Best angle grinder tool machine price - hand grinder cutter machine portable grinder buy on amazon

Best angle grinder tool machine price - hand grinder cutter machine portable grinder buy on amazon

When deciding on buying a grinder be it a feature-packed cordless grinder or a simple corded angle grinder, there are somethings which you should remember while choosing a new grinder.

An angle grinder is a common hardware tool that is mostly used in workshops, auto repair shops and construction sites to polish and grind metal pieces. These grinders are mostly used for grinding metal, cutting rebar/tile, grinding out mortar, polishing, sharpening and sanding. 

Best angle grinder tool machine price - hand grinder cutter machine portable grinder buy on amazon

10. iBELL Angle Grinder IBL AG10-92, 850W, 100MM Heavy Duty,11000 RPM  

Buy now -

iBELL Angle Grinder IBL AG10-92, 850W, 100MM Heavy Duty,11000 RPM

- Brand Name is IBELL

- Colour is RED

- Cutting Diameter is 100 millimeters

Price: Rs 1,799

9. Bosch 06018B70F0 Gws 2000 Angle Grinder 180mm (Blue) 

Buy now -

Bosch 06018B70F0 Gws 2000 Angle Grinder 180mm (Blue)

- Low cost of ownership

- Longer life time of critical parts

- Reduced tool breakdown time

- Easily available spare parts

Price: Rs 6,501

8. Bosch GWS 6-125 Professional Angle Grinder 

Buy now -

Bosch GWS 6-125 Professional Angle Grinder

- Flat gear head for working in tight spaces

- Gear head can be rotated in 90 degree steps

- Handle can be used on right or left

- Safety switch

Price: Rs 2,986

7. Dongcheng 5"inch Angle Grinder 1200w 

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Dongcheng 5"inch Angle Grinder 1200w

- Max Wheel Diameter: 125mm

- Hole Diameter of Wheel :22mm

- Rated Speed :11000(r/min)

Price - Rs 2,880.00

6. STANLEY STGS6100 600W, 100mm Small Angle Grinder (Yellow and Black) - 

Buy now -

STANLEY STGS6100 600W, 100mm Small Angle Grinder (Yellow and Black)

- Burst proof guard ensures maximum user safety

- Best and Powerful motor for carrying out cutting and grinding tasks

Price: Rs 1,674

5. BLACK+DECKER G720 820W 4''/100mm Small Angle Grinder (Red & Black) - 

Buy now -

BLACK+DECKER G720 820W 4''/100mm Small Angle Grinder (Red & Black)

- 820 watts powerful motor makes grinding and cutting operations run smoothly

- Runs at 11000 rpm making all grinding operations easy and fast

- Best for metal grinding, polishing and stone, granite and metal sheet cuttings

Price: Rs 1,677

4. Hitachi G 10 SS2 4-inch Electric Grinder, Green

Buy now -

Hitachi G 10 SS2 4-inch Electric Grinder, Green

- Material: Plastic

- Color: Green

- Item Dimension: 300mm x 140mm x 120mm

- warranty 6 months on product 

- Powerful 600W motor

Price - Rs 2,710

3. Makita M9513B 850W Angle Grinder, 100mm 

Buy now -

Makita M9513B 850W Angle Grinder, 100mm

- Powerful machine with 850W brush motor

- 6 Months manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase

- Disc diameter 100 millimeter

Price: Rs 2,550

2. Bosch GWS 600 Professional Angle Grinder (Blue) 

Buy now -

Bosch GWS 600 Professional Angle Grinder (Blue)

- Powerful machine with brush motor

- Disc diameter 100 millimeter

- Warranty - 6 months from the date of purchase

Price: Rs 2,000

1. DEWALT DW801 850Watt 100mm Heavy Duty Small Angle Grinder

Buy now -

DEWALT DW801 850Watt 100mm Heavy Duty Small Angle Grinder

- Max Disc Diameter: 100 mm

- External Brush Access. Spindle lock for quick and easy disc changes

- Power: 850 W

- Easy to handle

- Easy to operate

- Warranty: 2 year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase

Price: Rs 2,599

Things to keep in mind while choosing the right grinder for your projects are the power source, disc size & disc speed RPM of the grinder.

Power Source – When it comes to power source, Angle grinder can be categorized into corded, cordless & pneumatic types.

Majority of the angle grinders that you find in the market today are battery powered (cordless) but you can also find corded (electric-powered) or compressed air powered grinders as well. So the first thing you need to consider while buying a angle grinder is the power supply type.

Cordless grinders are best for projects where you need to access tight/hard to reach spots. The drawback of this type is that the battery needs charging from time to time. But, Today you will find many cordless grinders which are powered with The lithium-ion battery and modern brush less electric motors which last longer on a single charge. If you plan to go for a cordless angle grinder we suggest you to carry an extra set of batteries while working away from home or workshop. The cordless grinders also are a little heavier than the corded grinders.

Corded types are best for projects which need a lot of grinding time. You just need to plug the grinder to a power outlet and use it. The Advantage of a corded grinder is that it offers indefinite running time and consistent power. These grinders are lightweight and inexpensive in comparisson to the cordless models.

Pneumatic Angle Grinders need to be plugged into an air compressor for it to work. These type of grinders are the lightest and cheapest compared to the other types. The air pressure from the compressor powers the Pneumatic Angle Grinders to make it run effectively.

Disc Type:

The angle grinders available today come with various types of discs like grinding discs, cutting discs, flap discs and wire discs. Each of these discs have a different purpose and use and you have to interchange them regularly depending upon the task at hand.

To smoothen rough surfaces or clear slag, one needs to use a Grinding Discs which are 5 mm or more thicker.

For cutting metals one will need a Cutting Disc which are the thinnest among other discs.

Flap Discs have a sandpaper coating on them, which is used for creating smooth surfaces.

To get rid of rust, old paint etc from metals or wooden surfaces you will need a Wire Discs which allows you to polish the metal surface without decaying the metal. 

Disc Size – The larger discs are best for high volume work and give you a smooth finish in less time. The small discs are best used for tasks that need precision. So, deciding on the disc size depends on the type of work you need it for. The discs of an angle grinder vary between 4 – 9 inches in size.

Disc Speed (RPM) – An average angle grinder has a speed range varying from 5000 – 10,000 RPM. The more the RPM, the faster you will get the desired results. So, always go for grinder that have a higher RPM value. Many new angle grinders now come with a speed setting which allows you to select various speed ranges on the tool, as per the need. If you are going for fixed speed grinder then Choose one with a speed range which you can handle easily.

Motor Power:

Commonly, the power of the grinder is measured in Watts. In the case of corded models the input power is rated in terms of Amps. As for the cordless one, the input is given in Volts. For the pneumatic types the input power is specified in cubic feet per minute (CFM) and operating pressure is given in pounds per square inch (PSI).

A grinder with a higher wattage doesn't translate to that a motor can withstand excessive friction, heavy use, and other situational stress. A grinder with high amperage is used to perform heavy projects.

If you are new to using angle grinders start of with a grinder that has 7 – 8 amps first and then move on to a standard amps of 9 – 10. For heavy projects you will require high wattage and large discs to get the job done. 


The convenience of the tool will depend on the weight. You must keep in mind that the usage of the grinder which is light in weight wont last for years. you must consider to stick for an angle grinder weight ranging from 3 – 10 pounds.

Features to keep in mind of safety:

Welding is a dangerous work and so you must take some safety precautions. As a result, you must wear safety goggles, glove, proper clothes while doing grinding work. The weight of the grinder which is heavy have more chances of danger because you wont able to handle the weight if you are using it for the first time or never handle such weight of grinding before. So we tell you to take some a look while purchasing a grinder such as locking system, safety guards, disc brake and switches.

Adjustable Disc Guard : Commonly the disc guard safeguard the user from sparks and other debris which while working on a piece. When you buy adjustable disc guard it will allows you to easily change the disc guard position to safe from sparks and debris.

Security Highlights to Consider: Using a angle grinder is a high-risk job, and you need to take some safety measures, while handling these tools. Some safety measure one should follow are wearing security goggles and gloves. Angle grinders which are heavy weight will come with larger chances of wounds, as you may not be capable of handling it. Always before using the grinders you should check out a few things like security watches, plate brake, locking framework and switches. Before changing the discs you need to unplug the grinder when you switch the wheels. You must never change the disc when the power is on.

Disc Brake – You require a Disc Brake to stop or slow down the disc that works on a trigger/paddle system. It is the most important point of safety and without a brake, the disc will continue to rotate until gravity prevents it. The angle grinders will work at higher speed that will make it difficult to manage without any trigger/paddle. This is the reason you need a disc brake that will keep you safe from injuries or damages.

Lock on/lock off functionality - The Locking Functionality allows the user to lock and unlock the paddle to put on the lock to control the grinding movement. The features are those user who uses the grinding work on the regular basis. When you are not using the grinder it will lock the opaddle and thus improves the protection. 

Dust Sealed – When you run a grinder it generate a lot of dust and if you dont have dust sealed, the dust will go in the internal parts of the motor and will damage it and the tool. It is very important to have a dust protection such as seal or a unigue design to keep dust away from the unit.

Hand Guard – There are few models available in the market that are designed with hand guards that will help the user to safe from sparks and splinters. you can find adjustable hand guards that will alter the grinder and will meet the users need for the project.

Spindle Lock – By pressing a button the disc can be changed easily to avoid the spindle from turning. This lock can come in handy when the nut of the disc is tightened or unscrewed

Vacuum Attachment – We all know now that the grinders produce a lot of dust when we operate it and as a result manufacturers have created the user with a few models which has vacuum attachment in it. This allow the user to attach the grinder to a vacuum and it will lessen the workplace dust.

Movable Side Handle – When you have a movable side handle it will let the grinder to work in a left or right hand and will let you to do your job in a variety of positions and get your job done easily.

Anti-Vibration Handle – When you have a Anti-Vibration Handle this let the user do the grinding work for a long periods of time. This will improves control and lessen the fatigue.

Form of Switch – When you are selecting a grinder you need to keep in mind and take grinder according to the switch types. With the finger the paddle switches will be on and make it best and suitable for the welders use. If you want to turn off the grinder quickly, slide up switches with ease.

Price & Warranty - You all know that the Angle grinders comes in different price ranges. So you have to select a high-quality, long-lasting angle grinder that is perfect for your use. You also have to choose for warranty that a manufacturer's gives.

Apart from the above factors you need to consider them while purchasing.. 

What is an Angle Grinder used for?

The angle grinder is a very versatile tool and is mostly used for grinding metal, routing out the mortar, cutting tile/rebar/stucco, polishing, sharpening and sanding. These grinders come with different disc sizes but most of the task need a 4 – 4 ½ inch grinder disc to get the tasks done. A grinder is an essential tool for any service garage, auto repair shop, workshop or home hobbyist.

An Angle grinder is used for :

Cleaning – An angle grinder can be used for cleaning caked on cement and rust from various tools. For this you need to use a wire cup on the grinder.

Cutting Rebar – For cutting rebar you just need to attach a metal cutoff wheel on the angle grinder for cutting tough rebar in concrete. 

Sharpening Blades – An angle grinder can be used for sharpening other tools. You just need to secure the blade in a vise and position the tool. Adjust the blade guard to prevent the sparks from flying. While sharpening the tools apply slight pressure while moving the wheel across the blade to sharpen it.

Scoring Tile – Using an angle grinder you can easily score through the middle of a tile with the use of a diamond blade.

Grinding Out Mortar – It's an amazing tool to grind out the old, loose mortar. just use the tuck pointing wheel of the angle grinder for this task. 

Things to consider when Buying Angle Grinder?

We've compiled a list of purchasing points to assist you in selecting the right angle grinder for all of your work.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can take out the angle grinder disc?

We can remove the angle grinder disc in many ways and in a few minutes. The method you can use to remove this disc will be determined by your preferences and the equipment you have on hand. you must turn off the power when you are removing the disc.

Remove the battery from this angle grinder if it's a cordless tool, and unplug the cord from a regular wall power outlet if it's a corded one. when you switch off the power it makes the tool lighter and simple to manage when changing or removing the disc.

2. How do you get the disc out of the vice grips?

You need to connect the grips to the bolt that prevents the disc from spinning while driving. after that in the hole between the motor and the disc, put a cordless screwdriver and then pull the screwdriver out in the opposite way of the arrow on the disc.

You can use a hammer if the screwdriver does not loosen to turn it with some force. You keep in mind that you can remove the disc without using any tools. You simply hit the disc in opposite way of disc arrow to loosen up the nut and to remove it with fingers.

3. How do I use spanners to remove the disc?

We must know that the grinder has 2 factory spanners one is the standard wrench and other is a two-pronged fork. This will aid in the removal of the discs. you need to put the Prongs into two holes in the drive bolt which is between the tool's motor and disc.

Then, using the wrench-like spanner, lock the bolt on the disc rim, making sure to turn the pronged spanner in the opposite way of the disc arrow. The disc is held in place by a button on the grinder, which rotates the nut until the disc is removed from the instrument.

4. Do we need angle grinder as a polisher?

An angle grinder is a multipurpose instrument that can be used for a variety of tasks such as cutting and grinding metals, cleaning equipment, and polishing.

To restore the lustre to the metal, we use a buffing pad or polishing wheel. Simply, smooth out material by making the use of a high grit grinding disc. 

There are many polishing compounds for these grinders which are there in the market to remove scratches and polish the material to bring a dazzling mirror finish.


Angle grinders are one of the most power tools available, as they can carry variety of tasks. In this post, we've discussed some of the best angle grinders. You can also find all of the important information about them, such as main features and choices, as well as their variations. If you're still having trouble in deciding which angle grinder is the right choice for you Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section. You can also post any questions you have.

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