Cadbury Nutties chocolate box price, review and unboxing

Cadbury Nutties Chocolate Pack, 30 g

Cadbury Nutties Chocolate, 30g

Price: Rs 40

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Cadbury Nutties Chocolate Pack

About the Product

Many people think that nutties is a product from Nestle due to the style of packagingand the colors used, But nutties is a product from Cadbury.

Nutties from Cadbury contains butterscotch and cashews with a thick choclate coating. The chocolate of the nutties melts in the mouth and the crushed nuts in the center gives it an amazing crunch. 


Nut Butterscotch 50%* - Sugar/ Cashewnuts (13%*)/ Salt/ Milk solids/ Emulsifier (442); 

Milk chocolate 49%* - Sugar/ Cocoa butter/ Milk solids/ Cocoa solids/ Emulsifiers (442/ 476);

Glaze coating 1%* : Stabilizers (1400/414)/ Sugar/ Glazing agents

Nutritional Facts

Per Serving Carbs9g Fat 2g Protein 22g Calorie 182

Flavour Milk-Chocolate

Brand - Cadbury

Package Information - Box

Package Weight - 30 Grams

Price - INR 40

Nutties is a blend of cashew bits and cadbury milk chocolate.

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