Nestle Munch Fruit O' Nuts Chocolate Bar Price, Unboxing and Review

Nestle MUNCH Fruit O’ Nuts Chocolate Bar price, unboxing and review

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Nestlé MUNCH - New MUNCH CRUNCH O NUTS  Chocolate Bar price, unboxing and review

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Product Details

Key Features

Munch Fruit O’ Nuts is a Delicious Coated Wafer Chocolate

The chocolate has a combination of delicious crunchy almonds and pomegranate bits along with crunchy wafer

The new Munch Fruit O’ Nuts provides an amazing multi sensorial experience with crunchy almonds and pomegranate bits

Energy Count: One bar of 32g gives you approx. 140 calories


Sugar, Refined Wheat flour (Maida), Pomegranate Apple mix pieces (Pomegranate juice (3.1%), Invert Sugar, Apple puree concentrate (1.8%), Humectant (422), Sugar, Wheat Fibre, Gelling agent (440) and Acidity regulator (330)), Milk solids, Hydrogenated vegetable fats (contain sesame oil), Edible vegetable fats, Almonds (5.6%), Cocoa solids (3.7%), Peanuts (3.6%), Iodized salt, Emulsifier (Soya lecithin), Raising agent (500(ii)), Yeast and Flour treatment agents (516 and 1101(i)). CONTAINS ADDED FLAVOUR (NATURAL FLAVOURING SUBSTANCES AND ARTIFICIAL (VANILLA) FLAVOURING SUBSTANCES).

Net Weight

32 g

Shelf Life

Best before 9 Months from the date of manufacture

Why Should you try Munch Fruit O’ Nuts?

Nestlé MUNCH brings you a never before tasted combination of CRUNCHY almonds and pomegranate bits.

The New Munch fruit and nut is an amazing wafer chocolate coated with almonds & pomegranate.

Munch Fruit O’ Nuts lets you discover a completly new taste in every bite.

How is the New Munch Frut O'nuts unique?

The new munch Fruit O’ Nuts provides you an amazing chocolaty crunch of wafer along with the unique combination of almonds and pomegranate bits.

The combination of flavours of almonds and pomegranate along with creamy chocolate and crunchy wafer is very yummy. 

When can you eat the new munch fruit o' nuts?

The Munch Fruit O’ Nuts chocolate is an amazing treat to enjoy everyday to add a little more sweetness to your day. You can also use MUNCH Fruit O’ Nuts in various chocolate recipes or enjoy the MUNCH fruit o' nuts bar as it is. 

Allergens: The Munch fruit o' nuts May Contain various nuts like Cashew Nut, Hazelnut, Pistachio and Walnut.

Storage: Store the new Munch fruit o' nuts in a cool, dry and hygienic place. 

A whitish layer may develop on the chocolate due to Humidity and Temperature it does not affect its fitness for consumption.

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