This Women’s Day, Joy personal care challenges a popular saying in Bengal ‘Rupe Lokhi, Gune Saraswati’ in its latest campaign

·         Launches ‘Rupe Ami, Gune Ami’ campaign in West Bengal which questions the societal imagery of an ideal woman

·         Underlining the brand philosophy, ‘Beautiful by nature’, Joy urges women to celebrate their beauty and intelligence in their own way

·         A first-in-category innovative ‘talking’ newspaper ads drives the campaign message based on a lyrical poetry written by a Srijato Bandopadhyay, a renowned poet in Bengal

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9 th March, 2020, Kolkata: Joy, a leading skincare brand from RSH Global, through its latest campaign ‘Rupe Ami, Gune Ami’ will be challenging the popular Bengali saying, ‘Rupe Laxmi, Gune Saraswati’ meaning, as beautiful as Laxmi and as learned as Saraswati.

“Rupe lokhi , Gune Saraswati”

This Women’s Day, Joy personal care challenges a popular saying in Bengal ‘Rupe Lokhi, Gune Saraswati’ in its latest campaign
 Mr. Sunil Agarwal, Chairman, RSH Global

This Women’s Day, Joy personal care challenges a popular saying in Bengal ‘Rupe Lokhi, Gune Saraswati’ in its latest campaign
Ms. Poulomi Roy, Chief Marketing Officer, RSH Global

In Bengal, since ages, the aforementioned proverb is popularly used to appreciate a woman. The campaign stems from the mother brand philosophy ‘beautiful by nature’ and shatters the age old stereotype that defines an ideal woman as one as perfect combination of beauty and brains; with a cultural context to ensure relatability & acceptability.

The campaign urges women to celebrate themselves and not the ideal combination that world expects them to be. The campaign ‘Rupe Ami, Gune Ami’ is an antithesis to this commonly known proverb “Rupe Lokhi, Gune Saraswati” and aims to inspire women toward embracing their qualities and celebrating their inner beauty.

Mr. Sunil Agarwal, Chairman, RSH Global, said, “West Bengal is a key market for the company and we are excited to launch this distinct integrated campaign. The new age consumer has evolved with time & we are we are delighted to offer the new range of innovative products.”

Ms. Poulomi Roy, Chief Marketing Officer, RSH Global, said, “For Joy, it’s similar to a relaunch in Bengal. Being headquartered in Bengal, it was much easier for us to relate to our consumers in terms of culture and behavior. The city is home to most progressive, well-read and experimentative consumers and therefore, it was imperative for us to establish stronger relation by driving pioneering, relatable and a culturally relevant campaign.

Bengal has always been a place which has moved ahead with the current times without forgetting its cultural roots. Hence, a first-in-category innovative messaging was launched in the form of a ‘talking ad’ with a leading media partner whose brand equity resonates with Bengal since ages.”

The integrated campaign incorporates outdoor advertisements that highlight the ease with which one can embrace their physical appearance and celebrate the quirks & imperfections that makes one uniquely beautiful. Additionally, radio associations, social media outreach and innovative ‘talking’ advertisement will soon become the talk of the town. This year-long integrated campaign will further include TV Commercials and association with iconic properties.

About RSH Global:

RSH Global PVT Ltd was established in 1988 in Kolkata, materialising the single, strong vision of its makers - “To be recognised as one of the leading personal care companies that will deliver the best of consumer hygiene and personal grooming for both for men & women globally." The organisation strives to provide a complete personal care product range with its brands like JOY, X-MEN and Karis, which offer innovative, quality personal care products at affordable prices.

The growing satisfaction of consumers testifies the fact that RSH - a 1st generation Indian company from Kolkata - now has a marked global presence in more than 25 countries including Africa, Middle-East and the SAARC countries. Its manufacturing excellence stems from the passion to create the best quality product. With two manufacturing units at Himachal Pradesh (Baddi) & in Kolkata (West Bengal), RSH is capable of manufacturing high quality personal care products.

RSH provides the best quality product to the customers, depending on consistent quality im-provement at every step of product development through international tools like Consumer Safety, 4P, 5S, HACCP, TPM, etc.

With a work force of 1500 employees across all departments, a presence of over 10 lakh retail outlets across the world and Distribution networks of 1000 in the country - RSH is constantly working towards its vision "empowering people to look better, feel better and do more”. 

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