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Mold Removal: 15 Natural Ways to Remove Black Mold 

To know how to kill black mold, you must first know what does black mold look like. It is a type of fungus that has a dark green or black appearance and is one of the most common species is Stachybotrys chartarum. For people with a healthy immune system, mold possesses no immediate threat to their health. But long exposure to the toxic produced by the mold called mycotoxins can cause fatigue, lung disease and/or even cancer. Some other health-related problems caused by mold poisoning are as follows:
  • Nosebleeds
  • Memory Loss
  • Changes in Mood
  • Headaches
  • Aches and Pains
Constant exposure to black mold can worsen the condition of people with persistent lung problems or asthma. Due to uninterrupted exposure, infants and children are at a much higher risk of developing asthma by the age of 7. Adults and children who have severe allergies, when coming in contact with the mold can experience symptoms like - wheezing, a sore throat, skin rashes, sinusitis, watery red eyes, runny blocked nose, and a dry cough. You may like to read HOW TO GET RID OF GROUNDHOGS? Groundhogs Trap

Black mold is a lethal neurotoxin that attacks the brain’s neurons, resulting in incapacitated mental faculties. Upon identifying and spotting it, Black mold removal from your home must be on top of your list. Immune system degradation, skin irritation, neurological breakdown, pulmonary decay, and even death are some of the horrific health hazards caused by black mold.

And before you assign any black matter in your house as black mold, you must first learn to identify what does mold look like. There are various black mold pictures available online that help you how to identify black mold. Thankfully, listed below, are various methods as to what kills black mold which will help you in protecting your house and your loved ones: Treatment of mold in your house can be done in a very smart and easy way. Have a look at How to get rid of dust mites do dust mites bite?

1. Hydrogen Peroxide: 

The perfect natural mold killer, that can also be used on cuts and scrapes. 3% of hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle is what kills mold. Also, killing mold with vinegar and hydrogen peroxide can be a good idea. You will need to pour a 1:1 ratio of Hydrogen Peroxide mixed with distilled vinegar and store it in a dark place in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the black mold and let it rest for 10 mins to work completely. This mold killer spray will definitely help you to get rid of black mold and mildew. Hydrogen peroxide is the best way to kill mold. You may like to read How to get rid of maggots in your Trash Can, Garbage Can, Kitchen

2. Grapefruit Seed Extra: 

An odorless non-toxic grapefruit seed extract is what kills black mold naturally. The extract is effective and safe to use around your pets and kids at home. All you need is two cups of water, 20 drops of grapefruit seed extract and a spray bottle. Mix the ingredients well and use the spray bottle to spray the solution is all the infected areas of your home. Let the solution be absorbed by the mold, once the solution is soaked in, you don’t need to wipe it away. You can use this solution on almost all infected areas. This mold killer spray will definitely help you to get rid of black mold. Read also HOW TO GET RID OF HOUSE FLIES? - HOUSE FLY REPELLENT

3. Vinegar:

Many people frequently ask that does vinegar kill mold, can vinegar kill mold. The answer is yes, you can use vinegar to remove mold. In Fact, there are many tips to diy cleaning mold with vinegar. Killing mold with vinegar can help eradicate up to 82% of mold species. If you are wondering that will vinegar kill mold, you will need a spray bottle and distilled vinegar to remove mold from the infected areas in your house. To use vinegar for mold, spray the solution on the infected surface and let it rest for one house, before wiping it off with clean water. You all know the benefits of vinegar in removing mold and how to remove mold from walls with vinegar naturally..

4. Tea Tree Oil: 

Another chemical free homemade mold killer is tea tree oil. It is one of the best way to clean mold and can be virtually used on all surfaces. Try a test patch of the oil before using it. Many people can be sensitive to the scent and use of the oil. You need to combine two cups of water and two teaspoons of the oil. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray on the mold and allow it to rest without wiping it off. This will definitely help you in getting rid of black mold. You may like to read How to Get Rid of Moths in Your House? 7 Best Ways

5. Baking Soda: 

Does baking soda kill mold in shower, is a frequently asked question. And, the answer is yes! You can even use it while washing clothes, to get any kind of smell out of your clothing. You can also combine baking soda and vinegar to remove mold, making it an excellent shower cleaner. Baking soda is what kills black mold on wood when mixed with water and sprayed on. Leave it to rest for about 15 minutes, then scrub the surface with a damp rag. It is the perfect disinfectant and it is mild to use in your house. This mold removal spray will definitely help you to get rid of black mold.

6. Tilex Mold and Mildew Remover Spray: 

When you find yourself wondering how to remove mold from bathroom, you can opt for this magic spray. It is a non-toxic go-to bathroom spray that removes mold and fungus. Bacteria that cause athlete’s foot, strep or staph can be easily combated with the spray. Though the smell can be very strong and may require proper ventilation after use, many have claimed that the Tilex spray has removed the toughest mold. The tilex mold and mildew remover spray can be used on surfaces like vinyl, tile, plastic and grout except fabric, paint or wood. You may like to read How to Get Rid of Bats? 18 Best Bat Repellents

7. Lemon Juice:

A totally natural mold cleaner that can be easily found in your fridge, is lemon juice. Lemon juice of 3-5 lemons alone is enough to fight tough mold, but if you want a thorough cleaning, add any dish or hand soap with water. Let the lemon juice rest on the mold for 5 minutes and then wipe it off with a damp towel. You can use a toothbrush to scrub the mold away and mixing soap and water to the mixture will be the best way to kill mold. It is pleasant to smell and safe to use. Have a look at How to get rid of pigeons on roof, trees, balcony

8. Bleach:

If you ask, does bleach kill mold? The answer is that the harsh fumes of bleach can virtually kill all species of molds that grow indoors. Before you begin, make sure the infected area is well ventilated and wear masks and gloves for your protection. Bleach cannot penetrate porous materials, therefore, you can use it on glass, countertops, tiles and bathtubs. Mix one part of bleach to 10 parts water and mix it in a spray bottle to apply on the infected area. Let the solution rest and not wiped off, as it inhibits mold growing in the future. Hope you got the answer of How to Clean Mould on Walls with bleach and water.

9. Borax: 

Since mold itself emits toxic fumes that is lethal for the human body, it is wise to use non-toxic substances to get rid of it. Borax is a mineral powder with a pH level of about 9 and low toxicity and is commonly used as a deodorizer. To create a borax solution mix 1 cup borax per gallon of water and use it to scrub away the mold off the infected surface. WIpe away any or all extra moisture but do not rinse off the borax solution as it will inhibit the mold from growing on the surface again. You may like to read Mosquito facts - Lifespan of a mosquito

10. Micro balance EC3 Laundry Additive: 

An all-natural formula that uses tea tree oil, tangerine oil and citrus seed oil in places of chemicals, helps remove mold on your clothes. When mold starts to rot your clothes, the only options seems to throw them away. With the help of EC3 you can safely wash all your clothes and get rid of mold spores, bacteria and musty odor. It not only makes your clothes clean and fresh, but also helps in cleaning out your machine. EC3 does not contain any harmful chemicals that may irritate skin, rather leaves your clothes smelling fresh.

11. 303 Products Mold and Mildew Remover: 

It is a nightmare to fight black mold off leather. Be it your furniture or leather car seats, mold can eat away anything. Thankfully the 303 products promises to remove residue and spots left behind due to mold and mildew. The product is bleach free, safe and easy to use and you can always try a patch test to check how the leather reacts. All you have to do it spray on the formula on to the infected area and then wipe the surface clean. This will prevent the mold from resurfacing over again. You may like to read How to get rid of raccoons? Raccoon tracks & Noises

12. Concrobium Mold Control Household Cleaners: 

Mold does not discriminate on it’s choice of habitat and can very well find its way on wood. Since all substances are not safe to use on wood, Concrobium is specially designed to for wood inside and outside wood jobs. The formula is bleach and chemical free, and uses a choking method that kills black mold on wood. Apply the liquid on the infected area and let it rest for a few minutes, before using a cloth to wipe away the mold. Add a second layer of the liquid to stop the mold from returning.

13. CleanSmart Daily Surface Cleaner: 

Keeping your family safe from toxic mold exposure can be a daily battle. To fight some of the toughest mold CleanSmart can help you kill 99.9 of black mold, germs, bacteria and fungi. The formula turns into saline water once it’s job is done and can be used on showers to medical equipment. CleanSmart is safe to use on a day-to-day basis in your house around kids and pets, as it is completely bleach and toxin free. Daily use of the formula, will also inhibit the mold from resurfacing it’s way back into your lives. This is how you can treat mold effectively.

14. RMR-86 Instant Mold Stain & Mildew Stain Remover: 

This particular may not be on top of the list as it is a bleach based formula. But many people who face stubborn black mold in their homes swear by RMR-86 to get the job done in nearly 15 seconds. RMR-86 is what kills black mold on wood and on almost all surfaces like fiberglass, concrete and tile. The formula may have a strong odor, therefore, be sure to wear a protective mask and gloves. Also, try to work in a well ventilated area, so the toxic fumes may pass away with ease.

15. Skylarlife Home Mold & Mildew Gel Stain Remover: 

Another formula to fight tough black mold hidden in cracks and crevices. Non-ventilated bathrooms can build up mold at a much higher speed and reaching through tiny spaces can be difficult. The Skylarlife remover gel does not run walls as it is a thick formula, that can be applied with a precise applicator tip. Note that the formula is strong and must be rinsed off after 5-6 hours of application. You must also wear protective masks and gloves at all times and work in a well ventilated atmosphere to avoid any health damage.

The bottomline is any kind of mold is dangerous for our health. The short and long term side effects of black mold are irreversible. People with low immune system, allergies, infants, children, older adults and asthma are more vulnerable to a mold poisoning or a fungal infection. To avoid such mishappenings, be sure to watch out for symptoms that are alarming and keep your surroundings clean. Try to maintain humidity levels in your home below fifty percent and be sure to the gutters are not blocked. Do not ignore leaks from pipes and groundwater and at the first sign of moisture begin taking precautionary measures. Most of this are also effective in removing black mold from carpet too.

A mold infestation can drive you out of your own homes and can cause havoc in your lives. Thankfully, as mentioned above there are several mold cleaning solution at our disposal, that help us to protect our loved ones. You can diagnose for a mold allergy with a skin prick test or a series of blood tests. Blood tests are usually taken to test for systemic fungal infection in someone with a weakened immune system. There are several medications available that help in treating a mold allergy and many times a doctor might even recommend immunotherapy.  Hope you got all answers to your question of cleaning black mold and getting rid of black mold whether it is on wall, wood, shower, bathroom, carpet from your house

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