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Complan is a popular nutrition and health drink in India and is made from a clinically proven formula which provides 2 times faster growth

The new complan contains 100% First Class Milk Protein and is loaded with 34 Vital Nutrients like Vitamin A, E & C which supports immune function and Nutrients for  Brain development and it’s functioning like Iodine, Iron, Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid. It also has Nutrients like Sodium , Potassium & Chloride which help in maintaining fluid balance in the body.

This health drink can be consumed with milk or water.

The clinically proven formula in Complan gives kids’ 2 times faster growth. The milk protein-based formula of the New Complan does not just support physical growth but also immune function, helps brain development & functioning. For best results serve Complan to your kid twice a day along with their daily balanced diet. This will help your kids grow 2 times faster. 

The new complan is Available in 4 new delicious flavours - Royale Chocolate, Creamy Classic, Kesar Badam and Pista Badam.

The New Complanhas been been specially formulated for children, keeping in mind Indian RDA guidelines and is loaded with 34 vital nutrients.

Complan contains 100% milk protein which has all the essential amino acids which are needed to support the body needs of your growing child.

Compared to the protein available in other health drinks available for children made of Malt and wheat protein, the milk protein present in Complan is a superior quality protein with 3 TIMES BETTER DIASS SCORE. Milk protein is easily digested by the body.

Complan is loaded with higher quantity of Protein that is 18g of Protein per 100g of Complan, which is much higher than any other children health drink in India. Due to the higher protein in complan, 2 cups of Complan meets 40% of Protein RDA.

1 serve of Complan = 33g Complan + 150ml water or milk.


Good bone health in childhood lays the foundation for stronger bones later in life. Complan is loaded with five bone health nutrients like Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium along with Vitamin D and Vitamin K, that supports bone health and make the bones strong.


Lack of nutrition affects a child’s overall cognitive development, which is the cause of poor memory and lower concentration. Complan is loaded with 6 Neuro nutrients which are vital for brain development. These nutrients are Iodine, Iron, Vit B12, Folate, Zinc and Choline which supports brain development.


Having a strong immune system is very important in Children as they are more prone to infections. A good immune system will protect them from various infections and reach their growth potential with the right nutrition. Complan contains pro-immunity nutrients like Vitamin A, C, E, Zinc and Selenium that are known for supporting the immune function of your child.


Milk Solids, Sugar, Peanut Oil, Maltodextrin, Caramel, Beetroot Juice Powder, Mineral Mix (Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate, Sodium Chloride, Ferrous Sulphate, Calcium Phosphate, Zinc Sulphate, Manganese Sulphate, Copper Sulphate, Potassium Iodate), Flavours (Natural, Artificial Flavouring Substances), Vitamin Mix.

How to Use

Just Add 2 heaped tablespoons of complan equal to 33gms into a mug

Now pour in 150 ml of warm or cold milk and stir to form a creamy drink

A nutritous cup of complan is ready to be relished

Other available deliciuos flavors are 

- Pista badam

- Creamy Classic

- Kesar Badam