SunTec Business Solutions Chooses to Accelerate Business Performance and Improve Productivity

Mumbai, November 4, 2020: SunTec Business Solutions, the world’s #1 relationship-based pricing and billing company chose, a tool that helps track and manage individual objectives and key results against the overall organizational goals to aid enterprise growth and enhance efficiency.

SunTec Business Solutions Chooses to Accelerate Business Performance and Improve Productivity’s OKR software is being deployed across all the departments and global teams covering the entire 650 employees at SunTec. The first phase included leadership teams, functional heads and department heads globally. The implementation is now being done in a phased manner with an ROI expected within six months of complete roll out which was started in second quarter of 2020.

SunTec reviewed several OKR [Objectives and Key Results] SaaS platforms and chose to partner with after a rigorous evaluation. The company’s leadership team opted for this OKR tool given its proven framework to achieve strategic goals. 

Nanda Kumar, CEO of SunTec Business Solutions said, “We are glad to move to an OKR platform that enables the entire organization to work towards and achieve our strategic business goal.’s consultative approach, responsiveness and customer focused approach were the clear differentiators that served as a deal maker. We also found the software to be user-friendly, intuitive, and customizable.”

“Due to the unprecedented times our clients' demands are changing requiring us to stay agile. We must continuously iterate our execution and tactics to meet our objectives.  We are confident that’s OKR platform will help us to implement OKRs and realize our strategic goals, meeting all our needs”, said Prakash Nair, Vice President & Global Head - HR and Knowledge Management at SunTec Business Solutions. 

He further added, “An important aspect for an organization is keeping employees aligned with the organizational objectives and goals. OKRs is among the best frameworks to achieve this.” 

SunTec was earlier using the Balanced Scorecard Method, an approach to plan and set objectives and goals. It was used to improve customer service, enhance business performance, and accelerate innovation. However, using the Balance Scorecard method was complicated and SunTec wanted to move away from the manual and labor-intensive process of creating OKRs on an excel sheet.  

Senthil Rajagopalan, President & COO from said, “We’re happy to partner with SunTec and assist them in moving from a manual to automated tracking of OKRs. We are confident that our platform will help improve efficiency and increase transparency throughout SunTec.”

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