Best UV Protection Sunglasses for Kids Buy Online

Children need sunglasses more than Adults, As sunglasses are extremely important for kids. As children spend most of their time outdoors playing compared to adults and are more exposed ro the harmful UV rays of the sun. Therefore 100% UV blocking sunglasses are very important for children. As excessive exposure to UV radiation overtime has been linked to be the cause of cataracts and other eye problems, hence it's very important for your kids to begin wearing good quality sunglasses when they are outdoors.

Recently, researchers have found out that long-term exposure to high-energy visible (HEV) light rays, which are also known as "blue light," may also cause damage to the eye over time.

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Research has also found that high lifetime exposure to HEV light or blue light may also contribute to the development of macular degeneration later in life.

The lens inside a child's eye is less capable of filtering high-energy rays like Blue light, hence aking them more susceptible to UV and HEV radiation. This makes it more important for kids to start wearing sunglasses with 100% UV andd HEV blocking outdoors from an early age.

Sunglasses are a must when your child is at high altitudes, in tropical locales, in a snowfield, on the water or on a sandy beach, as the exposure to UV rays increases in such environments. 

Choosing the color of sunglass lenses

The color of the sunglasses do not determine the UV protection they provide.

Always purchase sunglasses that block 100 percent of the sun's UV rays, then you can choose any color and tint density you like that's your personal preference.

Most sunglasses that block the sun's HEV rays have lenses that are amber or copper in color. They block the blue light, and enhance contrast.

If your child has vision correction glasses then you can opt for eyeglasses with photochromic lenses, which serve dual purpose. These eyeglasses are clear indoors and automatically darken in sunlight. 

These Photochromic lenses are available in various lens materials and colors like gray, brown, and green. All photochromic lenses work to block 100% UV rays and provide a good protection from high-energy visible blue light.

Sunglass styles for kids

Sunglasses for kids are available in various colorful, frame styles to choose from. Oval, round, rectangular, cat-eye and geometric shapes are all popular in different colors like green, blue, pink and black. Plastic sunglasses for kids look like scaled-down versions of trendy adult styles.

Where to buy kids' sunglasses?

You can shop for latest kids' sunglasses online or at your local optical stores.

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Best UV Protection Sunglasses for Kids Buy Online

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