ChicMoto Tips to Remember When You Own Your First Car

So now you own a car. It’s time to prove you are worthy of joining the ranks of car drivers by safely taking to the road on your own. Before you do, here are a couple of things to think about.

Pay Serious Attention to Your Owner's Manual

Of course, it is not going to be the most riveting read, but the manual will go a long way towards keeping your car going for years. It’s where you will find all the important details related to your car, such as the ideal maintenance schedule, tire pressures and fuel grade. There’s also info on dashboard symbols and how to change a tire or bulb, and ChicMoto can always help you find information on your car.

Your Insurance Options

Take time to compare car insurance plans. Different providers offer different new driver quotes. They’ll all be expensive so you need to know what's included in the cover before taking the plunge. Try online insurance providers on comparison sites to get a better deal online.

Be Sure to Go for Regular Maintenance

You may think your car doesn't need maintenance and put off routine maintenance until you have money, but that's best avoided. Not maintained properly your car could force you deal with expensive breakdowns for the sake of topping up the coolant or oil. Replacing the air filter, changing oil and rotating your tires are a few ways to significantly prolong the life of your vehicle.

Along with regular maintenance, you should be equally vigilant about regular washes. Splurging on car washes will not only improve your car’s appearance but protect its structural integrity. Getting rid of dirt and debris mean your car's paint sealer stays intact for longer to protect your car from rust and corrosion.

Keep Your Receipts

This may seem a tiresome task, but keeping a folder of your receipts will help determine the real value of your car if you decide to sell it. The receipts will serve as a testament to the fact that you have maintained your vehicle. A good proven service and maintenance record helps your car retain more of its value.

Maintain Good Driving Habits

So many people don't realize how good driving habits save gas. Accelerating quickly from cold burns a lot of fuel as does braking abruptly, and similarly, driving at speed burns through fuel. Maintaining a steady pace lowers the cost of driving and in the long run, also helps keep maintenance costs low.
A car is a finely tuned machine and treated right it can last for years. At the very least, if cared for, a car provides a good deposit when it’s time to trade in for a new one. These are simple steps that will keep your car working well and each one saves you money. That aside, the last thing you need on your travels is the inconvenience of a breakdown because of something simple you could have prevented by reading the manual. 

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