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The smaller relatives to bears are known as Raccoons. They are the natives of South and North America. But lately, they are being found in Europe and Asia too. Now the question that arises is What do Raccoons eat or what is the diet? Well, Raccoons are omnivores which means the their diets consist of eating plants and animals. So basically, they want to eat insects, small mammals, eggs, fruit berries, garbage and seeds.

Diet of Raccoon - They keep their food in water before they start to eat it. Raccoons are highly sensitive to the sense of touch and water increases the sense of touch. So, they get a better insight into the food which they are going to eat. The average size of the raccoon is about 3 feet, and they have bushy and ringed tails. They weigh around 15 to 40pounds. They have a hunched back because their hind legs are longer than their front legs.

What Do Raccoons Eat in the wild?

Raccoon diet - They eat wild berries, and they will also be found eating crayfish, snails, frogs, clams. Raccoons like to eat eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts and even if they find dead animals, they will eat them too. This solves your question as to what do they eat in the wild.

DO raccoons eat rats and mice? Yes, they do raccoons though aren't experts in hunting and preying but when occasionally they hunt they catch young rats or mice or even squirrels. So yes! They do eat rats and Mice. Their teeth's are just like human teeth, which means their teeth's are designed to tear flesh. So, they are very skillful in using their claws and teeth's to tear the meats of mice and rats Also read - WHAT DO GROUNDHOGS EAT - PET GROUNDHOG

Are raccoons rodent?

Raccoons are not rodent; they belong to the carnivore order, which means they are meat-eaters. They can pretty much eat everything, including stuff in your garbage cans.

Raccoons belong to the Procyinid family, that means they have ringtail cats of coatis as their family.
According to taxonomists, the raccoons come under the bear family, but later on, they were given their own the genus. As stated earlier, live in North America, but now they are also found in Europe and Japan.

They are very adaptable. They can be found in urban areas as well as suburban areas. They choose to stay closer to their dens, and they prefer just to go 1 mile away from them, this also depends upon their age and sex. If there is a female raccoon, she will not go further, because she will be taking care of the raccoon babies.

Are raccoons intelligent? Yes, they are! They are very fast and very intelligent, especially when it comes to catching their prey. They are smart and have a huge brains..At times raccoons after they kill the rat and the mice, they will not eat them immediately. They will drag them into a secluded place and will hide them from onlookers and other animals.

Raccoon's facts and the estimated lifespan of a Raccoon

In general, the mating season of a raccoon takes place from January to the mid-march. After two months, the female will give birth to around 3 to 4 babies. The tails of baby raccoons don't have bands and the masks around their eyes are missing! Isn't this an interesting Raccoon fact? The estimated life span of a raccoon is about five years if they live in wild and 20 years if they live as a pet or kept captivated. Another interesting fact is that the Mother is very protective about their babies; they will teach them to survive and what to leave.

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The next question that arises is what baby rcacoons called are? And what do baby raccoons eat?

Baby raccoons are called as Kit, and a group of raccoons is called as nursery or gaze. Baby raccoons take about 16 weeks for weaning of their Mother's milk. And after that, they start exploring and hunting for food themselves. Here is the answer to what do baby raccoons eat. Once the baby raccoons are born, they weigh around 1 pound.

If you have a baby raccoon as a pet and you are wondering as to What to feed baby raccoons then don't worry here is the answer.

Baby raccoons till they age about 16 weeks take milk as a food, and after that, they start eating berries, insects etc. so here if you are wondering what do feed baby raccoons, feed them milk.

Do raccoons eat meat? As stated, the above they are omnivores, so they pretty much eat everything. So yes, raccoons eat meat. They also eat rats and mice.

Will raccoons eat cats? Do they attack cats? This is a very commonly asked questioned.
At times when they don't have any other food available to them, they plan to prey on small animals like cats and dogs. It is difficult for them to catch larger cats. But it is easier for them to prey on kittens. You will also find they eating side by side with cats and dogs. So, don't feed your dogs and cats outside because raccoons might attack them if they don't get food. So yes, raccoons attack cats. 

On the contrary dogs' attack raccoons, and cats ignored them, that is why cats get attacked by raccoons because they will kill cats for sports. So yes, cats do get attacked by them. Raccoons are more than a nuisance! But the question is, are raccoons dangerous?

If raccoons are on a quest for food, they may start invading your garden your yard and at times your home. They may start to kill the cats if you have any as a pet or if they re there in your neighbourhood. If you have pet food in your house, raccoons will eat that too. They are also known for digging dirt and grass for grub. So, if you are wondering, why are there raccoons on your roof? This is the reason why! Also, raccoons on your roof mean that they would have a nest during the meeting season. So once that ruckus is over you will have to deal with a baby raccoon too.

Another reason why they are dangerous is they have a habit of invading your garden and your home. They have got five toes and two front sheets, and these toes have sharp claws with this they even capture prey in the land and water. Plus raccoon poop. Their poops have been known for carrying ringworms. The raccoon poop is also known for carrying pathogens which are dangerous for human.

How does raccoon poop look like? The raccoon poop is about two to three inches longs, and they are dark and in a tubular shape. You can easily distinguish between a dog feces and raccoon poop because it looks like undigested food because they contain berries in it which are easily visible to naked eyes.

Another fact is that raccoons are known for establishing community latrines, where they repeatedly deposit their droppings. Read article on Squirrel Poop and Types of Squirrels

Are raccoons smart? And if they are how smart are they?

Racooons are believed to be smarter than other mammals. They are smart because they have huge brains. They are smart because they are very curious and intelligent. If you are planning to trap a raccoon, don't because they are very hard to trap. Raccoons are said to be smarter than human babies.

Another question that arises is, do raccoons have a thumb?

Yes, they have thumbs, they have dexterous limbs, thumbs and hands. Their hand and thumbs are a huge advantage to them, especially when it comes to solving their own problems. This is also the reason why raccoons cannot be domesticated because they will always find a way out.

Can Raccoons swim?

Yes, but not for fun and leisure, they swim because they are planning to catch a fish or some kind of sean and water animals. Raccoons are known for getting attached quickly to mammals or any objects under the water, and this includes rocks and trees so that they can find a way to and out of the water easily.

Where do Raccoons live?

Raccoons like places where there is a density of wood so that they can get access to trees and vegetation. They make dens in the hollow parts of the tress or the burrows which are abandoned. They are also known for travelling 18 miles so that they can get food.

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Raccoon noises.

One of the most vocal animals is raccoons. They have so many noises that they make for communicating with each other. Adult raccoons are known for making noises like a purr, chitter, growl, snarl, hiss and whimper and also screech. Each and every raccoon noise are used for communicating something or the other. But the best/ worst part is that these noises aren't distinguishable. A lot of their noises resemble other animals noises. For example, if they are fighting, it sounds as if cats are fighting. If they start screaming, they sound as if its an owl screeching.

Did you spot Raccoons on your roof!

One of the natural instincts which raccoons have is climbing with the help of their paws and limbs. The paws and limbs are designed for scrambling up surfaces. So don't get surprised if you find raccoons on your roof or the drain pipes or even some walls. If you ever spot a them on your roof, please get rid of Raccoons immediately a lot of issues can arise if they are in your surroundings. Especially because their poop is considered to carry pathogens. A lot of times pictures of raccoon poops were circulated so that people could get aware of them, and if you spot thier poop in your area, you can be alert.

All the facts about raccoons summed up!

  • Raccoons are found in north, south America
  • They are famous for eating homegrown fruits and vegetables, that is why they love rummaging through habitation.
  • They are known for crawling through space and attics
  • An average lifespan of them is five years
  • They like to eat meat, they hardcore carnivores.
  • They are found eating seafood too a lot
  • If they find any dead rats, cats or mice they can eat them too
  • If they are found in the city, you can find them rummaging through trash, putting the garbage cans upside down
  • They can eat pet food too; basically, they are disastrous.
  • Raccoons thumb and its pinkie are in the offset of the middle three digits, which means it can come across as palm and allow the raccoon to grasp things, so yes they have thumbs.
  • They can easily manipulate things with their hands
  • Alongside, meat raccoons eat berries, fruits, nuts, vegetables and grains. Basically, they can eat each and everything
  • They have greyish fur a black mask around their eyes, their tails are covered with black and brown bands, because of this their tail is known as ringtail
  • The raccoon's thumb chare, not opposable thumbs which means that their paws don't give a look of human paws or even a primate paw. 
  • There are seven different types of raccoons. One raccoon specie which is endangered is Pygmy. 
  • They are about 2, 5 feet tall and they weigh about 12 to 16 pounds
  • They are very adaptive to the various environment; they live in hollow trees and even abandon cars happily as happy as they are in their burrows.
  • Raccoons which live in colder climates are larger and heavier.
  • They have five fingers, and they use it for doing pretty much everything, they can open doors and trash cans
  • They are solitary, which means that they live on their own, by being awake and they hunt in the night, making them nocturnal.
  • Their noises include purr whistle and growls
  • They are excellent swimmers, but raccoons swim for catching prey, they get attracted to the substance in water.
  • Their poop is famous for transmitting roundworms and pathogens, and raccoon poop can also transmit rabies to people and domestic animals
  • A group of raccoons is called gaze or nursery, and baby raccoons are called kits.

Hope you got all answers related to What do raccoons eat in the wild, Their Diet, Do they eat rats, cats and mice, what to feed baby raccoons or what do baby raccoons eat, Life span etc