Atomberg Efficio Gorilla bldc Ceiling Fan 1200 mm price with atomberg fan remote manual buy online

Atomberg Efficio Gorilla bldc Ceiling Fan 1200 mm price with atomberg fan remote manual buy online

Atomberg Gorilla Efficio 1200 Fan Review 28w Power On 5 Speed  Best Ceiling Fan

Atomberg Technologies is a company started by a group of IIT & IIM Graduates. Atomberg entered the fan production business with an aim to make energy efficient fans. Atomberg first product is the Efficio Ceiling fan. This fan from Atomberg is based on BLDC technology. These fans can be easily used by connecting it to the regular AC supply available in most of the Indian households; however, the fan internally runs 24V DC motor. The new BLDC Technology used in the fans only consumes 28W on the highest speed & as low as 6W on the lowest speed. Compared to any of the ordinary Induction based Ceiling fans available in the market, Atomberg's Efficio fan can save up-to 1500/ Year on your electricity bills. Also the Atomberg Efficio can runs 3 Times longer on an inverter battery, compared to an ordinary Ceiling Fan. These fans from atomberg run at a consistent speed, even when there are major voltage fluctuation. These fans are much lighter compared to general fans as they are made from an Aluminum Alloy, which also makes them rust free. You also get a small remote which has features like Boost mode, Sleep Mode & Timer Mode to control the Atomberg Efficio ceiling fans. The Boost mode enables the highest speed of the fan, In the Sleep mode the fan speed is reduced by 1 Step every 2 Hours when you use the sleep Mode. The timer on the fan is an OFF timer, which puts the fan OFF after a set number of hours which can be selected from the remote. The Atomberg fans use a Z+ Shielded double ball bearing. Atomberg Efficio fans are perfect for Luxury living rooms, large rooms & Houses. The remote has a Operable distance of UP TO 20 FT.


Type: Ceiling Fan

Motor Speed: 350 RPM

Power Consumption: 28 W

Blade Sweep Size: 1200 mm

Air Flow: 230 cfm

Number of Speed Settings: 5

Material: Aluminium

Super Energy Efficient BLDC Motor: 28W on the highest Speed

INVERTER STABILIZATION TECHNOLOGY : It can run on consistently on the same speed from a voltage range of 140-285V

NO REGULATOR NEEDED: The speed of the fan can be changed by just toggling the On/OFF switch

SMART REMOTE with features like Boost, Sleep, Speed Control, Timer mode

2 Years onsite warranty + 1 Year Extended warranty on registration

Is perfect to be used in BALCONIES , KITCHEN, LIVING room & SMALL BEDROOMS rooms

Atomberg was Awarded by United Nations, WWF & Government of India for the Innovations of BLDC fans

The Atomberg Efficio ceiling fan that covers up to 144 sq. ft. of area to keep your living spaces cool. This amazing fan features the Energy-efficient BLDC Motor, a Smart Remote with Boost, Sleep, and Timer Modes. It gives you cool and comfortable breeze at home.

Energy Efficient

The atomberg fan consumes only about 28 W when running at its highest speed and saves energy compared to a normal fan.

BLDC Motor

A BLDC motor is a durable, reliable, and energy-efficient motor, which is used in the atomberg fans.

Smart Remote with Multiple Modes

The Atomberg fan comes with a Smart Remote that has various modes like the Boost, Sleep, and Timer.

Wide Operating Voltage Range

This fan functions smoothly between a voltage of 140 V and 285 V.

If you are wanting to buy a new ceiling fan then you should definetly go for the Atomberg Gorilla Efficio 1200 fan. This is ranked as India's most power efficient ceiling fan. You might find it to be a bit pricey but in the long run it turn's out to be a lot cheaper as it saves you almost Rs 1500 a year on your electricity bills. 

In general fans consume around 75W+ power on 5 speed setting, while the atomberg fan consumes only 28W power on 5 speed setting. This fan makes use of the BLDC motor technology that makes it very energy efficient.

Normally fans come with regulator which you use to control the fan speed. But in the case of The Atomberg Efficio-1200 there is no need of a regulator, and it comes with a special remote that you can use to control the speed.

These Fans use the BLDC brushless motor that reduces noise, last longer, use less power and delivers the same performance as the other fans available in the market.

Inside the box : Motor, Remote, free 2 x AAA battery, user manual, warranty card, 3x blade and attachments

Model Name : Efficio

Brand Color : White

Suitable For :  Indoor, Outdoor, industrial

Finish : Glossy

Number of Blades : 3

Pack of : 1

Reversible Rotation : No

Remote : Yes

Power Requirement : AC 110-285V DC

Blade Material : Aluminium

Operational Current : 1.16 A

Motor : BLCD Brushless motor

Span : 1200 / 48 inch blades

Motor Speed: 380 RPM

Power Consumption : 28W

Air CMM : 220

Warranty : 3 years

Speed Control : Remote

Other : Sleep Mode, Timer

Weight : 4Kg

Color Options : Brown, Ivory, White

Atomberg Efficio 1 Performance

The air delivery of the Atomberg Efficio 1 was similar when compared to other fans available in the market. The sound made by the fan was less, and it runs almost 3 times longer when using it on an inverter.  The speed of the fan can be controlled using a remote. The LED light lights up to confirm input and turns red when the fan is switched off via remote.

The Atomberg Efficio 1 fan can will help you reduce the power consumption by fans up to 65%.


The Warranty of the fan covers the motor and other parts of your atomberg ceiling fan against all defects in manufacturing & materials. The Costs incurred in removal or reinstallation of the fan is to be borne by the customer. 

The product is covered with 2+1 Years On-Site Warranty

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