The importance of Verifying Health care providers

Drugs are big business, whether you’re talking about pharmaceutical grade drugs or the less legal type, they are both billion-dollar industries. However, working in the legal sector means that special care needs to be taken to ensure the drugs are FDA approved and they go to approved health care practices.

That means there must be a method by which manufacturers can verify the healthcare supplier has the proper license before they supply the drugs; Fortunately, the Puerto Rico Department of health license verification solution does just this, it can be used to verify HCPs, HCOs, and augment data, while integrating APIs.

But, why is it so important that health care providers are verified first?

Correct Supply

If prescription drugs are supplied to someone or an enterprise that is not licensed to have them then they could be redistributed on the black market at a significant profit. This leads to several further issues:

  • Organized Crime

Many activities on the black market have links to organized crime, allowing drugs or other sensitive medical products to go through the black market is likely to lead to an increase in funding for criminal masterminds, and the associated issues this brings.

  • Reduced Effectiveness

Some drugs, such as antibiotics, lose their effectiveness if they are misused. While medical practitioners are careful to regulate supply and use the correct antibiotic, the same product acquired through the black market may be misused. This can actually reduce the effectiveness of the drug when it’s really needed in the future.

Insurance Cover

All healthcare providers need to be insured, this covers them against issues whether through negligence or accident. In order for this cover to be valid the healthcare provider must be properly registered and the medicine legal.

Verifying the health care providers creates an audit trail that allows the healthcare provider to defend their position and use of specific drugs, in line with training and need. It makes it much easier for insurance issues to be settled, the best care possible to be given, and health care providers to stay insured.

Patient Care

If a product is supplied to an unregistered health care provider then patients could be given the wrong drug or the wrong dose. This could result in complications and the patient will end up suing the supplier, as the proper checks were not carried out before supplying the medicinal products.
By verifying healthcare providers first, the manufacturer can avoid being blamed for the effects of medicinal products not used correctly. That’s important as these types of claims can bankrupt virtually any business.


It’s also worth noting that being able to verify the health care provider can allow the correct price bracket to be set for specific products.  Prices can change according to the state the healthcare provider is on and any supplements provided by the state.

Verifying the licensing allows the manufacturer to impose the right charge and claim anything else necessary from the state. This actually makes the process simpler for everyone involved.

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