Dermadew Baby Cream uses for babies, price, ingredients and review

Dermadew Baby Cream uses for babies, price, ingredients and review

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Dermadew Baby Cream is loaded with Vitamin E & Turmeric oil and contains special emolients, moisturisers and skin nourishers. This cream was recommended by my baby's pediatrician for her delicate skin. Dermadew Baby Cream moisturises the skin and makes it soft, smooth, supple.

The Vitamin E and almond oil present in this cream, soothes your baby's skin, get's rid of dryness and also cures rashes. The turmeric oil present in the cream has antioxidant properties which works to heal the wounds and reduce inflammation on the baby’s skin.

The cream also contains Dimethicone and light liquid paraffin which are the moisturizing base and works as a barrier function to retain the moisture of the skin. Daily use of Dermadew for the baby’s delicate skin makes it soft, smooth, supple, well hydrated and also improves the skin tone.

Key ingredients in Dermadew baby cream are :

Aloe vera


Vitamin E

Shea butter

Almond oil

Rice bran oil

Turmeric oil


Light liquid paraffin

Therapeutic uses of Dermadew baby cream:

The cream is Suitable for baby’s delicate skin as it is mild and Moisturizes baby’s skin to makes it soft, refreshing and well hydrated

Side effects of Dermadew baby cream:

Dermadew baby cream is completely safe and doesn't generally cause any side effects. However, if your baby experiences any reactions such as skin reddening, skin rash or any other allergic reactions then check with your doctor.

Safety advice:

Use this cream for external use only.

Always apply the cream after baby’s bath.

If your baby is allergic to any of its ingredients, avoid using this cream.

Avoid cream contact with baby’s eyes, if happens rinse the baby's eyes thoroughly with clean water.

Keep the cream out of reach of children.

Dermadew baby cream

Store this cream in a cool, dry place.

Do not freeze.

How to use Dermadew baby cream?

Take enough cream in the palm of your hands and apply it gently on the affected area as required after baby’s bath.

Key Ingredients:

Aloe gel

Light liquid paraffin

White soft paraffin

Purified lanolin

Anhydrous lanolin

Stearic acid

Lanoline alcohol

Sorbitol solution

Propylene glycol

Cetyl alcohol


Dimethicone fluid


Disodium EDTA


Key Benefits of Dermadew baby cream:

Improves the skin complexion, tone, elasticity

Moisturises baby's skin

Rejuvenates the baby's skin

Help's in Maintaining smooth and healthy skin