Do Earwigs Bite? Are Earwigs Dangerous

Do Earwigs Bite? Are Earwigs Dangerous

Do Earwigs Bite? Are Earwigs Dangerous

Earwigs are the small creatures that are sometimes associated with some of the common myths. They are the medium-sized insects with flat bodies. These are the usual black or brown colored insects with some stripes of reddish and orange colors on their head and limbs. With having the wings, they rarely prefer to fly. As a defence mechanism, they have the hard pincher looking forceps.

They are the nocturnal feeders that feed on the other insects and their diet also includes the mosses, fungi, and lichens even. They do not feed on the decaying organic material but rather can feed on the greasy food items that may be leftover in your kitchen.

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By what earwigs are attracted?

They are the night attackers and prefer to hide under the rocks and in the damp places during the day times. However, during the conditions when there is drought, the earwigs may seek out the places like the damp and the dark shelters at your homes.

Indoors the earwigs are attracted to the materials that are a great source of cellulose and are in the process of decay. Not only this, but they are also attracted to the oily and greasy or sweet foods in your kitchen as well.

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Do earwigs bite people?

Earwigs are one of the insects that are misunderstood for their behavior. A lot of people fear that they bite the people and sometimes the mosquito bites are misunderstood as the earwig bites. The name of the earwigs has derived because of their possible origins and as per the medieval science, it is suspected that the earwigs can burrow into the brain or into the ears and can cause some of the serious harms to the human beings. This is the reason why these are meant to be kept away from human beings.

There are a lot of people that wonder if they bite human beings or not. As they have the pincers, which are used for the defence mechanism and upon agitation only they will use the forceps.
In the extreme cases forceps of the adult males, pinches can be painful and there is no poison and the pinch is rarely capable of breaking the skin.

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Do earwigs bite itch people?

This is one of the most asked questions by the people when they see the earwigs near their spaces. Though these insects look deadly as per their physical appearance, they are not intended to bite the humans. They cannot cause more harm to humans as they are known to pinch only the skin of human beings.

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Do earwig bites itch?

Earwigs seldom pinch human beings and you can sometimes feel some itchiness and swelling in the area that is bitten by the earwigs. With two red marks on your skin, sometimes you can get the sores on your skin as well after being pinched by the earwigs.

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What are the symptoms when a person is bitten by earwigs

When a person is bitten by the earwigs or when a person feels that he has got an earwig sting, the site can leave two red pinches marks that are spaced at a small distance which are far apart from another. At certain times, the pincers can break the skin and can cause some bleeding.

The pinch site can sometimes become red and swollen and in most of the cases, the discomfort caused because of the earwig bites is mild and passes off quickly.

In case if you are not sure that you have been bitten by the earwigs or have been pinched but something else like a mosquito or spider, then you have to inspect the site very closely. With the earwig pinch, a person is not likely to have a skin reaction

Here are some of the symptoms of the earwig bite:

  • Red and inflamed skin with the affected area
  • Tender skin and pain around the pinch bite
  • Glossy looking swelling around the site
  • Growing rash at great pace or a sore that can occur suddenly
  • Abscess in the center that oozes pus
  • Fever in some cases
  • Warm sensations in the bitten area

While some of the severe symptoms may include:

  • Chills and high fever
  • General malaise
  • Shaking and shivering
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Lightheadedness
  • Muscles in pain
  • Sweating all over in the body
  • Warm skin

For more severe cases, the skin infections can turn into the septic and if you are at the risk sepsis then you have the following symptoms:

  • Blistering
  • Red streaks
  • Drowsiness
  • Lethargy

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How to prevent the earwig pinches

Here are the ways by which you can prevent the chances of contact with the earwigs whenever possible. You can add an extra layer of protection at your home by wearing the gloves before you remove them with your hands from your home.

Earwig bite vs mosquito bite

As compared to the earwig bite, the mosquito bites usually have a minuscule puncture that would be wounded at the centre of a swollen portion. While that if the earwig bite, you can see two marks of a pinch on your skin and the swollen area could be somewhat larger as compared to the mosquito bite.

Earwig bite vs spider bite:

The spider bite also has the twin puncture and the bite wound is more painful and hot welt grows larger. Also, there can be chances of the necrosis of the tissue death in the centre of the bite site

Why do earwigs bite?

The earwig pinch is the means of self-defence. If you come in contact with the earwigs, there are chances that you will be pinched by them. And if try to pick them up, then the pinch chances are for sure. These creatures are not supposed to pinch the people unless they are touched or you get close to them.

Earwigs can appear anywhere including your home furniture, bed or the kitchen. If you get the infestation at your home, then it is important that you call an exterminator to know the source of the infestation and help to get rid of them effectively.

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How to treat earwig bites?

If you have been pinched by an earwig, then it is important that you treat the area effectively. In the instance, it is suggested that you wash the area thoroughly with soap and water and in case if you feel that your skin is broken, then you must apply topical antibacterial cream or gel. This would prevent the chances of the infection on the skin.

If you experience the redness or swelling in the bitten area then you should use the ice pack in order to get some relief from the discomfort. You do not need to consult a doctor in most cases and can get rid of the problem easily.

If you get to see the broken pincers of the earwigs in your skin, then it is important that you seek a doctor immediately so that the fragments are removed in a sterile and safe environment. Removing the pincers at the home can risk the contamination of the area and you may even get some kind of skin infections. In that case, consulting a doctor will help you in the best possible way. You might be prescribed with some of the antibiotics or anti-inflammatory treatments. If you have doubts regarding how the earwig bite looks like, then you can also search for pictures of earwig bites on humans.

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How to reduce the presence of earwigs?

Before you look for the ways to treat the earwig bites, you must think about preventing the earwig pinches from the house of your place. There can be lots of ways from which they can come into your house or doors.

Here are some of the ways by which you can reduce the presence of the earwigs in your homes.

  • Keep the areas in your homes as much as dry possible because the earwigs love to stay at the damp, cool and shady places.
  • Make sure that you close the sink and the bathtub drains when they are not in use.
  • Clear away the decaying plants in your gardens or near your homes.
  • Sealing the openings like the windows and the doors or the other entry points. You can use the mesh or the caulking in order to do this.
  • Boric acid can be a great option to sprinkle in the cracks and the silts where you might think that the earwigs can come.
  • Use the earwig repellent sprays
  • You can use the vacuum pump to remove any of the earwigs that you find in your homes.

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Are earwigs dangerous

This is one of the most popular questions about the earwigs that are earwig bites dangerous? As the earwigs have the intimidating pincers or the forceps that protrudes through their abdomen, they might appear as one of the very dangerous bugs. This is the most common misconception about these insects. Their look might appear dangerous and risky and this is the reason why people are always in confusion, are earwigs harmful to humans?

Earwigs are not known for biting the humans rather they pinch on the human skin. They have pincers located at their abdomen and this is used as a weapon to defend themselves during dangerous situations. The pincers are less likely to break the skin but you can easily get hurt by the pinch of an earwig. In most of the cases, you do not have to fear about the earwig's bites, rather these are considered as one of the nuisance pests in the homes.

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Earwig bite treatment:

Following are the ways in which you can treat the earwig's bits:

Wash the area: This is the primary step for any insect bite as well. Make sure that you wash off the affected area quickly with the water and soap and this will wash away all the germs and the bacteria that might be transferred with the earwig pinch mark on your body. Earwigs live in the soil and on the damp rocks so they have the high chances of carrying the bacteria and infections.

Use an ice pack: As the earwig pinch your skin, your skin may get swollen and sometimes can get inflamed and hot as compared to the entire body. In such a situation, it is a great option to put on an ice pack. This will help to lower down the body temperature and also the redness will be removed that is caused by the earwig bite or pinch.

Use ointments: In case if you feel the itching at the affected site, then you may wash off the area with soap and water and then apply an anti-itch ointment on the wound. Use the topical creams or the gels that can reduce the itching because of the earwig pinches.

Use hydrogen peroxide and Neosporin: They are one of the best anti-infective and antibiotics. You can apply them to the affected area in order to avoid any kind of infection. Neosporin will increase the pace of healing quickly.

Consult the doctor: If you are still in a problem because of the earwig pinch, then you should immediately consult a doctor as there can be some serious issues.

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How to get rid of the earwigs:

Here are the ways that can help in the earwig’s control:

  • Keep the infested areas dry as much as possible
  • Do not let any plant or organic matter to decay near around your homes
  • Make sure that at the night and evening times, your doors and windows are closed
  • Use the natural repellents for the earwigs
  • Boric acid can be greatly effective to get rid of the earwigs
  • Use the vacuum pump to dispose of them
  • Chemical sprays can be used

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If you have infested the earwigs in your homes, then you might look for a professional pest management service that could help you to save you from these messy creatures.

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