Tips on Creating an Effective Trade Show Display

Trade shows hold the number one spot as the most profitable B2B (Business to Business) Media Strategy. It is an excellent venue to showcase your company’s latest products and network with clients and other companies. There are, on average, 200 exhibitors that participate in a large venue.  In this vibrant sea of booths and exhibits, your company needs to be a standout in your industry.
A company's trade show displays are a highly visible reflection of the company's image and products. It is an essential tool in generating leads. These leads could soon be converted into permanent clients, which, in turn, would mean increased revenue.

There are different types of trade show displays that you can rent and customize. Choosing the perfect display will depend on your budget, your goals, and the size of the trade show. Here are some standard types that you can choose from:

  • Panel Displays

These flexible options consist of fabric-covered rectangular sections. They are connected to form a wall. They can easily be adjusted to form different configurations to fit any booth size.

  • Pull-Up Displays

These booth accents are lightweight and easy to assemble. They function like a reversed window shade and can be placed anywhere in your booth depending on your layout.

  • Tabletop Displays

These types of displays are perfect for smaller events. They are inexpensive, lightweight, and sit on top of a table.

Whatever display you choose; keep these tips in mind to assure that your display would be able to attract the right visitors.

1. Create a Simple Headline

Keep your trade show display headline clear, simple, and concise. Most people who have no prior plans of visiting your show will walk past your booth. If you are lucky, they could give you a passing glance. It is the best and probably the only time to grab their attention. If your company headline arouses curiosity, a visitor may want to drop by to know more.

Also, choose a clean and easy-to-read typeface. Simple, bold letters will work best in getting your message across the vast hall.

2. Make Sure Your Company Name Is Prominent

The primary purpose of exhibiting at a trade show is to make your company known. Make sure your company name is displayed prominently.  Place the company name in the header of the display. Also, include your company logo as it best represents your company and aids in brand recall.

3. Write Short Yet Organized Descriptions

Avoid crowding your display with long sentences about your company. Trade show visitors would not have the time to read wordy descriptions. You may use bullet points to organize your message. Keep sentences short and smart. Reserve the technical terms for your proposals or presentations.
Remember, less is more.

Four out of five trade show visitors have buying power. It has to be the right time with the proper display. A capable trade display will allow you to capture the attention of these decision-makers. Having them in your booth raises your chances of clinching that most coveted deal of a lifetime.

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