On International Women's Day Homemakers took a pledge to be committed towards their Physical as well as Mental Health and be Strong and Self-dependent

●        Jina.LivingPositively organized a special event for the upliftment of women who are homemakers.

• Dancing Yoga and other performances enchanted everyone through their majestic art.

• Participants showed special interest towards self-defense and yoga

• Homemakers said, courses such as Makeup Artist are also better options for self-employment

On the occasion of Women’s Day 2020 three psychologists namely Kavita Yadav, Aastha Dhingra Hasija and Yogita Jhuraney Sayal in their collaborative effort organized a cultural extravaganza for the women and by the women which included training of  women on self-defense, kitchen gardening, vision board, and self make up. It was a well-received event and the participants were longing for more of such events in the near future", says Aastha Dhingra Hasija, Clinical Psychologist. Organizers Kavita Yadav and Aastha Dhingra Hasija along with Yogita Jhuraney Sayal - Psychologist, Sangeeta Wahi Mohin - Green Entrepreneur, Oshna Kathuria Makkar - Makeup Artist, Neeru  Daid     - Nirankari Yoga Center and Dr. Roma Kumar together ignited the lamp at the beginning of the event. Various dance, singing and dancing yoga performances enchanted everyone through their majestic art.

The main objective of this event was to empower the participants, mainly homemakers, in which they were encouraged to adopt a positive ideology and also shared important information on various options of self-employment. Kavita Yadav, Psychologist, Career and Parenting Coach greeted all the audience as the keynote speaker and said "We have organized this event on the occasion of International Women's Day 2020 to celebrate womanhood. It is curated to give women a safe place and platform to express their feelings and learn new tools, techniques to not only protect themselves physically but also be emotionally and spiritually strong."

Women have a special role in our social and personal lives every day. From being the backbone of her family to playing multiple roles and caring for everyone, a woman often neglects her own self. She takes care of every single member as a housewife, but she often forgets to count herself, which not only hinders her physical health but she also faces difficulties at the mental and emotional level. Yogita Jhuraney Sayal, Psychologist & Marital Counselor said "It is an event saluting all the women around the globe. Coming together to celebrate this day is a reminder that each day is a day to cherish our womanhood."
Veena Gupta - Self-Defense Expert shared some crucial facts regarding women's self-defense and told that nowadays women should be strong to protect themselves physically. Being convinced with the idea of Self-defence education, participants while strongly condemning the atrocities on women in the country they vowed to strengthen themselves physically and mentally.

The special cultural offering included singing, dancing, and dancing yoga which was welcomed by the audience with joy. Along with this, women were also given detailed information about yoga and were asked to practice it on a regular basis for a healthy and long life.

The event had a special section where Ms. Rachna Gilotra was presented with the "Audacious Woman Award" for her fighting spirit and strength while dealing with breast cancer. She came out as a winner and is currently leading a happy, healthy life. Nowadays women, especially homemakers, have an additional need for self-care, which they usually ignore.

By choosing any suitable option for self-employment, a woman can improve her personal life as well as remain mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy and can give a purpose to her existence. 

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