Religious Jewellery as a Symbol of Your Faith

Choosing jewellery for you to wear is undoubtedly challenging. Often, you want to be able to find pieces that match your outfit but, at the same time, uphold your culture and help you express yourself.

Ultimately, wearing jewellery has several purposes and depends on the wearer, but throughout time, jewellery has become a popular form of a representation of faith.

Different cultures and religions often have their signs and symbols. The popularity of religious diamond jewellery is continuously increasing because it serves as a way for you to wear such signs close to you. Given the rising popularity and demand, you can now find many variations and styles of religious jewellery for all kinds of symbols.

Meaning of Religious Jewellery

Jewellery has existed for several decades now and has been worn for many reasons. However, even over time, religion remains one of the most common purposes of wearing jewellery.

However, religious diamond jewellery is more than just a fashion accessory or accent and has a more symbolic and holy meaning. You would typically bring the jewellery piece to a priest for him to bless it before wearing it, to help you identify with it as a symbol of faith.

Each piece of religious jewellery has its meaning and personal story based on you, the wearer. Although the common symbols have their meanings and significance, you can still attach your meaning to your jewellery. At times, you may find some pieces that resonate with you not just in terms of how they look but also in the meanings they represent.

Common Types of Religious Jewellery

One of the most recognizable pieces of religious jewellery is the cross. You may frequently see cross pendants worn as necklaces to symbolize Christianity.

The Y-shaped rosary is then the classic symbol for Catholicism, though its design has evolved throughout the years. Nowadays, you will find many style variations of these two popular symbols, with several being encrusted with diamonds for a special touch.

In Hinduism, one of the most significant symbols is the om, which you would typically wear as an amulet around the neck. The symbol consists of three curves, a semicircle, and a dot.

Ultimately, the om serves as a form of protection and has served as an essential mantra and spiritual icon in Hinduism, which makes it one of the most popular pendants for necklaces.

The lotus is also considered a sacred symbol and flower for Indians. It is associated with purity, integrity, and spiritual awakening and is a universal symbol used in rings and necklaces.

You may be able to find the lotus in different colors such as pink, purple, and white, with some even being adorned with gemstones. At times, you may also find a lotus bud rather than an open lotus to symbolize a willingness to bloom.

As for Judaism, the Star of David or Magen David is the most popular and identifiable symbol used in religious diamond jewellery. It is a six-pointed star that represents God, though others also see it as a shield of protection.

The star has a simple design, and you would usually wear it with a chain as a necklace. However, it can sometimes be paired with other symbols as well.

Just like other forms of jewellery, you can think of religious jewellery as a piece of who you are. Thus, knowing the many symbols and their corresponding meanings will help you find a jewellery piece that can help you identify with your faith. 

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