Yamama Banking Cash Register Toy Review and price

 Yamama Banking Cash Register Toy Review and price

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Yamama Banking Cash Register Toy Review and price

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This cash register toy set includes a fully functional cash register which has a checkout scanner,  built-in calculator, microphone, credit card reader, and cash drawer.

The Calculator in the toy helps your child to learn about numbers

The set has realistic sounds and lights which one hears at a real cash register

The cash register drawer comes with a toy key to lock it

This set also includes play money, shopping basket, and food playset


Brand - Yamama

Type - Cash Register Kit

Age - 3 Years and above

Product Dimension - 32 x 24 x 12 cm

Price - 1177

This is a Super fun cash register toy for kids which comes with play food and play money. Using the cash register your kids will be able to learn simple maths like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division while having a lot of fun. Playing ith this set encourages role playing and social communications in kids. This interactive toy is sure to keep your kids engaged for hours. 

Country of Origin: china

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Cash Register is a great fun learning toy for younger children/kids. Children like to play with this cash register and will have great fun too.  The children will learn maths like adding, subtraction, multiple and divide. There are number too from 0 to 9. They will love to scan all the groceries with the light-up hand-held scanner after the product is scan they will pay in cash that is notes or coin. The credit card scanner tells you that your card has been approved.

Benefits of having a cash Register is 

  • The children will learn how to interact socially
  • Working with numbers and learning maths
  • They will learn how to shop
  • Best gift idea for young children whether its a boy or a girl

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