Fashionable Taper Fade Haircut Looks For Gents

Amazing Variations Of Taper Fade Haircut Looks

Fashionable Taper Fade Haircut Looks For Gents
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Taper fade haircut is an unquestionably incredible haircut across the globe. Many hairstyles come and go, but the tape fade come and remain thanks to its timeless appearance, clean look, and versatile styling. The haircut is ideal for both formal and informal settings, so regardless of your profession, it is a go-for- haircut.

But do you know actually what the taper fade hairstyle is? That remains the main question for most men who want to give a shot to this amazing mens haircut. In a nutshell, a taper fade is characterised by long manes on top that are gradually tapered down at the back and also the sides. The tapering is neat and sharp and doesn’t include shaggy or unseen edges. One thing you will notice about a taper fade haircut is its low maintenance. The haircut doesn’t need a lot of styling or upkeep. It is the best look to experiment with, and it allows you to try various looks with it and choose the best one that suits your personal style. Here are some taper fade styles you may want to consider this year.

Fashionable Taper Fade Haircut Looks For Gents
Pic Credit - Instagram

1. Faux Hawk.

This is a typical taper fade haircut as it is faded on the sides and back. However, the manes on the top are untouched and are maintained slightly longer than the rest so that you can style it into a fohawk.

2. High Taper Fade.

Generally, this style involves tapering the hair to the skin at 2 inches at maximum from the top. It is a great look that is also easy to maintain.

3. Taper Fade Cut and a Pompadour.

In this kind of taper fade haircut, the manes at the top is maintained at two inches. Then the rest of the hair is faded a one-inch length. Combining it with a pompadour style takes the entire hairstyle to a whole new different level.

4. Afro Taper Haircut.

Probably you have spotted it with black guys since they wear it often. It is an excellent haircut for black guys, especially those with kink manes. The hair is curled on the top, and fading is normally done for the manes on the sides and back.

5. Comb Over.

The styling of a comb over fade haircut is not complicated. First, you need to let your hair grow out, especially on the top, and comb it over in a side part technique. You can also slick it back. This cut is most preferred by balding men to hide the prominence of their hair loss. However, this is changing, and nowadays, even younger men prefer it.

Fashionable Taper Fade Haircut Looks For Gents
Pic Credit - Instagram

6. Caesar Fade.

This haircut goes in the record as one of the most amazing taper fade haircuts this year. The styling of this haircut involves leaving a considerably longer hair on top and then sweeping it to the front rather than parting it sideways. If you include side bangs, you can comb then either side. You can use a strong hold pomade or gel to style your hair and give it shine.

7. High and Tight.

This kind of taper fade haircut is usually considered by many as a military hairstyle like on Pinterest. This look needs cutting the hair on the sides and also the back of your head. The buzzing of the hair is actually done on the hair on top.

8. Bald Fade.

This is an excellent haircut for the guys who are bald or nearing it. It resembles a military buzz haircut only that in this haircut, the fade is minimal. It starts at the top to the sides.

9. Faux Hawk.

In this haircut, the defining feature is a pointed fade. The hairstyle features long strands on the top that are further spiked upward. The hairstyle doesn’t look too dramatic like the Mohawk, so it can be worn for almost all occasions.

10. High Top Fade Haircut.

This is a quite prevalent haircut by the guys with afro-textured hair. In styling this haircut, the manes on the sides and back are kept short. Then the hair is tapered upwards to accomplish the appearance of a high top. The hair at the top can be kept somewhere between two to four inches, depending on your hair texture.

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