How to Stop your Cat from Spraying?

How to stop your cat from spraying

How to stop your cat from spraying.

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Having a cat as a pet is quite tricky sometimes. When you are new as a cat owner you won’t understand what she is doing and why she is doing it and how to control that. Along with grooming and keeping your cat neat and clean there is one more challenge which a cat owner struggles with. That is “Spraying” which means wet spots on the side of the sofa, the drapes, running down the front door etc . It smells like a cat pee but it isn’t.

Why do cats spray?

A cat sprays in order to mark their territory especially if another cat is present and leaves their mark in your yard, window, entrance and door. Therefore spraying can also be a way for cats to draw boundaries, tries to send you a message that she is stressed, settling disputes with another cat, cat owner itself or lets you know that it’s presence and it can be a sign of inappropriate toileting .

Other reasons can be changes like moving to a new place, a house renovation, change in routine or arrival or loss of a person or other pet which might make a cat feel insecure and stressed. Mating female and male cat spray, unneutered males are more likely to leave their mark as a way to let the female cat know they are available. This could also be a learnt behavior they carried over their previous fertile days. Even inappropriate toileting behavior is often due to organic disease or aversion to provided litter boxes or their locations. It can be because of any disease as well.

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How to prevent cat spray?

  • Get your cat neutered as un-neutered male or female cat are most likely to engage in this undesirable behavior. Therefore it is better to get your cat neutered before the age of six months so that it reduces the occurrence of this behavior when the puberty hits.
  • Get the medical checkup done once in a week to make sure your cat is fine and has no infection, stomach aches, abdominal pain, joint ache, problem in walking, bleeding internal or external.
  • Give your cat a lot of attention which means send time with your cat by interacting with them in a positive way. Sometimes cat owners might think that cats are independent and likes to be left aloof. Well your cat does desire contact with you. Brushing your cat or playing a game of catch the laser light, rolling ball, watching television, making their favorite treat once in a week, taking them out for shopping or for a walk would make them feel special and they wouldn’t be stressed.
  • Taking care of food and water supply for your cat so that it doesn’t get stressed and has to run behind you or finds it difficult to communicate with you.
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Measures to stop cat spray?

  • Identify organic diseases like diabetes, heart problems, arthritis, high rise syndrome which can be associated with inappropriate toilet training behavior due to few chemicals which aren’t balanced well.
  • Keep logs of spray marking in which the primary caregiver keep a track on frequency, pattern, location and contexts related to urine marking.
  • Remove stressors as cat spraying can be a result of arousal and stress but removal of stressors does not have to be the end of it. Clearly it is not possible to eliminate all stressor from your home like a person or other cat. However social relationships among multiple cats, any fear or other antagonistic behavior should be acknowledged and managed with desensitization, exposure therapy and interruption.
  • Modify the environment by creating a comfortable environment at home for the your cat, litter boxes studies shows that improved litter boxes alone can significantly reduce urine marking which includes:-
  1. Having at least accessible and used boxes.
  2. ​Provide some litter boxes large in size.
  3. Cleaning the litter box daily.
  • Providing scratching posts and facial rubbing stations to encourage cats to mark with their claws or by facial bunting instead of urine marking,               
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How to modify cat spray behavior?

  • Classical Conditioning teaches the cat to associate a reward like a favorite treat with the sound of a small bell or can opener using conditional response to the sound to get the cat’s attention. This is one of the best techniques useful for changing the subject when the owner senses stress or anticipation in urine marking.
  • Operand conditioning shapes the behavior through positive rewards and allows the cats to be trained to go on a cue to a litter box or a designated spot.
  • Forgetting by making a time table for your cat to follow certain things in it’s daily routine so that the cat is so busy/ occupied that it forgets about spraying completely however this does not mean you won’t spend time with your cat as they are sensitive and sense very easily if the owner isn’t paying attention.
  • Getting involved by aiming to play with your cat for minimum of ten to fifteen minutes at a time, introducing some new toys and some new level of games which interest your cat.
  • Drug therapy to reduce anxiety and aggression level in the cat to reduce cat spray like progestins, diazepam, antidepressants, clomipramine, feline and fluoxetine are few drugs available but use only when prescribed by the medical health care officer.

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Cat spray can be caused due to many factors like stress, puberty, arousal level, anger, lack of communication, dirty litter box, organic diseases and so on. As it is difficult to keep a track on few spraying behavior but if you do not take care of it now it will gradually increase and can be the cause of your disease, infection. Therefore taking certain steps by consulting a doctor, medical checkups, playing, social relationships, exercises reduce anxiety, aggression and depression in your cat which will prevent them from spraying, neutering can and taking measures to change an undesirable behavior will give you positive results and very importantly if you have two cats then provide equal attention to both even if they have completely different personalities. Hope now you know How to stop your cat from spraying. Hope now you know, How to stop your cat from spraying.

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