Amul fresh paneer 200 gm packet price, review and unboxing

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Amul fresh paneer is available in 100 gm, 200 gm and 1kg packets.

About this item

Amul fresh paneer 200 gm packet price, review and unboxing

Loaded in milk proteins

Is completrely Pure and hygienic

Has a smooth, uniform texture and softness

This paneer can be cubed and stir-fried, scrambled, grilled, pickled, baked, barbecued, smoked or also served in soups

It is loaded with high fat and low moisture compared to the loose paneer available in market. 

Ingredients of Amul Fresh Paneer

Milk Solids and Citric acid

Features & Details

This paneer is made from wholesome milk and is an excellent source of protein

Every 100g serving of Amul Fresh Paneer will provide you with :

Energy: 289 kcal

Energy from FAT: 225 kcal

Total FAT: 25 g

Saturated FAT: 15 g

Cholesterol: 66 mg

Carbohydrate: 2g

Added Sugar: 0g

Protein: 14 g

Calcium: 480mg

You can make your everyday dinner extra special with Amul Fresh Paneer. The succulent, fresh, tender and creamy paneer makes a perfect part of any meal. Amul Fresh Paneer gives a delicious flavour to all types of dishes and is a great source of protein to vegeterians. Go ahead and buy this product online today!