Chicco Anti-Mosquito Gel Review with Price

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Price: ₹ 249 for 50ml and ₹ 409 for 100ml

Chicco Anti-Mosquito Baby

The skin of the babies is very delicate and require special care. Babies should be protected against mosquitoes with products that are specially made for their tender skin. Chiccos, Anti-mosquito Gel protects babies against Mosquitoes including the ones spreading Dengue & Chikungunya right from the first weeks, using only natural ingredients.

Chicco Anti-Mosquito Gel is dermatologically tested to be safe for babies sensitive skin. 

This Anti-Mosquito Gel doesn't contain alcohol and colours which makes it completely safe for babies. This gel provides gentle and delicate protection for infants, children and pregnant women from Mosquitoes. This Anti-Mosquito Gel works effectively both during day and night to keep mosquitoes at bay.


Mosquitoes are known to cause a lot of dangerous illnesses like Dengue, Chikungunya & Malaria. For babies, it is very important to use a mosquito repellent to keep mosquitoes at bay. Many mosquito repellents are available in the market but most of them contain alcohol content which is harmful for babies skin, hence it's advisable to use products with delicate formulation that not only protects them from mosquitoes but are also gentle on their skin. Chicco Anti-mosquito Gel & Spray are specially made for babies and works effectively to keep mosquitoes at bay.

The Chicco anti mosquito gel contains an extract of a particular species of Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Maculata Citrodiora) from Australia. Citrodiol is known to have excellent insect repellent properties and is known to be one of the most reliable mosquito repellent world over.

The mosquito repellent effect of Chicco lasts for upto 3 hours from application. 


Chicco Anti-Mosquito Gel doesn't contain any aggressive repellents and only uses natural ingredients to protects your child delicately & naturally from mosquitoes. Its active ingredient is Citrodiol which is naturally occurring in nature and highly effective in keeping mosquitoes away.


The Chicco Anti-Mosquito Gel is tested by dermatologist for sensitive skin and is free from chemicals like DEET, Alcohol and Colours. This ensures gentle protection from mosquitoes for babies & children without harming their tender skin.

How to use

Take some chicco anti mosquito gel in the palm of your hands

Now apply it evenly over the parts of the baby which are exposed to mosquitoes

Gently spread the gel over the babies skin until it has been absorbed completely by the skin


Anti-mosquito gel is made to provide natural, complete, safe and effective protection from insect bites to babies

The gel Works effectively to protect your babies from mosquitoes both during the day and at night

One application of the Chicco Ant-Mosquito gel will protect your baby up to 3 hours from mosquitoes

This product is free from alcohol and colours which gives gentle and delicate protection for infants, children and pregnant women

The Chicco Ant-Mosquito gel is Dermatologically tested to be safe for babies skin

Recommended Age: This gel is suitable for ages 3+ months