Spotzero by Milton Kharata Plastic Hard Bristle Broom (Aqual Green) Price, Review and Unboxing

Spotzero by Milton Kharata Plastic Hard Bristle Broom (Aqual Green)

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About this item

Material - High Quality Plastic

Number of Sticks - 44 plastic sticks

Suitability - Suitable for rough, wet and dry surfaces

Weight - Light weight

It's a very Durable product


Price: Rs 120.00

Product description

Spotzero is an innovative product that is suitable for all types of cleaning like rough, wet and dry surfaces. This product is made from high quality plastic material and is designed with 44 plastic sticks. Spotzero can be used to remove water from the floor or as a broom on a hard and rough surface like outdoors. The handle of the spotzero comes with a loop for hanging it. This product has a long lasting life as it is made from high quality plastic.

Spotzero is a product by Milton and is a Plastic Kharata which is also known as a Hard Bristle Broom.

Spotzero from Milton is an everyday cleaning aids for your Convenience. Spotzero by Milton can be used for dusting and cleaning outdoors with ease and convenience. The spotzero is a cleaning tool which is ergonomically designed for comfortable use. The spotzero plastic broom by Milton effectively cleans your bathroom floor of dirt and grime.


It's a Durable cleaning aid and has a long life

Comes in a Soothing colour of Aqual green

Effective in Pushing water out

It has Hard bristles

Effective Cleaning

The Spotzero from Milton Keeps your bathroom floor clean from dirt, dust, and water. It works effectively to remove all kinds of stubborn stains and helps to maintain hygiene in the bathroom.

Multipurpose Use

The Spotzero is a versatile plastic broom and has multipurpose utility, as it can be used for cleaning both dry and wet surfaces. It can also be used to push water.

44 Plastic Sticks

This broom is equipped with 44 plastic sticks that are hard in nature and are capable of effectively getting rid of stains from any kind of surface.


This broom is lightweight which allows you to comfortably use this broom to keep your home clean without straining yourself. 


The spotzero hard plastic broom is super durable and lasts for a long time before needing a replacement.

Provision for Hanging

The hook at the top of this broom allows you to hang it up, which allows it to dry better and maintain hygiene.

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