Yamaha launches its 2nd Blue Square in Chennai

~ The new showroom institutes the identity of racing DNA of excitement, sporty & stylish ~

Chennai, March 07, 2020: India Yamaha Motor (IYM) Pvt. Ltd. is pleased to announce the opening of its second “Blue Square” under the banner of its dealership ‘Sri Motors’ in Ashok Nagar, Chennai, with the outlet of size 2450 sq. feet. Blue Square is a unique concept-driven showroom that institutes Yamaha’s racing DNA of excitement, sport & style.

The launch is part of the Call of the Blue campaign, which started in the year 2018, expanded in 2019 through its new products and through exciting experiences. Continuing progressively towards 2020, this is the first ‘Blue Square’ of the Year 2020 and second in Chennai to provide uniqueness and further rev up in Yamaha’s BLUE colour by transforming customer experiences in the company showrooms through vivid aesthetics, inspiring propriety created out of Yamaha two-wheeler line ups and engaging offerings. The first Blue Square was launched in Chennai in December 2019 and Yamaha plans to launch 100 “Blue Square” outlets on Pan India basis.

The “Blue Square” institutes Yamaha’s identity of racing DNA through visual and exhibitory outline of showroom design on the exterior porticos of the outlet, BLUE-themed interior ambience inside the outlets, exciting display of motorcycles and scooters based upon racing DNA and style of Yamaha, along with accessories, apparels and genuine spare parts to realize the brand’s excitement, sporty & stylish personality.  A line up of accessories and apparels are also the prime focus of the company for the “Blue Square”.

Yamaha launches its 2nd Blue Square in Chennai

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