How Heavy should my Cat be? (Ideal Cat Weight)

How Heavy Should My Cat Be

How Heavy should my Cat be? (Ideal Cat Weight)

Cats who are pets are mostly dependent on their owners to fulfill their food needs. While they are still young, they might still hunt for rodents, bugs or birds as a source of protein. Cats are carnivorous creatures and the primary ingredient of their diet should be meat. As your cat gets older their metabolism rates slows down, also, neutered animals have a much more difficult time to keep excess weight off them. Luckily, obesity is very much preventable and treatable in many cases. A chubby belly on a cat may look cute, but there is nothing cute about the health issues related to unhealthy weight. So some questions that cat parents generally have are how much should a cat weigh in kg? is my cat underweight? Also Read How To Clean Cats Ears.

Health Concerns Of An Obese Cat

Monitoring your cats food intake is vital because as the cats grow older, their metabolism decreases and the food is digested at a slow rate. Too much carbohydrate intake for your cat can also lead to obesity. Neglecting an overweight issue can cause some serious health risks for your cat. Urinary problems, GI diseases of all types, liver disease called hepatic lipidosis, diabetes and cancer are some of the many complications in an obese cat. It may not seem as much when we feed our cats leftovers or scrapes from the table, but our food is rich in fats and carbohydrates which cause overweight in them.

The ability to break down fat that is not needed by the body is much slower in cats as they grow older and limiting treats to cat food may be a good idea. Keeping a particular schedule and quantity of dry cat food can help moderate the excess fat. Slight increase in the cat’s body weight can reduce their life expectancy. Osteoarthritis can be very painful for an obese cat, along with accelerated degeneration of bones. Hypertension and anesthetic complications arise at an alarming rate as the cats are less tolerant to heat. Fighting off infectious diseases along with skin problems becomes difficult.

How To Maintain Healthy Weight For My Cat?

When dealing with an obese cat, the first thing to do is reduce the carbohydrate intake and break down the meals. Feeding your cat a canned meat-based diet broken down into three to four small meals can help in maintaining a healthy weight for your cat. Include high meals with high protein content rather than snacks or dry kibble. Don’t start a crash diet immediately for your cat, rather gradually introduce them to the new food and routine. A sudden change in diet or starvation could lead to liver diseases. Introducing small walks or games at home can help your cat to get the required exercise without any stress.

Foods such as boiled chicken can be used as treats in moderation. If your cat seems to beg for treats, try distracting them with some other activity. It will not be an overnight miracle to get some pounds off your cat, you will need constant monitoring and training to achieve the desired weight. Make sure the cat is always fed in the cat bowl, at a set time with a set amount of food. You will also have to begin to distance them from the tempting ‘people food’ and strictly adhere to their eating protocols. Use a measuring cup every time you serve your cat with food and make sure the calorie intake is burnt out with some exercise.

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What Foods Are Healthy For My Cat?

The answer to the question how heavy should my cat be, is that your cat should not be heavy at all. To standardize animal weight a subjective rating called body condition score is used, where pets are scored between 1-9 out of 9 and 5 to be the ideal body weight. First you need to understand that cats are carnivores and they will find other sources to fulfill their meat needs. To break down the meals while making sure your cat is not starving, be sure to provide them with a rich protein diet. The three to four meals that are provided must have servings of meat as this will satisfy their cravings and provide the nutrition they need.

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Another form of treat is giving your cats dog food which lacks the many nutrients you cat needs. Vitamin A and taurine, which are not found in canine food are two important nutrients that cats require to lead a healthy life. An occasional nibble on the dog food is fine, but even small quantities for prolonged periods of time can make your cat malnourished. Arachidonic and adequate amounts of meat protein are missing from dog food as well, which are important for your cats well being. In case you are wondering can cats eat dog food, they can’t - not as a full meal at least.

Can I Treat My Obese Cat?

The first step to treating obesity in your cat is not overfeed it, especially with foods that are rich in carbohydrates. When you start to change your cat’s diet be sure to do it gradually, as it may take at least a year to treat a severely overweight cat. Start by adding protein rich meat based food to your cat’s diet one day at a time. Foods rich in fiber help in digestion and burning calories, but be sure to give it in small quantities. While slowly moderating a lifestyle for your cat, you must also add an exercise routine. Start out by playing games and taking your cat out for small walks as this can add to the weight loss regime.

Some fruits and vegetables cats like to eat are steamed green beans, asparagus, broccoli, and melons. These fruits and vegetables are a great source of fiber only when given in moderation, while maintaining a healthy level of other vitamins. An immediate break in carbohydrates can also be a health risk, so reduce the quantity of intake. A stable healthy diet along with regular exercise will slowly but definitely treat obesity in your cat.

Always keep a check on your cat’s diet and visit your vet to know more about what foods are suitable for them. Regularly check their weight and follow these simple steps to maintain a healthy life for your cat.  Hope you got full information about How Heavy should my Cat be. Also Read Low Carb Vegetables to have in Keto Diet.

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