Ground nesting bees - How to get rid of Ground Bees

Ground nesting bees - How to get rid of Ground Bees

Ground nesting bees - How to get rid of Ground Bees

How To Get Rid Of Ground Nesting Bees Naturally 

Ground bees are non-aggressive bees that burrow in the ground. These ground nesting bees have a season limited nesting period, which means they are not around all year long. They are part of the Apoidea, which include digger bees, mining bees and sweat bees. Bees that burrow in the ground often dig holes for their nests in patches of your lawn or gardens. If you are wondering how they looks like, then you can search for Ground Bees pictures on Google.

What do ground bees look like and do ground bees make honey?

No, ground bees do not make honey as they do not live in a hive and make for excellent pollinators from crops on the ground. As seen in pictures of ground bees they have black-striped bodies and are colorful and hairy. Upon first glance when they are in flight they might look like honeybees, but they are absolutely harmless. Bees that live in the ground are not threatened and have nothing to defend, therefore, they look for poor open soil, which is loose and dig holes in it to lay their eggs. The ground bee holes in the open soil nesting and non threatening behavior of the ground bees is key for ground nesting bees identification. You can find relevant information about ground bees pictures on you tube.

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Below are mentioned some home remedies to get rid of ground bees:

1. Borax: Since the ground bees are not aggressive in nature and cause no harm to you or your garden, there is no need to use harsh insecticides on them. Borax is a natural and effective way for effective ground bee removal. You can sprinkle the borax dust anywhere in your yard, garden or house where the ground bees may have made their nest. Borax is also helpful to use in hard to reach places where the bees may be hiding and the dust can reach there easily. Once the borax dust is sprinkled over the ground bee nest the covered bees will take the dust back to their nest. The borax dust is an effective natural method on how to kill ground bees without damaging your plants. You can also mix 3 cups of water with 2 cups of powdered sugar and 2 tablespoons of borax to make a bee trap. Borax also helps in getting rid of termites.

2. Peppermint Castile Soap: Made from essential plants or petroleum, the peppermint castile soap is known to suffocate the ground bees by disturbing their cell layers. This is a quick homemade spray that helps you in getting rid of ground bees effectively and naturally. The extracts of the mint or the oil is known to effectively kill insects, bugs and bees. The high methanol content of the peppermint irritates the bees by making it hard to breathe. When the peppermint castile soap is applied directly on the bees, it burns their sensitive skin, which results in their death. You will have to take 2-3 drops of unscented or peppermint scented castile liquid soap, mixed with water in a spray bottle. If you do not wish to kill them, spray the solution near the bees nest and the fragrance will repel them. You can also spray the solution in your garden or home, until the bees have vacated. Read also How to get rid of Poison Ivy? How to Identify them.

3. Garlic Powder: How do you get rid of ground bees without killing them? The answer is, garlic powder. Garlic has a strong fragrance that is not cared for by many, even the bees. The scent of the garlic powder can overpower almost any other smell and it is completely safe to use around your home. Sprinkle a generous amount of garlic powder in your yard or garden, especially on the targeted plants. This will block the sweet scent or attracting scent of the flowers or other plants making it less desirable to the bees. You can sprinkle the garlic powder even over the ground bees nests to deter them. If the bees seem to be causing havoc in your garden, sprinkle the bees with garlic powder. Garlic powder sprayed directly over the bees can be fatal to them. Sprinkling generous amounts of the powder is effective enough to get rid of bees. Garlic Powder is known to kill Japanese Beetle.

4. Diatomaceous Earth: Though some of these natural remedies are a boon to humans, they can also prove to be quite deadly in the eradication of other species. The food grade diatomaceous earth is completely non-toxic, which means you can apply it directly to your plants. You will first need to thoroughly wash your plants and then sprinkle the DE generously over it. When the ground bees come in contact with the DE powder, it will not only kill them, but they will also take some back to their nest which will kill the entire lot. Diatomaceous earth is an extremely dehydrating powder for bees, insects and mostly all bugs. The DE is known to lacerate the exoskeletons of these bugs and bees which dehydrates them, resulting in their eventual death. You can sprinkle the DE powder sufficiently over your garden, yard and house and safe to use around your kids and pets. Also a Best Methods To Getting Rid Of Carpenter Ants Permanently.

5. Citronella: Another non-toxic and non-lethal way on how to get rid of ground bees is citronella. You can use citronella scented candles or citronella essential oil to deter ground bees away. The fragrance of the citronella irritates the bees and they avoid coming to the same place. You can light citronella candles in your home, yard or garden and the fragrance will drive the ground bees away. You can also make a citronella essential oil repellent spray at home with just a few ingredients. If the ground bees have found their way into your home, you need 1 cup of water, 10-12 drops of citronella essential oil and 5 tablespoons of a mild shower gel to make a homemade spray. Use this spray in your house, around your yard or at the entrance of your home to block unwanted visitors, along with cotton balls dipped in the oil on your windows. Citronella is also known for getting rid of Raccoons.

6. Cucumber: Cucumber is one of the best most non-toxic repellent there is to help deter ground bees. It also works as an excellent fertilizer for your plants and flowers while protecting them at the same time. The presence and fragrance of cucumber is not welcome by the bees and they will avoid areas where this natural repellent is present. If the bees have infested your home, dry some cucumber peels and crush them into a powder. Sprinkle the cucumber powder generously at entry points such as doors, windows and vents. The fragrance will gradually fade away, so you will have to either keep a huge batch of cucumber peels ready or replace the old batch every few days. If the bees seem to have terrorised your garden, spread the cucumber peels all your plants and soil. Cover the plants that are targeted by the bees and change the cucumber peels everyday. Cucumber is a Low Carb Vegetables to have in Keto Diet.

7. D-force HPX: Deltamethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid kills the bees by attacking their central nervous system with high power poison. Nevertheless, D-force HPX is a natural and organic insecticide on how to get rid of ground nesting bees without any side effects. It is easily available over the counter and contains less percentage of chemicals as compared to other insecticides. D-force HPX will not kill the bees instantly, but will take a few hours before it does so. Spray this solution in your home, yard, garden or wherever the ground bees are nesting. Spray the bees at night as the solution requires a few hours to work before it kills the bees. The D-force HPX will provide you with up to eight weeks of protection and you will need to use it again if you have an infestation. The solution is safe to use around your kids or pets without worrying about intoxication.

8. Vinegar: If the ground bee infestation is too severe or if you or someone in your family has a bee allergy, use vinegar to get rid of them. Vinegar has a strong acetic acid nature that attacks the bees nervous system, which results in their death. To make this homemade spray, you will need canola oil, water, spray bottle and one teaspoon of vinegar. Make sure to mix the ingredients well and store it in a spray bottle and then spray the ground bees directly with it. You must hit the bees directly with this solution to make it difficult for them to fly and eventually suffocate. You can also mix a few drops of dish soap to make the spray more effective as it reduces the surface tension. Try and spray the ground bee nest at night as you can attack all bees in one place, killing them at once. Vinegar is also known for mites removal from your home.

9. Cinnamon Spray: Bees of any kind can create havoc during the summers and can destroy your garden or sting you. Ground bees on the other hand are not aggressive in nature as they have nothing to defend or protect. Therefore, before using harsh chemicals to kill the bees try the cinnamon homemade spray to deter the bees away. You will need ⅛ teaspoon cayenne pepper and cinnamon, 3 drops of peppermint oil, 3 teaspoons of water and 3 teaspoons of liquid dish soap. Use this spray around your yard or garden to effectively repel the ground bees. If you wish to use this mixture inside your home, reduce the quantity of the soap and spray in any infested areas. This solution is best to use in the summers, while working your garden. Do not use this mixture around your pets or kids as it may irritate their eyes or cause skin rashes. Cinnamon also keep wasp away. You can also read how to kill Wasps Naturally.

10. Essential Oil Mix: Essential oils are known to provide relaxing and healing properties for humans, but on the other hand, they can be quite lethal for bees and other insects. To make a homemade essential oil mix you will need cedarwood oil, citronella oil, peppermint oil, clove oil, geranium oil, rosemary oil and eucalyptus oil. You can either dilute the essential oils and dab it over your skin or dip cotton balls in it to place on your windows to repel the bees away. To make a spray, thoroughly mix 5 drops of each essential oil to ½ cup of water. Store this mixture in a spray bottle and use it to spray around your plants and the bees nesting area. If the infestation is in your house, spray the solution in hard to reach corners to drive the bees away. The mixture can be strong to use around kids or pets at home. It is also known to Kill Maggots from your house..

11. Water: Killing ground bees with water is an effective and natural method. What bees live in the ground and why? Ground bees live in the ground and make their nest in open, barren and dry soil. Since they are not protective or aggressive their nests can be found in your garden. Open spaces are what attracts the ground bees the most, so it is best to not leave open spaces, especially in your garden. Cover them with small shrubs, thick foliage or bushy plants. If you spot a nest in your yard or garden, water it down with a powerful hose. Since the nest is open and not well protected, water will be able to destroy their homes more effectively. If the infestation is severe, wash down the bee nest with soapy water as soap tends to suffocate the bees. Spray the nest area with soap water to repel the bees. Have a look at How long do squirrels live- what sound does they make - baby squirrel lifespan

Unless you are facing a serious infestation, it is advised not to kill ground bees. They are known to be excellent pollinators of flowering trees and plants. The ability to pollinate apple, cherry, blueberry and many other fruits and plants makes ground nesting bees an integral part of the ecosystem. They are solitary bees who nest in dry soil and are no threat to humans in any way. Since they do not produce honey and don’t have a queen, they have not to guard and seem to be very comfortable around humans. It is only the female ground bee who might sting you in rare cases of where she feels threatened. Even ground bees pictures do not look dangerous or threatening. Hope you'll have received all the info regarding how to get rid of ground bees. Also Read How to get rid of termites? termite treatment, inspection, control & pictures.

In this article we have discussed about Ground nesting bees - How to get rid of Ground Bees. Hope you got the whole information of Ground nesting bees - How to get rid of Ground Bees.  

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