How to get rid of gophers? what do they eat

How to get rid of gophers?

Gophers are small mammals who love to burrow and tunnel. Many people get confused in identifying Gophers with other small mammals like shrews, moles and prairie voles. A lot of people have this question in mind that what do Gophers eat? Here is the answer Gophers are a strict vegetarian, and they only eat shrubs, grasses and trees. This how the Gopher looks like; Gopher rats have long, and yellowish incisor teeth which are always exposed. The gopher has fur-lined cheek pouches. This is also the reason why they are sometimes called pocket gophers. They are about 6 to 13 inches long. You can search the internet by typing the words Gopher pictures so that you can have a clear understanding as to how they look and you won't be able to confuse them with other Mammals.

A lot of people wonder as to when do Gophers come out of their holes. Gopher rats are known to be very active when the weather is warm. It's During the warm season that the nuisance caused by gophers is the highest. They are the most destructive and they create havoc they are vegetarians, and the gophers eat shrubs, Gardens, bushes, corps and even trees. So they create havoc by damaging the roots and destroying the plants mentioned above. Gophers go undetected for a lot of time because they live underground. While you are rummaging around your yard, you won't be able to find the entrances to their burrows. Unlike other meals who burrow the Gophers believe in a closed tunnel system they go on plugging any opening with the loose soil.

Besides harming the plants, the Gophers can destroy anything that comes in their way, which includes, water lines, pipes and cables too. This is also the reason you should get rid of Gophers.

Now the question which arises is how to get rid of Gophers?

  • Firstly, you can do it by applying a Gopher Repellent that contains castor oil. The Gopher repellents are specially formulated in such a way that they penetrate deep in the soil.
  • You can also set Gopher traps, especially during the spring and the fall season. Search for the mound in your garden or yard which is the freshest and then dig a tunnel. Now, open the tube by removing the soil plug. Once you are done with this set a trap at each end of the tunnel, then re-plug the tunnel, or you can leave it open so that the Gophers can return to close back the things. Give at least two days to the Gophers then change the position of the trap to the other area which is infested. You can also spoon the Gopher bait which you have bought from the market inside the tunnel so that after some time the gophers can find it. When you are re-plugging the bait, make sure that you don't end up crushing the underground runway, or the area which is covered with the bait doesn't lose the soil. 

You can also get rid of Gophers by using juicy fruit gum

If you all of a sudden start noticing molehills or the gopher runs in your yard, just bring some juicy fruit gum and then start chewing it till the time the gum has turned soft and the flavour of the gum have started to come out. After this poke, a hole in the hill or otherwise drop the  juicy fruit gum in the ground and cover it up. The moles are very much attracted to the scents of fruit, but once they eat the Juicy fruit gum, they won't be able to digest it, and this will kill them and you can also control the population of gophers with the help of this Juicy fruit gum.

How to get rid of gophers naturally

Gopher Mesh: you can install the Gopher mesh under the green laws or the areas that have ornamental landscaping. For the gopher's mesh get the right kind of product. If you buy something which isn't solid it will only destroy the purpose. The gopher mesh will create a barrier which will prevent gophers from digging holes in the lawns or the yards of your house. The gophers won't be able to dog holes, but the mesh won't stop them from eating roots which grow in the soil below. So, they still will be able to kill the plants by eating the roots. The mesh will only help in the prevention of the digging of holes and keeping away from the gophers.

You can use Gopher mesh barriers: use the mesh so that you can create barriers around your garden, your lawn or the yard. If you want this method to work for you will first have to dig a trench which should be at least 1 foot deep, within the area you want to protect. Then place the hardware cloth in the trench and then look that it is sticking up out of the ground by at least a few inches. Then you will have to raise garden beds and then create a barrier with the help of Gopher mech on the ground before you start putting soil. This will help you in getting rid of Gophers

You can use Gopher baskets. If you live in an area where you cannot use Gopher mesh or can't dig regularly or your plants are places sparsely then, you need Gopher baskets. These baskets look like mesh bowls or a mesh basket, and they are made of chicken wire. These are a great option if you want to get rid of gophers near your rose bushes, fruit trees, vegetable gardens, succulents. If you have a severe problem of gopher nuisance. With the help of gopher baskets, the gophers will only be able to eat the plants that surround the baskets and won't destroy the entire garden. So, if you are looking a solid Gopher repellent, then gopher baskets are a great option.

4 you can lay Live traps: if you just want to get rid of a gopher and relocate them just the way you transfer racoons, rats or any other animal, then you can buy live traps. You can also hire a company that works in this department they will come and take the gophers away from your property. If you don't want them to die, then look for a company that doesn't kill them but release them somewhere in the wild.

you can use Fabric softener sheets: if you want to get rid of gophers from your property and don't want to kill them, you can use this excellent Gopher repellent. Gophers hate the smell of dryer sheets, so if you stick these sheets in every hole, then they will stay away. The gophers will start to repel away from your yard, your garden or your lawn

You can use a Peppermint oil if you want to get rid of Gophers naturally then try to put cotton balls which are dipped in peppermint oil. Place these balls inside the entrances of the tunnel. Gophers hate the smell of peppermint so they will stay away from your property. This a non-lethal way of getting rid of gophers this is also an excellent control method for controlling the gophers.

There are certain Plants which keep the Gophers at bay: people want to keep the Gophers away from their property because they eat their plants. But gophers hate certain kind of plants, and these plants work as a great gopher natural repellent. So, you can plant rosemary, lavender, salvia as the border pants of your property. If you want to protect the vegetable yard of your house, then plant marigolds as marigold is an excellent repellent and will keep the unwanted garden insects away too.

You can use Ultrasonic repellents: these are devices which are powered by either batteries or solar power. You can place these repellents anywhere in the garden. These emitters are kept above the ground so you will be able to see them. The ultrasonic vibrations which are emitted through this device are very unpleasant, so this will help in keeping the gophers away and save your yard. You can find these anywhere at home improvement stores or garden stores.

You can use Garlic stakes; it works a great way of keeping the Gophers away naturally. Now a combination of Garlic and stakes sound like a vampire repellent, but this works great as a natural gopher control. These small stakes are considered to be safe, and they can be placed throughout your property, wherever you see the hole. You can also find the garlic gopher repellent at the stores and online too.

Artificial grass is a great way of getting rid of a gopher. You can replace your grass lawn with artificial grass. This is not a sure-shot way of getting rid of gophers. But this will make your lawn less desirable spot for tunnelling. This works by removing the food source, and now there are no roots where the gophers can feed on, so their food source is removed. Now they won't find the area to be a good spot for tunnelling. Moreover, the artificial grass if installed properly includes layers and layers of materials which are not diggable.

You can use Caster oil: castor is a great solution for getting rid of the gophers. It is one of the fastest-growing natural gopher control methods. A lot of people have successfully gotten rid of gophers with the help of castor oil. The best way to use castor oil or using castor oil granules. If you don't want to visit the market, you can make it at home by following the mentioned below steps.

 For making a gopher repellent on your own, you will have to mix one part of castor oil with one-part dish soaps. Then mix three to five tablespoons of this mixtures with water and then pour it in the holes or the areas where the gopher generally try to tunnel. You can also put castor beans in the tunnels, these will repel the gophers. You can also plant castor beans around the yard of your house so that you can deter them. But castor beans are poisonous s if by any chance you have a dog or a baby then don't plant the castor beans, or you can place the castor beans somewhere else in the yard. You can also buy the castor oils granules and then spread them simply in the areas of your property where the gopher activity happens, or you suspect that gophers are there. This is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of gophers, and you can start by spreading the granules in different sections of your yard and continue to do so every few days at your desired place and this way you will be able to push the gophers of your yard.

You can use owl boxes. If owls are hanging around your property, then they will keep the gophers away. This is one of the ways of killing the gophers. You can encourage the owls by installing owl boxes around your house . in return, they will keep the gophers away and cut down the gopher population. This can happen either by oils scaring them away or and making sure that the gophers stay away. You can experiment by keeping a plastic or a toy owl first. Yeah, but keep one thing in mind which is that you need to rotate your owl from time to time so that they can realize that there is a potential threat.

Lastly, make sure to keep your holes filled. You tried the steps as mentioned above for keeping the gophers away, now fill the holes so that they can deter away and the future gophers don't come in.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that unlike other rodents gophers are usually solitary unless or until it is the breeding season. There are times you may find a male and a female gopher together. Gophers are also very territorial and are very aggressive, especially when it comes to defending their nests. Their first reaction will always be to flee, but if they don't have a place to run, they can attack the predator and bite them with their large teeth with painful bites.