Rabbit repellent - how to get rid or keep rabbits out of garden

Rabbit repellent - how to get rid or keep rabbits out of garden

Rabbit repellent - how to get rid or keep rabbits out of garden

When someone takes the name of a rabbit, the only image that comes in our mind is that of a soft, fluffy and cute little bunny. You must have seen the cartoon characters like the bugs bunny and the rabbits are considered as the delicate nibblers but if you are a garden lover, then rabbits are not welcome for your garden. They might be cute, soft and fluffy but this doesn’t mean that they do not make any considerable damage to your garden. Rabbits are known to feed on the green plants that emerge during the summer times. If your gardens have been attacked by them, then you must be looking for ways how to get rid of rabbits. This article is the complete solution for all of your problems then. Read the article completely to get to know how to repel rabbits. You may like to read of Cat Repellent - How to get rid of Stray Cats

What do rabbits eat?

You must have seen those rabbits jumping over in the garden and this arises the question in your mind, do rabbits eat grass? Yes! rabbits love to eat those green fresh leaves and grass. The fresh fruits and vegetables are the major points of the balanced diet for a rabbit and the major part of their diets is the fresh hay and grass and plenty of water. Also read What do Squirrels eat? Do Squirrels Hibernate.

How to know the rabbit signs in your area?

Rabbits are very difficult to observe in the garden and you might not be able to see them during the daylight. Rabbits have a large number of natural predators and this is the reason they are not easily seen in the garden. But you can get to know about the rabbit infestation in your garden by observing the damage to the plants in your garden and the rabbit droppings. The size of the rabbit pellets are the same as that of the pea and they may even appear to be scattered in small piles. Have a look at How to get rid of ground squirrels - repellent and deterrent ideas

How to keep rabbits out of garden?

Rabbits are the common pests that are known to eat the flowers, fruits and vegetables of your garden. They can cause some severe damage to your gardens. Here are some of the ways that can help you to keep the rabbits out of your garden:

  • Build a fence: You can protect your gardens and plants by building the potential barrier and fencing around your plants. Make sure that the fences are from 2-3 feet above the ground and are buried inside the soil up to 6 inches. If in your area snowfall happens, then it is recommended that you should keep the extra height for the fence. Also, you can choose the option of the electric fencing and it needs to be strong and regularly checked for any kind of damage.
  • Try to keep the rabbits away from your garden: You can look for the ways that make your garden less appealing to the rabbits. The places where they prefer to live is that where they can hide from their predators and this means that they live more commonly in the low growing shrubs that are dense and in the tall grasses or under the porches, sheds and other infrastructure of your garden where they can hide easily. If are looking for how to keep rabbit away, then you can clean up the brush piles, mow the tall grasses regularly and block the access to the rabbits to some under structures.
  • Trap and relocate: You can trap the rabbits easily in your garden and can safely relocate them when once they are trapped.
  • Keep a dog in your yard: If you are looking for how to get rid of rabbits in your yard, then you would be surprised to know that rabbits are afraid of the dogs, so only the presence of the dogs is enough to keep the rabbits away from your garden.
  • Scare and ultrasonic devices: You can use some of the devices like the water scarecrows, fake snakes, owls, aluminum pie pans and some other ultrasonic devices to scare the rabbits away from your garden. Their effectiveness is considered low sometimes and this is the reason you should opt for some other ways rather than this.
  • Spray some rabbit repellent in garden: This is the most practical method for rabbit removal. Use some of the best rabbit repellents in your garden and this can work well to keep the rabbits away from your place. Have a look at Frog life cycle with scientific name and facts.

How to keep rabbits from eating flowers?

Rabbits are the active nibblers that are known to eat the flowers and the fresh plant leaves in your gardens. Your garden can be at great risk if you have these chubby and fluffy creatures in your garden. You would be looking for ways how to keep rabbits from eating plants and your flowers. These can really be great havoc for your yard and can harm all of your plantations and thus, rabbit removal becomes an important thing for you to implement in your garden.

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Here are some ways to help you to know how to get rid of rabbits naturally and protect rabbits from eating your plants and flowers:

  • Reduce the areas where the rabbits hide: Rabbits love to hide in the accumulation of vegetations and thus if you are looking for the ways to deter the rabbits, then keep your grass small and short. Remove all the tall grasses from and clean up the plant debris from your garden.
  • Secure the structures: You must ensure that the rabbits are not living in any of the holes under the sheds, decks or in the stairs. Seal them with the help of the chicken wire or other means.
  • Remove access water: Rabbits are known to make their homes at the places where they can find plenty of water near. So, it is a good option to keep the water sources away, but if you have water sources in your property then it is good to build the fence around your garden.
  • Use the rabbit deterring plants: If you have been looking for ways how to deter rabbits, then you can try to plant some of the plants that are not desirable for them. Some of the unwanted plants for the rabbits are Goatweed, impatiens and verbena and some of the perennials like the Echinacea and honeysuckle.
  • Plant the trees that can keep the rabbits away: Not only the shrubs and plants but some of the plants are also not liked by the rabbits. So, these trees are a good option when you have to keep the rabbits away from your place. These include the alder and birch trees.

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How to keep rabbits out of yard

Rabbits might be cute when you love them playing, but wait when they are into your yard or garden, they can be a big problem. They can feed on many things in your yard and can cause of potential damage to your property. If you are able to see a single rabbit, then there are higher chances of finding more there. From the shoots to roots and berries whatever is within their reach, they can gulp it all. With some of the methods given below, your search for how to keep rabbits out of your yard ends here.

  • Make sure that you keep your yard clean: Rabbits are attracted by the food and the water sources. It is important for you to eliminate the rabbit friendly conditions and you can block the accesses underneath the porches with the help of a chicken wire.
  • Use the rabbit deterrent: You can use the rabbit repellent sprays or other things that can keep them away from your yard. There are certain rabbit repellents that can drive them away from your place.
  • Use the electronic repellents: This can be the best solution to repel the rabbits out of your garden. You can also search for some rabbit repellent home remedy in order to get them out in a natural way without harming them.


How to repel the rabbits?

Rabbit removal can be really a difficult task but one can easily get to the knowledge about the natural rabbit repellent. If you are quite nature friendly, then you would always look for some of the ways that involve the natural rabbit deterrent methods. In this way, you will not harm the environment as well as the rabbits. With the ways given below you can easily keep them away from your gardens:
Spray the food and the crops in your garden with some of the best natural repellents. Make sure that you reapply these rabbit repellents after the regular time period so that their effects remain intact. After the rains also, you have to apply the rabbit repellents all over the plants.

Use the plants that repel rabbits there are a lot of plants that are known to repel the rabbits. By growing these plants in your garden, you can make your garden safe from the rabbits.

How to trap a rabbit?

If you have rabbits in large numbers in your garden, then you may choose the rabbit traps that can help you to keep the rabbits away from your place. You can use some of the best rabbit bait in the traps to attract them. Follow the instructions properly if you have been searching for how to catch a rabbit:

  • Select the right size of the rabbit trap
  • Look for the perfect place where can you place the trap
  • Select and position the rabbit bait
  • Carefully set up the trap in the place
  • Check regularly if any rabbit is captured in the trap or not
  • Once you caught a rabbit be gentle with handling and let it go at some far-away place from your home
  • Disinfect the cage to prevent the scent and then set up the trap again for other rabbits

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How to kill rabbits?

Rabbits are the small mammals and they can be a great problem for your garden and property as they can damage them hardly by eating and burrowing. Rabbits, when domesticated, can be very good pets but they can be a nuisance to your garden if you are not a rabbit lover. Despite using the ways to get rid of them, you might have to look for the ways by which you can kill them. Though it is not a humane activity and, in some countries, killing the rabbits is also banned. You can use the natural rabbit killer in order to keep the rabbits out of your garden.

  • Use the lethal rat traps: There are some traps that are known to kill the rabbits and many of them are designed particularly to kill them at the places where they are placed.
  • Shooting the rabbits: This is the most common method used by the people in the rural areas. One needs to have a lot of experience and skills as the rabbits are great runners.
  • Poisoning a rabbit: Using rabbit poison could be considered as the best means to control the rabbit. But this is not the truth, you can have some other options available as well rather than using some kind of poison to kill the rabbits. Also read Crabgrass Killer - How to get rid of Crabgrass.

Rabbits though cute and soft mammals can be a potential problem for your homes. They can easily reside in your homes and attic and here are the ways for the rabbit removal from attic:

  • Keep your attics clean and remove any of the food sources
  • Use the natural repellents for the rabbits there
  • Use the ground rabbit traps if you find some rabbit droppings in your home.

Hope this article has covered all the information related to the rabbits and would have given you for all the possible solutions to how to stop rabbits from eating flowers.

In case you are not able to keep rabbits out of garden using natural rabbit repellents, then you can take the help from a professional pest management company that can help you to remove the rabbits from your yard, garden or homes. Hope you have received all info regarding how to get rid of rabbits out of your garden. Have a look at Squirrel Poop and Types of Squirrels.

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