Baby caps and hats for boys and girls to protect from sun and winter

Baby caps and hats for boy and girl to protect from sun and winter

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Best Hats to wear in the Sun for Kids?

If your toddlers like to spend more time outdoors playing, but are you worried about sun protection? Sun hats is the perfect solution!

On a really hot sunny day, the ears and scalps of your toddler can burn from the heat o the sun. It’s very important to protect those delicate areas of your toddler from the heat of the sun.

Sun hats allow them have all the fun they want to have outdoors in the sun, while protecting their delicate ears and scalp from the harmful rays of the sun.

We’ve have reviewed one of the best sun hats for kids to help them stay safe while in the sun.

When is the best time for Kids to start wearing sun hats?

Sun hats can be worn from the very beginning, that is the infancy stage whenever you take them out. There are many sun hats available even for infants which you can strap under your baby’s chin so they stay in place. It's very important for a newborn as their skin is very delicate and not used to the sunlight. The sun rays can easily burn their skin. It can also lead to dehydration depending on how long they have been outdoors.

Even a single severe sunburn in a baby or a toddler can double their risk of developing melanoma later in life. You should always use sun hats whenever your child goes outdoors in the sun, which will give your child all the sun protection they need.

How to Choose a Sun Hat for Kids?

Any type of hat can provide your child with sun protection for the scalp, but if you are looking for the best sun protection then here are some features you should have look for while choosing a Sun Hat.

Our first pick for best sun hats for kids is the Tuga reversible bucket hat, for girls. For Boy's you can consider the SwimZip unisex hat, since it's unisex you can use it for both as well.

Since the Tuga hat is reversible — it’s like getting a good deal where you get two hats for the price of one. It also comes with a 50 plus UPF rating.

It is very comfortable while wearing for toddlers and it also has a removable, adjustable chin strap.

Best Hats to wear in winter for kids?

When winter is round the corner we stack our closets with a lot of warm clothes to beat the cold. Along with warm clothes and the other gear you also need to stack a pair of winter hats for your kids.

The cold winter breeze can make your kids to catch a cold, and a baby winter hat is a must to protect their ears and head so that they don't catch a cold.

Here we have listed the finest baby winter hats for your kids.

Baby Winter Hats

Choosing the right winter hat for your kids is very important. Things you need to consider while buying winter hats for your kids are the age of your kid, the size of the hat, and the material of the Hat.

When buying a kids winter hat remember to choose one which is soft and smooth to touch, the size, and a hat which covers the head and the ears completely. Also don't forget to choose kid friendly designs to keep them interested.

Let us know what you guys consider while buying a Sun hat and Winter hat for your baby? in the comment section below.

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