Amul Garlic and Herbs Butter 100 g price, review and unboxing / Amul Buttery Spread

Amul Garlic and Herbs Butter 100 g price, review and unboxing / Amul Buttery Spread 

Amul Buttery Spread - Garlic & Herbs, 100 g Carton

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Amul Buttery Spread - Garlic & Herbs

About the Product

Amul garlic and herbs buttery spread is made from Amul Butter along with Garlic flakes & Oregano leaves to give you an amazing garlicky flavour with a hint of herbs.


Milk FAT, Min : 77%, Moisture Max : 19%, 

Salt, Max : 3%

Curd, Max : 1%

Nutritional Facts / Information

Energy 697.6 kcal,Total Fat 77.3 g,Saturated fat 50.3 g,Total Carbohydrate 0 g,Sugar 0 g,Protein 0.5 g

Brand - Amul

Model Name - Garlic & Herbs

Type - Salted Butter

Quantity - 100 g

Flavor - Garlic & Herbs

Gourmet - Yes

Shelf Life - 6 Months from packaging

Added Preservatives - No

Container Type - cardboard box

Product Features

This is an unique flavour from Amul in India.

The amazing Garlic taste along with Oregano herbs mixed well in the Classic Amul Butter, this gives the butter spread an unmatched taste & flavour!

There are No artificial flavours or colours added.

It's made from 100% Natural ingredients.

Now make a yummy and delicious Garlic Bread right at home with Amul Garlic & Herbs Buttery Spread. 

Amul Garlic & Herbs Buttery Spread is now available in all leading stores in India and online etailers.






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Amul Garlic and Herbs Butter 100 g price, review and unboxing / Amul Buttery Spread

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