What do bed bugs look like?

What do bed bugs look like? Bed Bugs under Magnifying glass.

Bed bugs are the species which are majorly attracted towards humans. This is because, their favourite food is blood and they feed on the same. When these insects bite humans, they can cause irritating rashes. Well, not only humans, these also stay in the varied warm places such as mattresses and corners of your beds. If their presence is not treated on time, they might spread. If you have got rashes and want to see if they are caused from a bed bug, you can also have a look at the bed bug bites pictures.

If you have come across some insects whose structure you are quite unfamiliar with, you need to clear your doubt! These might be the creepy bedbugs. Here arises a need for you to identify these creatures as soon as possible. This is going to assist you in dealing effectively with them and throw them out of the house as soon as possible. But what do bed bugs look like to the human eye?

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What do bed bugs look like?

Size of a bed bug: 

Majority of the bed bugs are witnessed as being quite tiny. However, not all of them are of same size. Some might be a bit larger as compared to others. This totally depends upon their stage in the bed bugs’ life cycle. If you are thinking about what do baby bed bugs look like, it can be said that they are as tiny as an apple seed.  Whereas, an immature bed bug has a size of approximately 2-5mm and adult bed bugs are an inch long or may be bigger than that. You may like to read Apps that loan you money before payday

Colour of a bed bug: 

The colour of the bed bugs can be differentiated based on their life cycle’s stage. Before the immature beg bugs are fed, they appear lighter in colour. However, after being fed their colour experiences a sudden change. Nymph i.e. the immature bed bugs have a translucent shade of colour. Once fed, their abdomen gains bright red colour that will later take up the brown colour during the process of digestion. Later on, when the food is completely digested, their colour eventually changes into black. On answering the question about what do bed bug eggs look like, it can be entailed that they don’t have the common white colour. Instead, they appear in light cream colour. Read also How do you get bed bugs? 

Shape of a bed bug: 

The shape of a male bed bug is slightly different than that of a female bed bug. However, their number of legs and antennae are obviously the same. The adult bed bugs contain a flat and oval shaped structure. They have six legs and two antennae. However, the body of a female bed bug looks slightly broader than a male bed bug.

On reading the above-mentioned information, it is surely going to be quite easier for you to recognize the bed bugs at your home. There is no need for you to confuse them with the normal bugs and insects since their physical appearance is much different. 

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