Best Ghee in India with price

Best Ghee in India with price

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List of Top 10 Best Ghee in India

Best Ghee in India with price

Today, many people use refined oil for cooking and not ghee as they do not know the benefits of ghee. Ghee is loaded with antioxidants like K2, CLA, and vitamins like A and E. The fatty acids present in ghee are easily absorbed by the liver to produce energy instantly. Many people think that eating ghee can make you fat, but the truth is it can help you with weight loss and burn the excess fat in the body. Ghee also helps in improving digestion. The butyric acid present in ghee is useful to keep your immune system healthy. Pure desi ghee is known to be good for the heart as compared to refined oil. Consuming ghee in small quantities as a source of saturated fats is known to lower the bad cholesterol in the blood and increase the good cholesterol levels. One of the most used items in Indian kitchen is the Cow ghee or desi ghee and is loved by everyone for its amazing nutrition value and taste. It is healthier to use ghee for cooking compared to oil to some extent, and it also improves the taste of the food to which it is added.  With so many health benefits, Ghee is one of the superfoods available in Indian. Pure cow ghee is loaded with various nutrients. There are so many brands of cow ghee available in the market in India, that it becomes difficult to choose the best one. Today we will share with you the top 10 cow ghee brands available in India.

12. Nestle Everyday Shahi Ghee, 1L :

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Nestle Everyday Shahi Ghee, 1L

- Made from the milk of responsibly fed cows in Punjab

- Packaged using processes to retain the flavour and aroma

- Has a pleasing aroma and rich granular texture

Price: Rs 446

11. Aashirvaad Svasti Pure Cow Ghee, 1L : 

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Aashirvaad Svasti Pure Cow Ghee, 1L

- 1 Litres

- Pure cow ghee

Price: Rs 546.25

10. Aavin Ghee, 500ml -

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Aavin Ghee, 500ml

- You can enjoy the delicious taste of this ghee with any Indian dish

- No artificial colors or preservatives added

- Best in taste

- Easy to digest

Price: Rs 265

9. Anik Ghee 500 ml Pack of 2 - 

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Anik Ghee 500 ml Pack of 2

- Shelf Life: 12 Months

- Speciality: Lactose Free

- This is a Vegetarian product

Price: Rs 530

8. Madhusudan Pure Vegetarian Desi Ghee, 1000ml (1L, 1kg) -

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Madhusudan Pure Vegetarian Desi Ghee, 1000ml (1L, 1kg)

- Ingredients: Milk Fat

- Offers great health and taste in every spoon

- Made from fresh and pure milk

- Has rich characteristic aroma and delicious taste

Price: Rs 450

7. GirOrganic A2 Pure Ghee | 100% Desi Gir Cow - 

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GirOrganic A2 Pure Ghee | 100% Desi Gir Cow

- Gir Cow Desi Ghee

- Regular consumption helps to reduce cholesterol improves the heart's functioning and reduces joint pain

- Net Weight is 1 Litre

Price: Rs 2,350

6. Nandini Pure Cow Ghee, 1L (Pouch) - 

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Nandini Pure Cow Ghee, 1L (Pouch)

- AG mark ghee

- Fresh and delicious flavour

- Remedy for nausea

Price: Rs 470

5. GRB GHEE Bottle - 500ml & MJR Healthy Mixed Dry FRUITS-200GM - 

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GRB GHEE Bottle - 500ml & MJR Healthy Mixed Dry FRUITS-200GM

- This is a Vegetarian product

- From Grb

- Rich In Aroma

Price: Rs 699

4. Mother Dairy Cow Ghee, 1L : 

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Mother Dairy Cow Ghee, 1L

- It is believed to be the best for human consumption

- Maximum Shelf Life 8 Months

Price: Rs 469

3. Gowardhan Cow Ghee - Pure. 1 Litre -

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Gowardhan Cow Ghee - Pure. 1 Litre

- Made with pure cow milk

- Adds oodles of flavour and richness to dishes

- Has rich characteristic aroma and delicious taste

- Makes for a nutritious cooking medium

- Good source of protein and vitamins

Gowardhan ghee is prepared from cow's milk and is produced in a modern dairy plant using a traditional recipe to get the full flavour and aroma of cow's ghee. This ghee is loaded with natural vitamins and eta carotene. Gowardhan Ghee contains high level of poly unsaturated Fatty acids and low saturated fats and has a lower melting point, which makes it a healthy cooking option.

Price: Rs 568

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2. Patanjali Cow's Ghee, 1L - 

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Patanjali Cow's Ghee, 1L

- Ideal for people with Vata-Pitta body type and for those suffering from Vata and Pitta imbalance disorders

- Oral consumption of Cow Ghee to relieve dryness

- Easy to digestive and help hormone production and strengthening the cells membranes

Price: Rs 565

1. Amul pure ghee. 1 LTR ghee Pouch : 

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Amul pure ghee. 1 LTR ghee Pouch

- Keeps you fit and strong in this fast life

- Ghee can be consumed for better digestion

- Ghee stimulates muscle movements, strengthen the sense organ, nourish the skin and improves complexion

- Maximum Shelf Life: 9 Months

Price: Rs 480

The Best Cow Ghee in India

If you are looking for the best ghee in India, always remember the following factors while choosing one.

1. Identify Fake Ghee

There are so many brands in India who prepare ghee from vegetable oil, known as Vanaspati ghee. This type of ghee is made from vegetable oil that has been hydrogenated. So always read the ingredient list carefully while purchasing the best ghee in India to diffrentiate between pure cow ghee and vanaspati.

2. Check The Shelf Life

The shelf life of pure ghee is 12 months from packaging. But once you open the packet the shelf life is only 3 months. Hence you should always check the expiry date of the ghee before buying it.

3. Choose The Jar Size

Since the shelf life of an opened pack of ghee is only 3 months, choosing the right jar size is very important. Choose the jar size which you can finish within 3 months.

4. Look Out For Artificial Flavoring

Avoid buying ghee, that contains artificial flavoring, or added spices or colors. Makesure to read the ingredients of the ghee carefully before purchasing the best ghee in India.

Benefits of The Best Cow Ghee In India

Ghee contains 0% trans fat which are known to be unhealthy. As ghee is self-stable and has a shelf life of a year when kept packed. Now let's look at the health benefits of ghee. 

1) Ghee is loaded with a wide range of short and medium-chain fatty acids. These fats are easily processesd by the liver and they get burnt faster by the body using them as the main source of energy.

2) Every ghee found in India is lactose-free, hence it can be consumed even by people who are lactose-intolerant.

3) Ghee is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids, that worrk to lower the unhealthy LDL cholesterol in the blood and improve overall heart health.

4) The butyric acid, which is a type of short-chained fatty acid found in ghee works to reduce inflammation in the body.

5) Ghee is also good for eyes as it contains fat-soluble vitamin A, which helps in maintaining eye health. Consuming ghee also prevents macular degenerations and decreases the chance of cataract.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Ghee In India

1. Which is the best ghee brand in India?

There are so many ghee brands available in India like Amul, Gowardhan, Mother Dairy, Patanjali and many more. We have put together a list of the top 10 best ghee in India.

2. Which is the best ghee to buy?

Always choose to buy ghee that is 100% pure and vegetarian. We have listed the best cow ghee brands available in India along with it's price below.

3. Is Amul ghee pure?

As there are no preservatives or colors added to Amul ghee, which makes it 100% pure. It is also certified to be 100% pure by FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India).

4. Does Ghee make the skin dark?

No! consuming Ghee as part of a balanced diet does not make the skin dark. Ghee is known to improve digestion, which in turn improves the skin tone.

5. Does Ghee make you fair?

Consuming Ghee is known to imprrove digestion which inturn improves skin tone. One can also Apply Ghee as a natural moisturizer, as it keeps the skin moisturized even in very dry weather. Desi ghee is known to make the skin soft and supple.

Questions You May Have

6. What is the price of 1 kg ghee?

Wiith so many brands available in the market the price for 1 Kg of Ghee varies alot. On an average a 1 kg of ghee will cost you between Rs.500 and Rs.600.

7. Which Ghee is the best cow or buffalo?

Buffalo milk is a bit heavier than cow milk. Ghee made with cow milk, is known to be light, yellow in colour and tasty. In comparison to buffalo ghee, cow ghee is better to consume as it is light, while Buffalo ghee is also ideal for health, but it is a bit heavy and so not as easy to digest as cow's ghee.

8. How can we identify pure cow ghee?

The easiest way to check the purity of the ghee is to pour some cow ghee in a teaspoon and allow it to heat from below using a candle. If the ghee melts and turns yellow in color, then it is not pure cow ghee and has impurities. But if the ghee melts and immediately turns dark brownish colour. Then yes, it is a pure cow ghee with no impurities.

9. Which is the best ghee to buy?

Always choose ghee which is 100% pure and vegetarian, as that is best for our health. We have shared a list of the 10 best ghee in India below. 

Bottom Line

Now that we know the benefits of pure ghee, Let's look at who should avoid ghee. People suffering from any liver disease like jaundice, enlarged liver, or liver cancer, should avoid ghee. It's also best to avoid ghee when you are suffering from cold and flu as Sometimes ghee contains a cold potency which can worsen the cold. 

If you'll have liked this article, Then share it with your loved ones. Don't forget to mention your pick of the best desi ghee in India in the comments below.

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