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Get rid of pigeons sitting on the balcony

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How To Get Rid Of Pigeons Naturally

Are you wondering how to get rid of pigeons? then this post is just for you. below we have discussed various ways to keep pigeons away from your home using natural pigeon control methods.

Pigeons have been a source of communication for many centuries, which has made them comfortable around humans to date. They cannot be easily scared away and they sure do put up a fight when threatened. Everywhere you look, there seem to be at least 3-4 pigeons sitting around you. The pigeons that you see will be sitting mostly at your roof top, terrace, kitchen, balcony, trees etc causing endless bird droppings. The accumulation of these bird droppings along with feathers and debris carries numerous human pathogens. There are over 60 varieties of diseases that can spread diseases to humans if they come in contact with these bird droppings. Once the pigeons have found a safe haven and a renewable food source, it may be difficult to get rid of pigeons.

Pigeon droppings, feathers, and debris can easily be found on cars, windowsills and the streets. These remains eventually dry out and turn into powder, which gets mixed in the air and then inhaled by us. The inhalation is just one of the many ways these viruses can enter our bodies and make us sick. Therefore, one must know of various tricks to get rid of pigeons. Thankfully below are listed ways on how to keep pigeons away and exercise pigeon control and removal. You may like to read HOW TO GET RID OF GROUNDHOGS? Groundhogs Trap

1. Honey: 

An all-time favorite ingredient found in every home - honey, can be used to solve your pigeon problem. This is the perfect pigeon repellent if used wisely. Be aware that the use of honey might work as a pigeon repellent, but it can also attract various other beings. The sticky and sweet nature of the honey hinders the pigeon's movement, making it difficult for the pigeons to fly in and out. Be sure to clean the honey every second day and repeat the process with a new batch. It is the best natural remedy on how to get rid of pigeons without hurting them. Check Article on - WHAT DO GROUNDHOGS EAT - PET GROUNDHOG

2. Pepper Powder:

Pepper is known to have many medicinal properties for humans. And it can also be used as a powerful pigeon deterrent. The idea is to make the nesting area of the pigeons very uncomfortable. Pepper works as the perfect natural pigeon repellent when spread around their living area. Raw pepper, when sprinkled in the air, can be uncomfortable for both humans and pigeons. Be sure to wear protective face mask and gloves while spreading pepper around the pigeons dwelling area. Keep the area clean and repeat the process every other day. This method will definitely help in pigeon removal and keep the diseases away.  Pepper powder is a best homemade pigeon deterrent. Read also Mold Removal - How to get rid of Black Mold on wall, wood, shower, bathroom, carpet from your house

3. Chilli Powder: 

Just like pepper, chilli powder has the same effect, but only stronger. Chilli powder will not only irritate the pigeons, but will also keep them from coming back. Once their homes have been disrupted with the chilli powder, they will succumb to finding a new home. Chilli powder can cause irritation the human eye or throat if inhaled, while spreading it around. This spicy pigeon repellent is safe and natural, if used wisely. Sprinkle the chilli powder in or around the dwelling area of the pigeons and let it rest for at least a day or two, before cleaning it out. This spicy powder is also a best homemade pigeon repellent. Have a look at How to get rid of dust mites do dust mites bite?

4. Pigeon Traps: 

This is one of the safest methods to get rid of pigeons on the balcony. The Tomahawk Pigeon Trap is easy to set up and captures the pigeon without hurting it. You will any food that pigeons love to set as bait, and then wait. There are two pigeon trap door openings at opposite sides, that let you trap one pigeon per door. Before setting them free from the best pigeon trap door, be sure to drive a few miles to do so, as pigeons are good at finding their way back. The idea is to trap the pigeon and set it free - in its natural habitat if possible. It is one of the best pigeon deterrent. Pigeon trap are best way of pigeon removal without hurting them. Have a look at How to get rid of termites? termite treatment, inspection, control & pictures

5. Capsicum and Vinegar:

Is an effective natural remedy on how to get rid of pigeons on roof. You will need two dozen capsisums and vinegar, to make this homemade pigeon repellent. Start by mincing two dozen capsicums and then add half a gallon of water to it. Place the mixture in a bottle and shake it well before placing it for 5 days in direct sunlight to ferment. Once the mixture is fermented well, add ¼ cup of vinegar to it, shake well and spray it all over your roof. Spray the mixture regularly and this will discourage them from returning to the same spot. You may like to read How to get rid of maggots in your Trash Can, Garbage Can, Kitchen

6. Gel Repellent: 

Using an environmentally friendly pigeon repellent gel is an effective method to get rid of pigeons. Gel repellents are made of a sticky film that create a barrier between the surface and the pigeon. This method encourages pigeons to find a new home and not return to the same spot. This solution is known to wear out in a few days and you must repeat the process to keep the pigeons away. Avoid using a polybutylene gel as it can prove to be dangerous for all the birds around you. If swallowed by a small bird, they can die a slow and painful death. Read also HOW TO GET RID OF HOUSE FLIES? - HOUSE FLY REPELLENT

7. Cayenne Pepper: 

Another natural ingredient you can to keep pigeons away is cayenne pepper - an item that can commonly be found in stores or at home. You will need 1 gallon of water, several drops of liquid dish soap, 2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper and a spray bottle. Take a large bowl and pour water into it, then add the cayenne pepper along with liquid dish soap and mix the solution thoroughly. Let this mixture rest overnight and stir it again the next before pouring it into the spray bottle. Spray this mixture all over your roof, balcony, trees or garden and it will surely repel the pigeons away. 

8. Garlic Oil: 

There are various natural remedies that help you on how to get rid of pigeons in balcony. The use of Garlic oil makes for an excellent pigeon repellent spray. You will need 8 cloves of garlic, 2 cups of olive oil and a glass jar. Firstly peel the garlic cloves and crush them well before placing them in the glass jar. Add the olive oil in the jar, secure it and shake well before storing it in the fridge for 5 days. The flavours of the ingredients mix well and you can place this oil in a spray bottle. Use it on your balcony and drive the birds away. You may like to read How to Get Rid of Moths in Your House? 7 Best Ways

9. PepperMint Oil: 

Apparently the use of peppermint oil could pose a serious danger to pigeons. Since their bodies do not have the same respiratory system as we do, peppermint oil can cause respiratory illness or failure among birds. To reduce the damaging effects of the oil, you can use a diluted form to spray around the pigeons. Add a few drops of peppermint oil with water and mix it well. Use this mixture to spray on your windowsill, attics, balcony, trees or the roof. Peppermint oil is one of the best methods on how to deter pigeons. Keep the mixture away from pets and kids at all times. You may like to read How to Get Rid of Bats? 18 Best Bat Repellents

10. WaterHose: 

The point of using natural remedies to get rid of pigeons, is to make them leave without hurting them. The moment you spot a pigeon near you, you must take precautionary measures before the whole flock arrives. If there are many trees in your surroundings, pigeons ought to find shelter there and then visit you to satisfy their hunger. If you’re wondering how to get rid of pigeons from trees, water hose is the safest method. Regularly spraying the pigeons with a strong water hose, forces them to leave their wet habitat in order to find a dry and safe habitat. Have a look at How to get rid of pigeons on roof, trees, balcony

Now that we are familiar with the natural remedies to get rid of pigeons which are sitting on your roof top, trees, terrace, kitchen, balcony etc and how to control them. we must also be aware and prepared for the diseases that are caused by pigeons. Some of the diseases are listed below:

1. E.Coli Infection: Any kind of illness or disease is always very unpleasant and catching one from a bird is even worse. E.Coli is a bacteria that can be traced back to the fecal matters  Especially when birds peck on cow manure, the O157:H7 go straight through the birds and are then released through bird droppings in or around food and water supplies. When this fecal matter enters the cooling components of an indoor commercial facility, it can have devastating health effects to anyone who comes in inhales the infected air. Employees and customers are at high risk, and any sign of infection must be immediately addressed. Read article on Frog repellents - how to get rid of frogs

2. Salmonellosis: The disease carried in this bacteria can be found in dust that is formed by dried bird droppings. This dust like any other dust, travels through air and passes through vents. Which eventually comprises our plants, food and water supplies making us sick in turn. Diseases caused by pigeons must be addressed by a medical professional at the earliest. The disease is caused in the intestinal tract and the symptoms include abdominal cramps, vomiting (occurs 12 to 72 hours after the infection has spread), and diarrhea. Food poisoning, enteric fever, typhoid fever, gastroenteritis and many other illnesses are various types of a Salmonella infection.

3. St. Louis Encephalitis: The Group B virus is responsible for St. Louis Encephalitis and can be fatal to persons over the age of 60. The disease is known to cause an inflammation of the nervous system and is presented with symptoms like headaches, drowsiness and fever. St. Louis Encephalitis can even cause coma, paralysis or death, which is why seeking immediate medical attention is absolutely necessary. The disease is commonly found among all age groups and can easily be spread through mosquitoes. Mosquitoes who have been feeding on infected pigeons carrying the virus can easily spread the disease around you or your surroundings.

4. Cryptococcosis: Is an infestation with a yeastlike fungus, which results in tumours in the lungs sometimes spreading to the brain. It is presented with symptoms like pleuritic chest pain, cough, fever, malaise, headache, hemoptysis and blurred visions. The disease mainly occurs in soil that has been contaminated with bird dropping - especially those of pigeons. Usually the infection can be detected with 1 week of inoculation, but sometimes it may take up to 4 weeks for the infection to grow and be detectable. Cryptococcosis usually infects persons with an immuno compromised system - such as an HIV infected person.  The disease is communicable from one person to another.

5. Candidiasis: It is a fungal infection that is caused by yeasts belonging to the genus candida. The disease is spread by pigeons and affects the mouth, skin, respiratory system, intestines and the urogenital tract (especially the vagina). Women are most likely to suffer from this disease with symptoms like pain, itching and discharge. Thankfully the disease cannot be transferred sexually to another person and does not list as an STD. Candidiasis is usually presented with symptoms like digestive issues, tiredness, fatigue, oral thrush, sinus infections, skin and nail fungal infections, and joint pains. Though the disease is not dangerous, a weakened immune system can develop a prolonging candida infection.

6. Histoplasmosis: A fatal disease that is the result of dried up bird droppings causes some serious respiratory diseases in humans. The dimorphic fungus grows in dried pigeon droppings that can either be in yeast form or filamentous form. You may be presented with symptoms like ulcerations in the mouth or lips, gastrointestinal bleeding, low blood pressure, cough, and chest pain, shortness of breath - leading to respiratory failure, fever, and chills, enlarged spleen, and liver, and headaches. In some cases, death can occur even after receiving medical treatment, while disseminated histoplasmosis is definitely fatal if left untreated. The disease common among immunocompromised patients - especially those battling HIV.

Pigeons may not directly cause any harm to you or your belongings unless there is direct contact. Be sure to maintain strict hygiene, and take any necessary precautionary measures at the first sight of a pigeon. Stop all entrances for the pigeons by putting up spikes, barriers or fake scarecrows to scare them away. Avoid accumulation of dirt by cleaning out all bird droppings everyday. Following the above mentioned techniques you should be able to find an answer to your query How to get rid of pigeons? As these are some of the simplest ways for pigeon control and removal.

In this article we have discussed about How to get rid of pigeons on roof, trees, balcony. Hope you got the whole information of How to get rid of pigeons on roof, trees, balcony. 

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