Top Watch Trends to Look Forward in 2020

Top Watch Trends to Look Forward in 2020

The year 2020 is the start of another decade. A new decade brings new trends - even for watches. Watch designs change from time to time, but some designs remain or go back to being a trend. What might be trendy last 2019 might not be trendy anymore this year.

Finding a watch is no easy task. Although there are many watches in the market, it’s hard to look for an updated and stylish timepiece that suits your preference. To help you out, here are the following trends that you need to watch out this year 2020.

Go vintage

A blast from the past design is coming back in 2020. Watch production this year will include highly vintage designs and details. The design pattern of the 90s is also becoming the design inspiration of watches. Even designs from the 40s and 70s are becoming inspirations for watches. Luxury watch brands have already started making vintage-looking watches, like Tag Heuer, Tudor, and Patek Philippe.

Tag Heuer was founded in 1860. Thus, their previous designs are making a comeback with their new line of Vintage Watches by Tag Heuer. They are planning on re-releasing their most memorable retro watches. They will incorporate past designs with the latest watch technologies they currently manufacture.

Tudor also relaunched at the end of the 2000s and made timepieces inspired by vintage and retro designs. They already released the Black Bay, which was inspired by vintage details. They will soon release their PO1 Commando watch, a submersible watch with vintage elements. You can also buy vintage or second-hand watches to save yourself a few dollars.

Salmon tint

The warm salmon hue has become the color of the watch dials. Watches evolved from being dark and black to look masculine, to innovating into salmon. Royal Oak has already started manufacturing salmon-tinted watches, perfect to be worn with navy-colored outfits.


Blue watches also will remain and will become even bigger this year because it is the Pantone of the year. It‘s not only popular in watch straps, but also watch dials. This color is the most versatile color, as blue is suitable for casual, active, or formal outfits. It works for every occasion. But, it’s more striking for dressier outfits because it is less severe than black. Your watches should be as blue as the items in your closet.

Hugo Boss has already manufactured a Travel Watch with two time zones. Bamford also has a Mayfair Sport in blue, with polymer straps, perfect for sporty activities that include water. Omega, too, has a Seawatcher Diver 300 made with steel straps and blue dial. It’s water-resistant as well.

Crazy for chronographs

Chronographs make the watch look busy and expensive. It’s the kind of timepiece that is considered to be the multi-tool in the world of watches since it provides for many functions. It has a stopwatch feature, which can help you time your workout or cook food in the kitchen.

Omega Speedmaster is the most classic chronograph watch among the luxury watches. It’s even called the Moonwatch because it was worn on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission. It can withstand pressure, acceleration, humidity, and other kinds of pressure, as tested by NASA.

Some cheap alternatives are from Casio and Seiko. Casio has Casio MTP4500D-1AV. It is an aviation watch that can calculate airspeed, time of arrival, and other complex calculations need for aviation. It can act as a standard stopwatch too.

The Seiko SNN079P2 Chronograph is military-inspired. It has two subdials, one for seconds and another for minutes. It also has a tachymeter scale. Even though it’s cheaper than some chronograph watches, it still does not miss out on quality.


The world today is overwhelmed with smart gadgets and other useful technology, and smartwatch is one of them. Although it is not practical to only have a smartwatch, it is good to have one in your collection. Aside from telling the time, a smartwatch can also preview a text you received on your phone and search for things on the internet.

The most popular and best-selling smartwatch is the Apple iWatch. It has altimeter trackers and other fitness apps, perfect for working out. This watch, however, is only compatible with iPhones.

Another useful smartwatch is the Samsung Gear S3, which has a battery life that can last up to 4 days. But, if you don’t like bulky watches, this watch is not for you because of its big chunky size.

Other smartwatches are Huawei Watch 2, which comes in Sports and Classic versions, and Xiaomi Amazfit, which is the cheaper alternative to the other mentioned smartwatches. Even though it’s cheaper, it still functions with accurate sensors and long battery life.

Small yet functional

Small watches are perfect for those with small wrists. Wearing bulky watches with small wrists can make any wearer look languid, and no man would want to look that way. Small watches are also fit for those who want to look dainty and classy.


It’s hard to look for a watch that can be functional and stylish at the same time. Trends come and go, but you also don’t want your watch to be outdated. Fortunately, you can be updated nowadays with top watch trends every year. Start the year right by wearing a stylish timepiece that you can count on to as you hustle.

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