Flying ants swarm - how to get rid of Flying Ants

Flying ants swarm - how to get rid of Flying Ants

Flying ants swarm - how to get rid of Flying Ants

Flying ants are the pests that are really a nuisance for your homes and lives. These are indeed a species of ants and the winged variety of the ants have emerged over the time during the mating process of the ants. If you have seen a few numbers of ants with wings, then these can be usually ignored but the major problem lies because of the infestation. These flying ant wings can be killed on the sight by using some methods.

Here in this article of flying ants wiki, let us know more about the flying ants and the methods by which you can get rid of these tiny flying ants.

So, if you have never seen the flying ants, then you must wonder what do flying ants look like?
The flying ants have a narrow body and they have segmented waist, the hind wings are shorter in size and the anterior of the ant can be smoky in color. They are having the bent antennae that make a goal shape for them.

Winged ants become a bigger problem during mating periods as they swarm together in large numbers at specific places in a behavior which is known as hilltopping. These swarms are an impressive to look at, but the question is should you fear them?

They are known by different names, based on their way of gathering in large clusters known as swarms. Swarming helps the ants to scare the predators away and hence they are known as swarmers.” Also read How to get rid of sugar ants? Do sugar ants bite?


The reason you see multiple swarms at the same time is because many ant colonies swarm at the same time of the year. For the ants to swarm they look out for certain weather conditions like there should be bright sunlight, low winds, high humidity and warm temperatures. these conditions are mostly seen after a few days of rainfall. Such conditions are most prevalent during late spring and early summer seasons. Flying ants generally do not bite or sting they’re flying, so there is no reason to fear them.


The presence of a swarm of flying ants doesn't mean that there will be ants in your home, because the swarms are flying ants that are leaving their current ant colonies to mate and start new colonies. Also the male swarmers generally die right after mating. Also not all flying queens will be able to begin their new colony as there are many factors which need to go right like the genetics, location, lack of predators and weather conditions.

if you find a swarm of flying ants within your home then there are chances of a colony of ants living within the walls or close to your home. To get rid of swarms in your home, you can call a pest management professional quickly. Read also How to Get Rid of Ants Naturally - Natural Ant Killers

How to get rid of ants with wings?

Though there is no danger that they pose to the human beings, but the flying ant or the ants with wings can be annoying to humans and can cause the property damage when you notice the flying ant infestation in your home. So, if you are looking for the ways with which you can get rid of flying ants, first identify the areas where you first spotted them and then try to find out the colony where they reside. Search for the points where they can get entry from like the cracks and the partially opened windows and the very step that you should take is to seal all those places. On the entry points that you discover, spray some of the boric acid solutions to get rid of the colony in that case. For the more severe infestations, you may consider calling an exterminator.

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How to kill flying ants?

So, if you are in a problem because of the flying ant infestation in your space, then you might be looking over the internet for the ways how to kill flying ants? You can get the proper steps to kill the flying ants with the following steps you can get rid of the flying ants from your home

Use an aerosol: You can a lot of poisons that you can use against the ants of all varieties and this would be one of the most effective methods against the flying ants. Make sure that you read the label instructions carefully before spraying the aerosol and do not put it directly on any of the household items or the person or animal. Also, check if the aerosol is legal n your area or not. Also helps in getting Rid of Bats? 18 Best Bat Repellents.

Try natural methods: Apart from the chemical sprays and the insecticides, you can try out these natural methods to get rid of the ants form your home. You can try using the natural peppermint spray, as the natural peppermint oil kills the flying ants because of the suffocation so this can be the best natural way to kill it. Mix it with water and dish soap. Spray this solution over the ants when you see them either at rest or at flight

Dish soap: You can also try to use the dish soap only as this is also an effective means to kill the flying ants as it dehydrates their body and cause them to death. With soap water you can get Rid of Moths from the Kitchen.

Diatomaceous earth: Diatomaceous earth is also a good natural option for killing the ants. It dehydrates the body of the ants and causes their death. So, use this to lay a perimeter around the potential food sources. Sprinkle it in the areas in which you find a greater number of the ants and it should be kept dry so that it works effectively. Using this is worth trying. Diatomaceous earth also help in Mold Removal - How to get rid of Black Mold on wall, wood, shower, bathroom, carpet from your house

Invest in a bug zapper: This could work well against different types of flying insects. simply hang on a bug zapper in the area and wait for the device to take care of the problem for you.

Natural peppermint Spray : To get rid of flying ant swarms you can make a natural peppermint spray. The Peppermint oil which is the main ingredient of the spray, kills flying ants by suffocating them. To make the spray you need to mix peppermint oil with water and some dish soap and add it to a spray bottle. This spray is an amazing natural insecticide which works amazing on flying ant swarms.

Tape Trap: Another amazing way to get rid of them is to trap the ants using a tape. For this trap you just need to Lay a perimeter of tape and place some food bait on it to attract the ants. The ants get stuck on the tape as soon as they land on it and will not be able to fly away. Make sure that you place the sticky side of the tape up and keep it as close to the food bait as possible.

Ant Baits: For years people have been using ant baits which are the most effective ant killers, especially when you are having trouble with flying ants. When you use an ant bait, the ants take the poisonous bait back to the colony, where the queen eats it and dies. Once the queen is dead, the rest of the colony will also die.

There are many types of ant baits available in the market in the form of gels, granules, and stations. Make sure to follow the instructions on the pack carefully to avoid misusing the bait. If you have pets and children at home you need not worry as most of the ant baits are safe to use around pets and children.

Borax trap: One of the oldest home remedy to get rid of ants is to create an ant trap using borax and sugar. Borax is known to be poisonous to ants. To make this trap mix equal parts of borax and sugar. To this mixture slowly add some water and keep mixing continually till you get a paste like texture. Apply this borax and sugar paste to a piece of cardboard and keep it in an area where you mostly see flying ants. The ants will get attracted to the paste due to it's sweet smell, and will take some of it back to the nest for the queen and rest of the colony. When tthey eat the borax, the ants will die off. Remember that borax paste has a tendency to dry out in a few days, so you might need to make some more and reuse it. Keep the borax trap away from pets and children, since it is poisonous to them, as well.

Use boiling water : If you have been lucky to locate the ants nest where the colony is, then you can pour boiling water over the anthill. The boiling water will kill the ants that come in direct contact with it, and the rest will flee away due to the damage you just caused.

For this method make sure the water is boiling hot and not just hot. As soon as the water is ready, remove it from the heat and pour it directly on to the anthill.

Another trick you can use is to cover the ant hill by placing an empty flowerpot upside down. Now Pour the water onto the anthill from the drain holes at the bottom of the flowerpot. This will help in trapping the ants inside and also protect you from being bitten.

Baking soda: Similar to borax you can also make an ant trap using baking soda and powdered sugar. Baking soda is another substance that is poisonous for ants. The flying ants will be attracted to the sweet smell and eat this bait and will also take some back for the queen and the other ants in the nest. The ants that eat this mixture will die as baking soda is known to react with an acidic substance present in the ants body and results in killing them.

Artificial sweetner trap : Some artificial sweeteners are known to be extremely toxic to ants. The sweet smell of the sweetner lures them to the bait. The ants that eat the artificial sweetener will die. The ingredient known as Aspartame which is part of the sweetner is known for acting as a neurotoxin in ants. For making this trap all you need to do is mix a little artificial sweetener with some fruit juice to form a paste.

If you are having trouble with an ant infestation then a fact that you need to know is that flying ants are only the sexually active ones that reproduce. So if you want to get rid of ants for good, then try getting rid of flying ants first.

If you are looking for a permanent solution to get rid of the flying ants, then you will need to track them back to their nest where the colony of ants has settled. Getting rid of the whole colony is the best way to permanently get rid of them.

To kill the whole colony you can use a commercial pesticides which are known to be effective against ants. Use a pesticide that the ants can take back with them to the nest and poison the whole colony.

If you are wondering what is the flying ants day, then let us tell you that this is the yearly phenomenon and is terrifying. The flying ant day is the particular day when the ants come out of their nests all over the country. On this day, the male and the female ants grow their wings and come out of their nests on a nuptial flight and seek the ants from different colonies for mating. This is one of the most important phases of the reproduction of the ants as it starts a new colony. This generally occurs during the July time and was celebrated in the UK as flying ants day 2019.

How long do flying ants live?

You might have seen the flying ants for a shorter time period and this is because of the life cycle that they have. The queen ants and male ants have to leave their nests in order to mate, after which the male ant dies and the queen ant starts building their colony and starts finding a spot for laying the eggs and then it permanently loses its wings.

A Brief Comparison of flying ants vs termites

Determining the difference between flying ants or termites is quite difficult. People can get confused because of the similar look that both of them have. Here is how you can distinguish both of them:

The wing size: Termites have the wings in the uniform size while the wings of the flying ants are larger in the front compared to the pair in the back.

Antennae: The termite antennae are straight while that of the ants are elbowed.

Segmentation: Body of the ants is distinctly segmented and termites have broad waists

So, if you notice the following characteristics then there are the chances that it a carpenter ant:

  • Narrow waists
  • Dark-colored bodies
  • Elbowed antennae
  • Shorter hind wings

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What to do with flying ants in your home?

You would be irritated with the flying ants in house and seeing them is not really a good sign and can be problematic for you especially during the winter season.

Even in Summers, you may encounter large flying ants outdoor because they breed during the summer times and need a protected and safe place. They do not prefer breeding in the outdoor places and this is the reason why you see the flying ants indoor during the winter season. Thus, you can find these small flying ants in your homes.

So, if next time you find the flying ants in your home there can be chances that the ant is living within the infrastructure of your home and it is likely that there is a carpenter ant nest in the structure of your home.

Where do you find the most?

Flying ants can be seen at any place in your homes but most likely you can find the flying ants in the bathroom and the windows, chimneys and the kitchen areas. These are the places that attract them.
The most common time when you can find them is the spring season. You would have also wondered the increased infestation of the flying ants in house in spring.

Flying ants swarm for mating

Whatever be the species of the ants whether flying carpenter ants or the winged ant, it is important to know that only some members of the ant colonies are capable of reproducing. Wings mean that these are the only members of the ant colonies that can mate. They swarm to mate and then the male dies after they are done with their duty and the queen drops the wings in order to find the nesting site for themselves.

This is the reason why you see a winged ant indoor during the summer or there could be just the simple reason that it flew from outside and is about to die before finding the good nesting site. So, in that case, you do not need pest control for the ant. So, during the winters, if you see the flying ants indoor, it most likely means that the ants are nesting within the structure.

Hence, if you suddenly recognize the appearance of the flying ants in the home then this could be the possible first sign of the infestation.

So, what is the reason why these ants have come to your home or what causes flying ants in your house is the most asked and thought question for the people who have experienced the flying ants in the house.

The most possible answer to this is to get the breeding grounds in the winters or the nests for the carpenter ants. These ants generally are attracted by the sites that are higher. They fly high over the ground while searching for their mates and this is the reason why you could more probably find them near the chimneys and the treetops or the towers. Carpenter ants are known to establish their colonies indoor and this is the reason why do you find them in your home.

What are the things that attract flying ants?

Well, this is a known fact, that the sweet things attract ants like honey and sugar. So, if you have sweet products in your kitchen or pantry, then make sure they are tightly sealed or otherwise they will be attacked by these tiny creatures. Also, another well-known fact is that the flying ants attracted to light and this is the reason why you would have seen the flying ants come in the areas where there is light during the night time.

Where do flying ants come from

This is the major question as these appear suddenly in the house without even letting you know when they have entered your homes. These ants before the swarming, live in a colony in a nest. You can see the black flying ants nesting in the dry soil and during the swarming event, you may have wondered heaps of soil appearing above the nests. There is the caste hierarchy in the ants. Every individual has their well-defined jobs and roles. The queen only lays the eggs and the female workers look after the queen, eggs and the larvae of the ants. Their major work is to gather the food and enlarge the nest. Once the colony is ready, the queen then produces the virgin queens and males. So, it is only the queen flying ant that is capable of giving birth to the new ants.

What are the giant flying ants?

When you find the ants in your homes or flying ants in pool, it could be a problem definitely, but it is much more creep if you spot wings on it. It could be because of the carpenter ants that may be nesting in your walls. But how to identify the carpenter ants?

The carpenter ants may vary in sizes, though belonging to the same colonies. They can have variation with the colors as well, they could either be completely black or can show some touches of red as well. This is the reason why sometimes these are called flying red ants. These are mostly confused with the termites as they dwell in the places where the termites inhabit. The giant flying ants can only be a problem when they are larger in number and can damage your property. What do bed bugs look like.

Are these flying ants dangerous?

There is nothing like dangerous for the flying ants and they are simply the ants that develop wings in the summertime for reproduction. It is just important to remove them from your home or workplace and have a healthy ambiance. So, if you are looking for the solution to the flying ants in the UK, then you may hire a professional exterminator for this purpose. This is how to get rid of flying ants in your home. Also Read How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies & Gnats from your house.

In this article we have discussed about Flying ants swarm - how to get rid of Flying Ants. Hope you got the whole information of Flying ants swarm - how to get rid of Flying Ants.  

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