How to Trim Cat Nails? Cat Nail Care Tips


How to Trim Cat Nails? Cat Nail Care Tips

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Pets are the most amazing thing that happens to us, as they are the only beings that care about us, pamper us, wake us up, and make us active and much more. Keeping a dog as a pet is very common but keeping a cat as a pet is a rare sight. Not everyone can handle a cat because of the traits. I guess it’s naughty, takes away all the charm, self obsessed, clever, smart, observant and a lot more. But once a cat is used to you and starts to adore you then it’s an achievement as winning a cat’s trust isn’t easy.

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While having a pet is a blessing but taking care of them by feeding them right food, medical checks, grooming is the essential part that gives them a sense that you care for them.

Interesting facts about cats

·         Cats have flexible bodies, teeth adapted for hunting small animals therefore they save their energy by sleeping for an average of 13 to 14 hours a day with an excellent hearing and powerful sense of smell.

·         Cats can be good hunters and very sneaky quiet when they walk their paws step almost exactly in the same place as of the front paws; this keeps the noise to a minimum and limits visible tracks.

·         As they grow old they become aggressive towards the kittens, they spend a large amount of time licking their coats to keep them clean.

Therefore keeping them neat and clean is very important which includes cleaning their ears, making them take a bath, trimming nails which is tricky but why worry there are few tips which can help you trim your cat’s nails without getting hurt.

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Why is it important to trim your cat’s nails?

If you do not trim your cat’s nails they will continue to curve downward when they grow. Therefore they will be more likely to get caught in fabric and cause serious, painful scratches on your skin that can be easily infected.

The nail begins to grow into the cat's paw pad making it difficult for them to walk.

How to trim my cat’s nails?

Cat owners should keep one thing that is a cat get traumatized very easily and trimming nails is one of the things which cats hate the most as it is painful. Therefore there are few tips mentioned for you below:-

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  • Get a cat nail clipper which is sharp, stainless, sleet edged. They are quick, painless and cut without adding pressure as using a wrong tool can cause discomfort for the cat and baby nail scissors are not made to clip curved cat nails and will squish your cat’s nails painfully.
  • Desensitization which means slowly introducing your cat to do what they fear like talking to them telling them in a soft tone and slowly playfully introducing the trimmer instead of grabbing your cat and start trimming all of a sudden, they will just freak out and might hurt you.
  • Counter conditioning means to teach them an alternative  behavior that makes them do the right thing and avoid the wrong thing in short you want your cat to calmly allow you to trim.
  • Play with your cat’s paws like massaging their paws while you sing rhythms or music which they enjoy the most. You can try this for a few days so that they learn new textures on their paws and when you get the nail clipper the cat doesn’t react to it angrily but is calm when the clipper is introduced.
  • When you gently squeeze their toes, the claws will emerge then reward your cat with yummy food when they allow you to touch their claws; feet with small bites of tuna or salmon, cooked chicken are the temptations your cat will likely to fall for.
  • Do this gentle paw play for at least three to four days, observe the reaction side by side before you introduce the actual clipper
  • Simply wave the clipper in front of them and reward them. If they panic when the clipper comes out take the step back in the process and go back to massaging the paws. Then introduce the clipper at distance and reward them before they get a chance to panic.
  • While you introduce the actual clipper, hold their paw while using the clipper. That way they can get used to the sound which means they won’t struggle with the sound when you are trying to trim their nails.
  • The pink part of the cat’s nail called the quick is where the nerves and blood vessels are. Do not cut this sensitive area. Cut only the white part of the claw. It is better to be cautious and cut less of the nails rather than risking the pink area.
  • If your cat resists, do not raise your voice or punish her. It is best that you do not cut the nails when you or your cat is agitated as you might run into quick.
  • Do not trim all of your cat’s claws at one time.
  • If your cat is most active at night trim their nails in the morning, when they are lazy they struggle less.
  • Wrap your cat in a thick blanket or towel like a cat burrito and cuddle them and give them treats to keep them calm and encourage their mood.
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Cats need healthy feet to walk, climb, play and achieve their famed acrobatic landings. Regularly checking your cat’s paw for cuts, sores, splinter or swelling is a good thing.

Get a tool which is only used for cutting cat’s nails as it will make the process quick and simple. Be careful of not cutting the quick of the cat while cutting the nails. Do  not rush while cutting the nails and do not raise your voice while trimming your cat’s nails. Take it easy and do not traumatize it by just suddenly cutting it’s nails. Prepare it to face the fears so that your cat and you both are calm. Hope you now know how to trim cat nails and some interesting facts about them.

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