What is TOGAF and Why Should Every Enterprise Architect Know How to Use it?

In 1995, The Open Group introduced TOGAF to the world. After 25 years, it has become a renowned name all over the world amongst enterprises as an excellent framework for software development.

The Open Group Architecture Framework has been rated highly for its help in organizing the entire software development process. The framework ensures that developers maintain timelines and there is a great reduction of errors as well.

Enterprise-level businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on TOGAF and TOGAF certified tools for their software development requirements these days. As a result, there is a high demand for software developers and architects who can use the framework.

If you pursue a TOGAF certification, you can be a great contributor to business development in the long run. The businesses that have shown great faith in TOGAF certified professionals have experienced a number of benefits such as:

Always Dynamic, Never Static: We are living in a world where the present technology becomes a thing of the past in next to no time. For businesses working at the enterprise level, they need to change with the changing technologies. A business that remains static is a business that is not going to remain for much longer.

Having TOGAF certified professionals in business ensures that changes are implemented at the earliest based on technological developments. New business architecture development strategies would also be integrated into the scheme of things sooner rather than later.

A Variety of TOGAF Tools for Different Businesses: The aim of doing business is the same for all businesses; to earn profits. However, that doesn’t mean that all businesses are the same. Different businesses have different requirements when it comes to enterprise architecture.

With more than 8 certified tools in its locker, TOGAF offers options to businesses to see which option suits them the best. TOGAF certified professionals know exactly how to use these tools so that businesses of different kinds can extract optimum results.

Constant Learning, Consistent Implementation: Learning to operate within the TOGAF environment and to use TOGAF certified tools are not the means to an end. As the TOGAF environment is constantly being upgraded, a certified professional needs to be on his toes to absorb new information.

Once professionals get a grasp on the evolution of the framework, they can develop business architecture even further and maximize productivity.

The prevalent use of the TOGAF environment for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the business architecture has made TOGAF professionals some of the highest-earning employees in the IT sector. On average, TOGAF professionals earn typically $2-3 million per annum.

As growth in the sector is also guaranteed, it’s a certification that professionals must aspire to have, as the job of a TOGAF professional never gets monotonous.

TOGAF certification courses are also quite reasonable for businesses. With very little investment, they can greatly improve the skillset of their IT teams.

If businesses want to stay ahead of the competition, then they must have TOGAF certified professionals in their ranks. Knowing how to use it will not only boost the careers of the professionals but also grant great benefits to businesses.

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