What is a june bug? How to get rid of june bugs

What is a june bug? How to get rid of june bugs

What is a june bug? How to get rid of june bugs

When the summers are approaching, you would be more relaxed when you would have some relaxed nights that are a blend of peace and some careful defensive planning. You would be probably enjoying the weather with some cool drinks, smoothies in your yards, porches or in the lawns. But you would be worried about those bugs around you at that time. You would be at some great troubles because of a pest called the June bug at least for some weeks in the summer month. If you are in trouble because of these tiny creatures in your home or garden, then read the complete article to know what do june bugs do and what do june bugs turn into with the passage of time. You may like to read - What do raccoons Eat? Raccoon Facts

What is a June bug?

June bug- this is not the scientific name, rather a local name that is generally assigned to the regional variety of the different beetle species. Here are the most common species of the beetles that are generally called the june bugs. The most common beetles are the green June beetle, the brown June beetle, etc.

European chafer beetle: This species of the beetles is generally found in the temperate latitudes of North America.

Green June beetle: This is the beetle that is having a green body and measures an inch in size. It is commonly found in the areas extending from Maine to Georgia.

Japanese beetle: This species of beetle is considered to be a pest for the variety of crops and this has a daytime activity cycle.

These are some of the common species of the june bugs, and there are many more species available.

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Why are june bugs called june bugs

June bugs are not a scientific name. This is the local name that is commonly used to denote the various species of the beetles that are usually seen during the summer times. The larvae develop into an adult during the summers and as the summer ends, their life cycle also comes to end. Have a look at What do Squirrels eat? Do Squirrels Hibernate

What does a june bug look like?

As the June bugs are the beetle's species, they are not the bugs in actual at all. They are the bumbling beetles that belong to the Scarab family. Their body size ranges from 12 to 25 mm and they have shiny elytra. You must have seen those brown June bugs in your gardens during the start of the summer season.

The june bugs are known to feed on the foliage during the night times and sometimes they are known to provide some considerable damage to the plants.

The larvae of the june bugs are known as the white grubs and are about 1 inch in size and live in the soil for the initial lifetime. The larvae are known to create more havoc in the crops. Click here to read What do bed bugs look like.

Where do june bugs come from

The june bugs are really nuisance during the late spring and the summer months. They are more commonly active at the night times and are drawn towards the light sources. There are more than 100 species of the june bugs that are some different from each other. By knowing about the live cycle of the june bugs, one can get to know where do the june bugs come from and where do they go and what is the june bugs purpose. Click here to read How to treat bed bug bites & what do bed bug bites look like

June bug life cycle:

The life cycle of june bugs is completed from 1-3 years and this is dependent on the species of the beetles. The major stages of the life cycle are: eggs, larva, pupa and then adult. The june bugs life span is also not very much in the figure. Also Read Mosquito facts - Lifespan of a mosquito.

June bug eggs:

The life cycle of the June bugs begins with the june bug eggs and the eggs are most commonly laid underground generally between 2 and 5 inches near the roots of the plants and the grasses. The june bug eggs are white in color with thin and flexible outer shells. These eggs are initially in the oblong shape and grow more round as the larvae inside the eggs develop. As per the species, the development time for the eggs varies from 2 to 6 weeks. You must read How to get rid of Lice Eggs.

June bug larvae:

These are also known as the grubs and are having brown colored heads. Their growth rate is exponential and molts twice before they move onto their next stage in the life cycle. The larval stage of the June bugs is most harmful and causes more damage to the gardens and the lawns. The major source of nutrition to them is the roots of the plants and the grasses and this can severely damage or kill the plants even. Sometimes the larval stage is completed in one year and in some species, it could take 2-3 years as well for the completion of the larval stage of the june bugs. If you are thinking about do june bugs fly or their larvae fly, then the larvae of the june bugs do not fly.

Adult june bugs:

Once the larvae are fully developed, they have made their way above the ground. A fully grown adult is capable of flight and starts the search for their food. They primarily feed on the leaves of the plants and trees. This is the reason why you would have seen the black june bug flying during the summers. They are active at night times and are hidden during the day time. During the late summer, the female june bug lay the eggs in the dirt and by the starting of the fall, their life cycle comes to end and they die off. This is the reason that they are not seen after the summer times. And this is how the life cycle begins again. You may be interested in reading Frog life cycle with scientific name and facts.

How long do june bugs live?

June bugs have a life cycle of ranging from 1 to 3 years depending on the species of the beetles. The adult beetles die off during the late summers when they have laid the eggs and the larval stage takes 1-3 years of a time period to develop. So, the overall life span of the june bug varied from 1 to 4 years.

Are june bugs blind?

There is a great misconception about the vision of the june bugs. Most of the people think that the june bugs are blind as they are continuously bumping into the things when they are flying or bumping. Though they are the clumsy organisms and are constantly attracted to the light. When they are exposed to the lights for too long, they may even die as their body are not adapted for the light for longer times

What do June bugs eat?

You must have seen the damage to your garden when you have encountered the june bugs in your gardens or lawns. The june bugs are known as the ugly suckers and the adult june bugs are known to create the little damage. The larvae and the grubs create more havoc to your gardens. The adult june bugs are known to eat the leaves of the walnut, oak, and the foliage from most of the plants in your garden. While the grubs feed of the beetles will feed on the organic matter in the soil and they damage the grass in the gardens and they eat the roots of the grass and the plants. Whatever be the type of the plants, either ornamental, weed, roots, and other seedling roots, they can east anything.

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How to get rid of June bugs?

June bugs and the grubs can be a real problem to your gardens. They can be quite annoying when they cling on the window screen and buzz around in your proches and the other outdoor areas, hence it becomes to take a step towards june bugs control. Here are the methods that can help you to get rid of the june bugs: Have a look at Ground nesting bees - How to get rid of Ground Bees.

  • Hand pick from the plants: In case if you see the june bugs chomping your favorite plants, you can handpick them off the plant and then drip them in a bucket of soapy water. The soapy water mixture will kill them. If you are wondering about do june bugs bite and if you are scared of the june bug bite, but wait, they do not bite the humans. But be aware of the spiny protrusions on their legs that can poke into your skin.
  • Swat the adult june bugs: Swat the june bugs that cling to your window screen at the night with the help of the fly swatter.

These methods can work if the number of june bugs are quite smaller in your lawn. If you have a large number of beetles in your garden, then you can do the following this to get rid of them:

  • Remove the adults from your garden: During the mid-summertime, the female beetles lay their eggs in the soil. So, make sure that you remove them from your garden before they lay the eggs as the eggs will spruce up in the next spring season.
  • Set a trap overnight: As the june bugs are active at night, so you can easily catch them at the night times using the june bugs traps. You can simply pour one and a half cup of molasses into the empty milk jug and then add some hot water and shake it well. Burry this jar near the bushes or the other plants in your garden that these tiny bugs fancy. Check for the trapped bottles the next morning and dispose off any of the drowned beetles.
  • Catch them with the hand: The pests are known to move slowly and can be easily plucked off the shrub and then drop them into a jar of soapy water.
  • Make a natural insecticide: You can easily kill the june bugs with the help of the natural insecticide that you have made on your own at your homes take some cloves of garlic with some mineral oil. Let it sit for a night and then strain out the garlic cloves and add the oil to the pint of water. Mix liquid dish soap to it and directly spray it to the june bugs.
  • Attract the natural predators of the june bugs: There are a well-known number of species of insect-eating bird, snakes and other amphibians that enjoy the good meals of the june bugs. You can easily get rid of the june bugs by inhabiting these predators in your lawn. Provide the birdbath for the birds to attract them in your garden.
  • Try to use the commercial insecticides: In case if all of your natural methods fail, then you can buy some of the insecticides from the market and can get rid of the june bugs easily.

How to kill june bugs?

If you are not able to get rid of the june bugs, then you may look for the methods to kill them. In case if you are planning to kill the june bugs, then you must be knowing the time when do june bugs come out and at what times they are most active. Once you get to know all about their patterns, you can easily kill them.

Either use the manual methods like spattering them or plucking them off from the leaves of the shrubs. Or you can use the chemical methods like the june bugs spray to kill the june bugs.

When do june bugs go away?

June bugs are seen during the summer times and their life cycle also ends during the end of the summer season after they have laid the eggs. Read on Does rubbing alcohol kill bed bugs?

June bugs removal:

June bugs are more commonly found in the northern hemisphere. So, if you found the June bugs texas or june bugs California, then there is nothing to worry about, it is quite common there. You can easily get rid of them with the help of the natural or chemical june bugs killer methods. You might need to take help from a pest control service that will help you to get rid of these nuisances form your home. Hope you now know what is a june bug and how to get rid of June bugs. Read on Mold Removal - How to get rid of Black Mold on wall, wood, shower, bathroom, carpet from your house.

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