No more waiting in queues: Indian travellers to fly without a boarding pass

No more waiting in queues: Indian travellers to fly without a boarding pass

Travel carefree across India

If you’re an Indian traveller that need to get to any other place in India, you will have to think no more on where you’ve put your boarding pass and whether you’ve taken it with you. The Indian civil authorities will soon make sure you travel carefree across your country, introducing a biometric-based boarding system.

Sit back, relax, join an online casino and just wait for your turn 

Seriously, you can just take a seat, wait for the gate to open, and just then proceed to board the plane. While you’re waiting, you won’t need to worry about whether you’ve taken the most important travel document with you. You can, in fact, join the online casino Royal Panda, play a few rounds of your favourite online casino game, and have no worry on your mind, as the main idea is to make going through customs paper-free.

Now, regardless of whether online casinos are your sort of entertainment or you’d prefer reading a book, you should know that you will really feel more relaxed since the biometric-based boarding system will do the job for you.

Sit back, relax, join an online casino and just wait for your turn

You will no longer have to go through hundreds of checks and re-checks, you will simply have to be at the airport. And of course, you need to have purchased your ticket, in order for you to get on that plane. Still confused about how this will actually work? We're here to explain.

The biometric-based boarding system

The new biometric-based boarding system will use facial recognition technology in order to identify you. In relation to the previously mentioned paper-free airport checks, the civil authorities have started with the trials to actually make that possible. The idea is to register at the airport in less than two minutes and go straight to your boarding gate. On that note, if you're up to participate in this experiment, which will take two to three months, you can register at the Vistara kiosk in Terminal 3, in Delhi airport.

You can, once the new technology gets implemented, forget about paper boarding passes, paper hand luggage tags, or any other paper documents that are yet necessary for you to go through the fundamental airport control. They will become redundant. The thing is, the authorities want to use the biometric facial recognition tech in order to reduce the waiting time in queues and make the ID verification process faster.

The initiative is part of the Civil Aviation Ministry’s DigiYatra policy 

Since the biometric-based boarding system is part of the DigiYatra policy introduced by the Civil Aviation Ministry, when you register, you will get a new DigiYatra ID. You can register using your voter ID, Aadhaar, driving license or passport. The airport will use your DigiYatra ID and ticket PNR to check your identity.

The best part is that you can continue playing your most preferred online casino game on your phone while you're passing through the airport since you will not even have to show your DigiYatra ID or ticket PNR to the checkpoints at the airport. Your identity will be verified via chip readers, so you’ll be stuck in no long queues at the baggage and security checks and boarding gates. How awesome is all that?!

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