IT Sector Infographic

The infographic illustrates the significant growth opportunities in the IT industry. The illustration underlines the scope of growth for emerging entrepreneurs to expand their business in the US.

US is distinguished for being the leading powerhouse that offering the cutting-edge IT industry services of the globe. Apart from this, the US possesses the right aptitude, resources, and environment that is crucial for the Information Technology entrepreneurs to expand their venture.
The infographic illustrates the IT expertise which is in high demand in the US, including Data Scientists, Site Reliability Engineers, software engineers, web developers and bulging demand for other leading tech roles.

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The US is much inclined towards using advanced technology in all sectors, and the country is known to invest notably in the IT sector. Facts state that in the year 2017, $3.6 billion was capitalized into pioneering research and development and select USA privileges that the majority of the investment was sourced from foreign-owned firms in the IT sector.

US government is also emphasizing much on business growth and expansions by allocating $7.5 billion for the purpose. A major portion of the investment emerged from companies that expanded in European nations including the UK, Germany, and France.

Further, the infographic also highlights the two key IT sectors which include Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence. Facts state that AI is now prevalent in healthcare, medicine, and life science segments and was honored with an investment of $32 million in the first half of the year 2018. Moreover, Cyber Security with a market value of $119.6 million, is anticipated to grow by 14.15 CAGR within the year 2019 and 2024.

IT Sector Infographic

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