How to Make Online Games not lag? Few Tips to Improve Online Gaming Experience

Remember the time back in the 90s and 2000s when gaming was limited to Sega, Nintendo, and Atari. Connect the console to the television, insert the disk and play as much as you like without any lags – that was a gamer’s life summed up in an instance.

Fast forward, the technological advancement and access to the internet in the recent decade has changed the overall scenario. Gaming consoles got equipped with Wi-Fi and dedicated gaming laptops came into existence to allow hardcore gamers enjoy online gaming with friends and acquaintances from all over the globe.

If you have a subscription to a high-speed connectivity option such as Cox, Xfinity or Spectrum internet and still face lags, you are not alone. Vast majorities of gamers face similar issues and to address that, we have compiled some tips to enjoy lag-free gaming. Let’s dive in.

Close Everything You Queued Up for Download 

If you want to play an online game, you just need to make sure that every file-sharing program is closed. For instance, BitTorrent is quite popular for consuming bandwidth. You will experience a sloppy gaming experience while it is running in the background. Large file downloads like TV shows and movies should be stopped before you step into the “Call of Duty” battlefield for online immersion.

Cable Internet is Speedier than DSL 

Without a doubt, cable internet is much faster than a DSL connection. That is why the cost of cable Internet is more than DSL. DSL is limited to offering just a chunk of the speed of a cable connection. If you have subscribed to DSL for normal browsing, you would get what you need at a cost you can afford and this is a plus.

However, if you play games every weekend with your friends, and face huge disruptions, just switch to cable internet. If you have already subscribed to a Cable TV, you do not need to break the bank at the end of each month.

Placement of Wi-Fi 

Wi-Fi router can deliver signals up to a specific range. If you play games online on consoles, it can act weirdly, especially if the Wi-Fi is placed in another room. Make sure to place your console near Wi-Fi to ensure seamless signal delivery. However, if you still experience the lag despite seeing strong signals, just flip the console vertically or horizontally or simply change the location of the gaming console.

Another option is to invest in some gaming router that delivers signals in every nook and corner of the room. Normally, these Wi-Fi routers have four antennas, offering more coverage and leaving no dead signals.

Make Some Tweaks in Game Settings 

The majority of games have setting options that can be tuned by the player. Most of the players assume that their high-priced console or laptop can handle settings tuned to the highest, but that is not true. Make sure to change some settings such as video filters and background noises since doing so can offer you smooth gameplay without lags.

Moreover, you must also test the speed of the internet with the device you use. Once you come to know that the internet is working fine, you can fine-tune the settings that are best for playing games.

Limit Background Apps 

For older PCs, you can still enjoy lag-free games by limiting the background apps functionality. It would definitely boost the performance and allow you to experience seamless gaming. Before you open the game, just go to the task manager and force close everything that is of no use. It could include software and apps like Google Chrome, Solitaire, Skype or Microsoft office. Just make that these applications as they might consume small amounts of CPU, RAM, and Hard disk memory.

Run Game Booster 

There are plenty of game boosters available on the market to help you optimize your PC for the best gaming experience. For instance, Razer Cortex is available for free that can manage your background processes without any intervention.

Make sure to open Razer Cortex before loading your game in order to free up your system processes. The software can also optimize your CPU by ensuring that it runs optimally. Keep in mind that Razer Cortex is not going to do any miracles though and you should still take a look at the task manager and see what you can optimize to fix stuff up.

If you have a passion for gaming and can’t afford any lags or delays, make sure to follow the steps we have discussed

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