabama, and northern Canada, Alaska.

They are called by nameslike whistle-pig, land beavers, woodchuck

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