Webby Fishing Game Toy for kids to catch plastic fishes buy online (Multi-Color) Review with price

Webby Musical Rotating Tyre Fishing Game Toy for kids with 45 Fishes (Multi-Color) Review with price

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Webby Fishing Game Toy for kids to catch magnet fishes buy online (Multi-Color)

Price: 849.00

Product Details:

Material: Plastic 

Colour: Multi Color 

Dimensions: 32.5 x 31 x 6.4 cm

Battery Required: 2

Type of Battery: AA 

Battery Included: No

Age Group: 3 Years and Above

Package Includes : 1 Piece Musical Tyre Fishing Game Toy with 45 Fishes and 4 colorful fishing rods

Special Features:  Webby Musical Tyre Fishing Game comes with 45 colourful fishes, 4 vibrant colored fishing poles and a musical rotating tyre shaped fishing board. This toy makes the experience of fishing more realistic and emulated for the child. Playing with the toy helps bring out the competitive spirit in your Child. This game will also help your child develop his hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

This game is a perfect fun family game to engage with the children and is also a wonderful way to teach toddlers colors while playing.


My daughter loves this game a lot as it is a very immersive game. With this game you can teach your kids colors and counting. This surely one of the best games for families to play together. Let’s Go Fishing is definitely one of the best toddler games ever! We bet even adults will enjoy this game as it is super immersive.

What Are Fishing Games?

A basic fishing game is a game in which the task is to catch fishes and gain points. The winner is the one who catches the most number of fishes. A good fishing game is the one that gives you a real feel of fishing.

Benefits of Playing LET’S GO FISHING GAME are :

Given below are some of the important benefits of LET’S GO FISHING GAME for toddlers:

Improves Motor Skills: LET’S GO FISHING GAME developing motor skills in toddlers.

Eye And Hand Coordination: Eye hand coordination is quite an essential skill for Toddlers to learn to do various daily tasks. The LET’S GO FISHING GAME helps a lot in developing eye and hand coordination.

Helps With Cognitive Development: Cognitive development is very important at this age. Cognitive development in toddler means the thinking process of the brain. This game demands quick thinking processes.

What Are The Factors To Consider While Buying Fishing Toys For Child?

There are many fishing toys available in the market Today. These are some of the factors to consider while selecting the best fishing toy for your child:

Fishing games can sometimes be gender-specific so keep it in mind.

Fishing games are available for various age groups. Select age appropriate one for your child.

The material of the toy is also an important factor to consider. Mostly, fishing games are made from wood, plastic or metal. They also sometimes have magnetic parts as well. Always Make sure the toy you choose is safe for the child.

This LET’S GO FISHING GAME is designed for indoor, outdoor, or even bath time play. This game is intended to introduce the child to a variety of colors and improve motor skills.


Every time someone catches a fish should call out the number of fish they have caught.

Assign points to different colored Fishes. Then add up your points to decide the winner. our kid to learn maths while playing. Eg assign point system for every color like 5 points for blue and 2 points for orange etc.

Shout aloud the color of the fish you catch.


Put all the fishes into the Let’s Go Fishing game board. Place the tyre on a flat comfortable surface for the kids to play. Hand every kid a fishing pole. AT a time 4 children can play the game. Every time you catch a fish you win a point. Player with the highest points wins the game.

LET’S GO FISHING GAME is a perfect educational toy for toddlers whih is fun and educational at the same time.

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