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How to get rid of termites in the soil

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What are termites and how to get rid of termites?

Termites are winged insects; who live in colonies, and are known to feed on plant and wood matter. Some people also call Termites as wood destroying insects as they destroy the wood of the house. Termites diet consists of dead and decaying wood and plant matter. If your house is made up of wood, then you should make sure to keep a check on them. Though we consider them as pests, these insects  have a significant role on earth, and that is they break down the old and dead trees in nature. Many people will have these question in their mind how do you get rid of termites, how to prevent termites and how to know if you have termites we have given all the answers below. Good News is that we can control termites. You may like to read How to Get Rid of Crabs? Pubic Lice Symptoms and Treatments

If you spot accumulation of termites in your house, then following these steps will help you to get rid of termites.

  • Firstly, you need to track them down by doing a thorough termite inspection and find places where there is an infestation and then start with choosing the appropriate extermination techniques. There are chances that you might not be able to see them directly, but then you can spot sagging floors, hollow parts in the foundation of the house, holes in woodwork, etc. these are the sure-shot signs of termite infestation in the house. Every year you must Inspect your house for a termite infestations.
  • Once you have identified the infestation, you can now make a termite Bait to kill them. All you have got to do is take some strips of cardboard and wet them. Once they are wet, stack them on one another in the area you feel there are termites. They love feeding on cardboard as it contains wood fiber, so cardboard is an excellent termite bait; if you are looking for an easily available termite bait, then definitely opt for cardboards as they are easily available. Using Wet cardboard as a bait is an excellent DIY termite treatment to do at home. . 
  • Another great termite killers are Nematodes. Nematodes are basically small, unsegmented soft bodied natural parasites. They are a great Termite Killer. These nematodes hunt for the termite larvae and then start burrowing into them. If you are looking for What kills termites? Then nematodes are the answer. They are sure to kill all termite larvae within 48 hours.

What do Termites look like? Flying Termites

 Another question that arises is how to get rid of termites in soil?

  • To get rid of termites in the soil, you need to first find out where the infestation is in the ground and locate their colony. When you are trying to terminate them from the soil, make sure to use the right termination treatment. As using a wrong treatment can reverse the effect, and the termite infestation may go out of control. After choosing the right termite bait for soil infestations lay the termite bait. One of the best baits to solve soil infestations are wooden monitors in which the wood is treated with chemicals which work to eliminate the termites from that area. Keep in mind that, Bait will only work if the infestation is small, or the termite problem has just risen. Read also What do raccoons Eat? Raccoon Facts
  • You can use termite termiticide. Termiticide is a great termite killer. Termiticide intrudes the soil in the outer most layer, and it is camouflaged as a regular soil termite won't be aware of the toxicity¸ they take the soil back to their colony and then expose them to the termiticide. 
Let's discuss the termite treatment cost. So the termite treatment cost varies from 10 dollars to 20 dollars, which is per linear foot. But if you are planning to get it done for the entire house, then 1200 dollars to 2500 dollars will be the cost. Getting rid of the termites for the whole house is a very aggressive kind of extermination and It will take several hours to kill them all. Have a look at How to get rid of Poison Ivy? How to Identify them

The cost and price will depend on which the plan you take to control the termite
  1. Firstly it depend on the size
  2. Infestation
  3. type and number of treatments
  4. Also depend upon the area

Have you spotted termites in the wooden furniture, or they are in your house?
  • Suddenly you will start hearing headbanging voices. They are actually the quiet clicking sounds that come from the walls which have termite. This happens because the soldier termites signal their colony by banging their heads to tell them that there is a danger.
  • Secondly, you will start finding the flying kind, flying around your house. They are called swarmers and alates. 
  • The biggest mistake that we make is getting confused between white ants and termites. You can even see pictures in google if you want to Identify if you have Termites  or want to know if you have their presence at your place. You may like to read How to get rid of termites? termite treatment, inspection, control & pictures

How to get rid of termites, especially in wooden furniture

Follow these DIY tips for getting rid of them.
  • Keep your furniture in the sunlight. Termites like to thrive in areas, which are dark and moist. So, if you spot any termites or think that there is a an infestation going on, then keep your furniture in the sunlight for at least 2/3 days. 
  • Spray boric acid for getting rid of them. You can make a mixture of boric acid along with water and spray it on the infested areas to help you control termites. It is another DIY method for getting rid of termites. Boric is nontoxic to humans, so it will not harm you but, will help you in getting rid of them. Try boric acid with cardboard as a bait for better results. 
  • Another DIY method for getting rid of termites is using the oil treatment. Apply oil on the furniture or your wooden cupboards. Apply orange and neem oil. Orange oil contains limonene, which kills termites when they come in contact with it, and neem works to kill them when it's ingested. For best results, pour this oil repeatably. These are the steps that will help in getting rid of termites. Read also How to get rid of flea bites on humans? How do fleas look like
Follow these DIY tips to prevent an infestation.
  • If you don't want them to infest your home, then keep your furniture painted. 
  • Don't keep your cupboard and furniture in the dark and moist areas. 
  • Apply aloe-vera gel on wooden furniture as it will act as a protecting covering. 
  • Use wooden polish and get rid of furniture that is not being used. 
  • If you live in coastal areas, then get a chemical treatment done in your house to keep them away.

Let's discuss some home remedies getting rid of termites. 

  • Remove stumps if you have any, 
  • Change your landscape, 
  • A natural way to get rid of them is to flood them out, 
  • Use oils like orange, neem, clove, garlic oil (garlic oil is the ultimate natural termite killer). 
  • Use the cardboard box method. 
  • Try the boric acid method. 
  • Use Diatomaceous earth. 
  • Put white vinegar(this is the easiest and the fastest home remedies for termites). 
  • Use soapy water, petroleum gel, aloe vera, and canola oil. 
  • Put salts, parasitic nematodes, 
  • Use Beauveria bassiana. 
  • Try to get your furniture exposed to sunlight as much as you can. 
  • Termites can't survive in extreme hot as well as cold areas, so try the hot and cold methods. 

These are the best home remedies for getting rid of termites. We have discussed a few of them below in detail:
1. Remove Stumps
If you want to get rid of termites in the home then you need to first get rid of the source. As soon as you see the early signs of an infestation in your home like buckling wooden floors, infected wooden furniture or holes in your drywall. One of the main source of termites are the old tree stumps in the garden. As Old tree stumps are known to be great breeding grounds for termites. So if you want to solve the problem of termites you need to get rid of the old tree stumps from your garden. You may like to read How to get rid of stink bugs? Do stink bugs bite

2 Neem Oil
Neem oil is known to have many health benefits and has been used as a Natural Home Remedies for pest infestation for ages. Neem oil is known to be toxic to termtes and other pests, and is known to be an amazing natural termite repellent used for the removal of termites.

You can make a homemade termite killer using neem oil. All you got to do is to cover the termite affected area with neem oil. Once the termite start to feed on the neem oil coated wood they will be toxified by the oil and will die. This repellent may take a few applications before it works it's magic.

3. Garlic Oil – Natural Homemade Termite Killer
Another DIY Natural Home Remedy for Termites is to use a solution made from garlic oil. to make this homemade termite killer all you need is to mix 4 drops of garlic oil in 1/2 cup of water. You can also choose to add a drop of neem oil to this mixer. Now add the garlic oil solution in a spray bottle. Spray this mixture on the termite infested areas to kill the termites. Garlic oil also works in removal of carpenter ants. Have a look at Gnat trap - how to get rid fungus gnats in and out of house

4. Diatomaceous Earth
For decades Diatomaceous Earth has been used as natural pest control remedy. This same remedy  also works as an excellent termite control solution. To control the termite infestation in your home you just need to sprinkle some diatomaceous earth in the infected areas in your home.

Diatomaceous earth has a dehydrating effect on the termites skin when it comes in contact with them. It is known to crack their skin and kill them. Just repeat this natural home remedy a few times to keep termites away. This is an easy way to control termites in your home.

5. White Vinegar
Using white vinegar to control termites is one of the Easiest DIY Home Remedies for treating Termite infestation in your home. For making this DIY homemade termite killer you need 2 tablespoons of white vinegar, to which you need to add a teaspoon of lemon juice and ½ cup of water. Add this solution in a spray bottle and shake it well. Now just spray the vinegar and lime spray on the infested areas to control termites. You can also use cotton balls dipped in this solution to repel termites.

How to get rid of termites in homes

The last thing which anybody would want is termites infesting their home. They are not dangerous for humans, as they don't bite people. But they definitely will damage your furniture by feasting on them; they harm humans by damaging their pockets.

The best way of getting rid of them is to prepare and use prevention and control steps in the first place. Not only prepare your house, but your surrounding too. Because termites can infest the soil and then slowly make way to the foundation of the house.

Here are specific tips you can follow: -

  • Repair your roof. Broken roofs or moist roofs can be a breeding zone for termites. They will start chewing on it. 
  • Keep a check on the air conditioner; - if your air condition unit is the window thoroughly, keep a check on it. Because the air condition can moisten the roof, and then it can turn into a breeding zone for the termites. 
  • Check the wood around your house;- termites get the most active in the spring season. Check the wooden beams, press your thumb or fingers against the wood which is exposed, if the lumber crumbles, then it has been attacked by termites. 
  • Cardboard boxes attract termites like anything. They like to chew on cardboard if there is a lot of cardboard around your house then immediately get rid of them; otherwise, your home will turn into a termite breeding zone. 
  • Get rid of wood. ;- we start saving the fire logs for the winters, but little do we know that those wooden pieces can be a breeding place for termites in your homes. 
  • Tend to your garden, as earlier stated, soil can attract a lot of termites, and it can become a breeding zone for termites. Keep an eye on the type of mulch you use in your garden; look for the mulch, which is made up of rubbers instead of wood. And make sure the mulch isnt’t abutted right against your house; otherwise, you will get a termite attack on your home. 
  • Keep a check on the pipes if they start leaking, they can dampen the wall and the wood around and in your house. Then there will be a termite attack on your wall which can destroy the house. 
  • Make sure that you have sealed your windows and doors properly, as the termite swarmer can infest your house by flying through the broken doors or windows. Seal the doors or windows which are broken. 
  • If you have wooden flooring and furniture, inspect them thoroughly and frequently. So that if you find any evidence of termites, you can get rid of them initially; otherwise, it will be difficult to control the termites. If you find any sponginess on hardwood floors, then it is sure shot evidence of a termite infestation 
  • Don’t keep a pile of clothes, especially during the spring season. As they look for cellulose, and certain fabrics can attract termites similar to wooden furniture. So, store them properly if you don't want to get into action and be a termite exterminator. 

Ever considered Liquid Termite Barrier (a straight way of killing termite)

This will not only kill them but prevent or control the termites from attacking your house. The liquid termite barrier will surround your house. This pesticide barrier will poison the termites as soon as they get in contact with it. Liquid termite barrier is mostly used around the entire foundation of the house, But it can also be used for specific wooden piles, structures, and tree stumps.

It is a great treatment that is undeniably effective, but it is radical too for some people. Because they don’t understand the graveness of a problem these termites cause. Or sometimes, people don’t feel comfortable with having poisonous pesticides sprayed around their house.

Signs of termites in house

  • You will find blisters in wooden flooring
  • The wood in your house will be hollowed or damaged
  • You will start finding evidence of swarms
  • You will find mud tubes
  • You will find dry wood termite droppings
Hope this will answer your question of  signs of termites in  your house.

Let’s understand the Borax treatment for killing termites properly 

Borax is also known as sodium borate. It is a salt that is made up of boric acid. Boric acid is made up of an element named boron. Borax can be easily found in household cleaners and laundry boosters.

Borax can kill the termites by interfering with their digestion system. Borax is another way of getting rid of termites permanently.

These are some common signs of termite damage to a wall (signs of termites)

  • You will need some small pinholes, this where the termites would have eaten through the paper coating, especially on the drywalls. These are the signs of termites in the drywall
  • You will notice faint lines on the dry walls too 
  • You will hear a hollow sound when you tap on the wall
  • You will notice bubbling or peeling of the paint
  • You will notice that the baseboards are peeling under slight pressure
  • You will notice that doors and windows have started jamming  

Are you looking for Chemicals used for killing termites?

Fipronil, Imidacloprid and Hexaflumuron are the chemicals which are used for getting rid of termites.

What Chemicals kill termites?

Termites are known to cause a lot of damage to homes in every part of the world. To get rid of termite infestations there are several chemicals which are specifically designed to kill termites. If you were wondering what chemicals kill termites? then we will be discussing here about the three most popular chemicals which are used by professionals to control termites.

The most common chemical used to kill termites is Fipronil which is an active ingredient in many liquid termite control products. This chemical works by disrupting the central nervous system of the pests as soon as they come in contact with the chemical. This chemical is highly effective in treatment of termite infestations and also works as a preventive treatment against them.

Imidacloprid is a chemical which is made from nicotine and is mostly used in underground termite chemicals like Premis. Imidacloprid is a chemical that is known to kill termites when they ingest it or even if they just come in contact with it. The chemical is known to attack the nervous system and is fatal to the termites. Imidacloprid is a slow acting chemical, which also transfers the toxin from the affected termite to other termites. This chemical is known to kill the entire colony of termites in the house.

Hexaflumuron is a termiticide which is found in many termite baiting systems. It works by stopping the termite's ability to shed its exoskeleton. When they feed on hexaflumuron they tend to carry it with them back to the colony and spread the chemical to the entire colony by coming in contact with them.

To sum it up in one paragraph

You can get rid of termites by using bait stations, and set them around the house. To kill termites in soil use termiticide. Termiticide will wipe the entire colony off termites, so this means you can remove completely. Spray liquid termite poison into a trench around the perimeter of your house, and you can build one.

Hope you got all information about Termite treatment and prevention, how to get rid of termites, how to know if you have an infestation in your home, signs of them present in your house, baits and repellent etc.

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